A Competition, A FaceChart, A Recreation * Beauty Masters 2018

I was able to compete in an internal competition called Beauty Masters which is a development program for Sephora. I wanted to show you a little glimpse into the day and what my Face Chart look turned out to be.

Beauty Masters

Kat Von D Beauty sponsors Beauty Masters with Sephora this year and being an avid fan of the brand, what they stand for and of course Kat Von D herself, I could not pass up the idea of trying out. There are SOOO many talented artists this year so though my look was super simple, it was filled with details. Lines, dots and mess dots.

The second round (I will back-track to first round in a later post!) was all about educating in the brand and elements of Kat Von D and her 10 muses. Then we were to find inspiration on Instagram from specific accounts related to Kat Von D (EXTREMELY QUICK) then create a Face Chart from the Inspiration photos. Afterwards we had a little over an hour to recreate the Face Chart on our faces.


So. My inspiration photos are these ones that I found from a number of accounts including @thekatvond, @sstrazzere, @kelseyannaf, @ginaharrison, @adelemidred, and  @iamleah.

As you see, I get inspired by Asia, by color, by designs and by texture so I wanted to make sure to incorporate these elements but simply and delicately.

From: https://tsukuroi.exblog.jp/19093682/

Another inspiration when I see these photos from the Instagram accounts is 15th Century Japan in which they had an asethetic called “Wabi-Sabi” – the concept of seeing beauty in flaws as well as the art of “Kintsugi” – In which when pottery was broken, they repaired them with gold so it can continue on – and in my case I wanted to incorporate the color as my golden lining. There is beauty in all things imperfect and this simplicity is what I hoped my Face Chart and Face was able to show.

My Face Chart & Final Look

Unfortunately I did not take my professional camera with me but hopefully you got a good idea of how my look turned out! I could have definitely done more with my look but I am very happy with my look especially with the time limit we had and in connection to the inspiration I used. It is simple but it does say a lot about who I am and the love of seeing beauty in small details and love of simplicity but of course still with a splash of color for personality.

Oh and yes. I do have a wonderful farmers-tan from Florida as I wore t-shirts throughout the vacation… so dont mind the tanlines!

/Detta är min look för Beauty Masters som är i kollab med Kat Von D Beauty och Sephora. Jag är med och tävlar och ville visa min look till er! Den är inspirerad av Japansk 15th century konst och även några Kat Von D konton på Instagram.

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Charging up for Summer with Too Cool for School…& Coconuts

I was at a training with Too Cool for School and though a number of these items were already released, they were out of stock for what seems like a lifetime! Now you are able to find the whole series at Sephora Scandi.

/Jag var på träning med Too Cool for School och även om ett antal av dessa artiklar redan släpptes, var de slutsålda för vad som verkar som en livstid! Nu kan du hitta hela serien på Sephora Scandi.

Coconut Masks

The Coconut Ceramide Mask (50kr) is made with 30% Real Coconut that is squeezed. IT is moisturizing and smells like summer!
/Kokos Ceramid masken (50kr) är gjord med 30% äkta kokos som är pressad. Det är fuktgivande och luktar som sommar!

What I like about the Oil Serum Eyepatch (50 kr) is that they are much larger in size than other eye masks so you get a much larger moisturized area and not the immediate eye area.
/Vad jag tycker om Oil Serum Eyepatch (50 kr) är att de är mycket större än andra ögonmasker så att du får ett mycket större område som får fukt.

In other news…

I was super excited about the Pure Soothing Gel (170kr) since it is made with coconut jelly and can be used as an aftersun! Soothing, moisturizing and goes into the skin quickly!
/Jag var super nyfiken om Pure Soothing Gel (170kr) eftersom den är gjord med coconut jelly och kan användas som aftersun! Lugnande, fuktgivande och går snabbt in i huden!

Of all the items, the Sugar Facial Scrub (205 kr) one was my I MUST HAVE product as it it is a scrub that smells absolutely amazing! It is a mechanical scrub but also has the coconut oil and shell of the coconut for that extra exfoliation.
/Av alla produkter som de visade så var Sugar Facial Scrub (205 kr) en som jag måste ha eftersom det är en skrubb som luktar helt fantastiskt! Det är en mekanisk skrubb men har också kokosnötolja och skalet från kokosnoten för extra exfoliering.

I have never been a fan of bar soaps but the Milky Moisturizing Bar (85 kr) was also a new addition to the coconut family from Too Cool for School. It can be used on the body as well as the face.
/Jag har aldrig varit fan av hårdtvålar men Milky Moisturizing Bar (85 kr) var också ett nytt tillskott till kokosfamiljen från Too Cool for School. Det kan användas både på kroppen och på ansiktet.

Are you a coconut fan? Will you be picking up any of these?
/Gillar du kokos? Ska du köpa nån av dessa produkter?

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Sephora Pineapple Face Mask for Pore Perfecting & Smoothing

Sephora has updated their sheet masks and introduced a number of new concentrates including Grape, Aloe Vera and Pineapple which I will show more of in this post!

/Sephora har uppdaterats sina ansiktsmaskar och kommit in med ett antal nya som vindruvor, aloe vera och ananas.. Ananas kommer jag visa mer av i det här inlägget!

Sephora Pineapple Face Mask

The pineapple face mask (50kr) is plant-derived and works on pore perfecting and smoothing for the face. Each package is one fiber mask.
/Ananas ansiktsmask är växt-baserad och jobbar på porer och utjämning av ansiktet. Varje förpackning är en fibermask.

When you open the mask, you can see the product and this one was pinky in tone!
/När du öppnar förpackningen är produkten rosa i färg!

Another thing I noticed was how much serum was inside the package…
/En annan sak jag märkte var hur mycket serum som var inne i paketet-

The mask itself is a very thin fiber which you can see above. It also comes with a backing that needs to be taken off before applying to the skin.
/Masken i sig är en mycket tunn fiber som du kan se ovan. Det kommer också med en baksida som måste tas av innan den appliceras på huden.

The mask has an.. OKAY… fit.
/Den passade OK på huden…

Below you can see how much serum was left in the packaging after I took the mask out.
/Nedan så ser ni all extra serum som fanns kvar i förpackningen.

My Final Thoughts

The one thing to keep in mind is that this is a single dosed mask which means that you may experience a slight difference but more noticeable skin changes would only occur after continuous use.

I personally liked the Pineapple mask because it smelt great, felt calming on the skin and I did notice a difference in my skin. I would recommend this mask as a primer before applying makeup as it give a much smoother look.

/Den enda sak att tänka på är att det här är en engångsmask vilket innebär att du kan uppleva en liten skillnad men mer märkbara hudförändringar skulle bara hända efter kontinuerlig användning.

Jag gillade ananas masken eftersom det doftade bra, kände lugnande på huden och jag märkte en skillnad på mina porer och hud struktur. Jag rekommenderar denna mask som en primer innan smink eftersom det ger ett mycket jämnare känsla och utseende.

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Sephoras Palettes To Take Away * Swatches & First Impressions

Inspired by Starbucks Coffee, Sephora Collection has released 2 new palettes: Intense Coffee Collection & Spicy Latte Collection.
/Inspirerad av Starbucks Coffee har Sephora Collection släppt 2 nya paletter: Intense Coffee Collection & Spicy Latte Collection.

These palettes are smaller than the earlier versions at Sephora Collection and inlude 8 eyeshadows with different finishes. It has a double ended brush and a built-in mirror!
/Paletterna är mindre än de tidigare versionerna på Sephora Collection paletter och inkluderar 8 ögonskuggor med olika finishes. Den har en dubbelborste och en inbyggd spegel!

Intense Coffee Collection

The Intense Coffee Collection (175kr) is filled with creamy, golden tones and even a beautiful coppery shade that is just gorgeous!
/Intense Coffee Collection (175kr) är fylld med krämiga, gyllene toner och till och med en vacker coppar nyans som är så snygg!


Spicy Latte Collection

The Spicy Latte Collection (175kr) differs from the Intense coffee as it is a bit more cool-toned with softer iridescent shades.
/Den Spicy Latte Collection (175kr) skiljer sig från Intense Coffee paletten eftersom det är lite mer kall-tonat med mjukare iridescent nyanser.

My Thoughts

I was a bit sceptical to the palettes as I have not really liked the previous ones. I have loved Sephora collection single shadows and held my purchases to them but decided to give these a try. I found that the glitters were glittery and a bit dusty – the mattes were a tad bit patchy but with the duo brush, it was easy to apply and looked great. I like the color combinations in both palettes and can see that they will suite anyone wanting a good travel palette. The mirror is large enough and the palette is small enough to “take away.” Also, I liked that the pans are large enough to dip your brush into! All in all, a very affordable palette at 175kr each with very versatile shadows.

/Jag var lite skeptisk till paletterna, eftersom jag inte gillade de tidigare versioner. Jag har älskat Sephora Collections single skuggor och höll mina köp till dem men bestämde mig för att ge dessa ett försök. Jag märkte att de glitter skuggor var glittery och lite dammiga. De matta var lite patchy, men med duo-borsten var det lätt att applicera och såg bra ut. Jag gillar färgkombinationerna i båda paletterna och kan se att de kommer att passa alla som vill ha en bra resepalett. Spegeln är tillräckligt stor och paletten är liten nog att “take away”. Jag gillade också att skuggorna är tillräckligt stora för att doppa in penseln! Jag tycker att både är prisvärda paletter på 175kr med olika skuggor som passar alla.

What are your thoughts on the new palettes? Which one do you like more?
/Vad är dina tankar om de nya paletterna? Vilken tycker du mer om?

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A Day in Copenhagen with Sephora Scandi

Yesterday I was in Copenhagen for work with Sephora Scandinavia and we got a sneak peek of the new Bath products and I wanted to show you a little snippet of what you will see soon in stores!

Sephora Bath products have been a staple at Sephora and when you enter a Sephora, you will usually see a variety of bath products in multiple colors and scents. There are shower gels, scrubs, hand soaps, hand creams and even travel size shower gels, oils and bath bombs.

/Sephora är känd för sin badprodukter men i Maj kommer de göra om alla produkter till 5 nya serier av produkter! 



Very soon you will see a new take on the bath assortment in stores… (ca. end of May 2018) New names, new packaging and new scents to awaken any experience. I am super excited to show you a small selection of the products.

Let’s Have Fun

This one is probably going to be a big hit. It is flirty and playful and in my opinion it has a bit of a powdery and violet type of scent. Floral but sweet.

Pillow Battle

Also probably going to be a popular scent as it is fresh and cozy in scent and has somewhat of a fresh but sweet feel to it.

Morning Zest

Morning Zest was one of my favorites  as it has a Citrus-Mandarine-energetic scent to it. It feels sporty but spring-like.

Beach Vibes

For all you Coconut lovers, Beach Vibes is for you! This light coconut scented series has a pina colada, summer feel to it!

Rolling in the Grass

Lastly, Rolling in the Grass is well. As it states.. a very grass-like scent! It smells quite shower fresh, zen…and calming.

The Products

From what I gathered the products in each series are:

  • Body Mist
  • Body Milk
  • Shower Gel
  • Shower Balm
  • Body Scrub
  • Hand Wash
  • Bath Bomb

I am seriously hoping that they will also take in candles in these scents and possibly hand creams too!

Are you excited for the new bath series? Which products would you want to try?
/Är du sugen på nyheterna i badet? Vilka produkter kommer du vilja testa först?

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I Tried the Caolion Pore T-zone Strip…

We received more products from Caolion at Sephora Scandi and I had to give the T-zone Strip a try since I felt it was perfect for my skin!

Vi fick fler produkter från Caolion på Sephora Scandi och jag var tvungen att ge T-Zone Strip ett försök eftersom jag tyckte att det var perfekt för min hud!


The Pore T-Zone Strip from Caolion (60kr) is housed in a cardboard box (which I personally find unnecessary!) and you get only 1 patch. I bought this product as soon as we got it in.
/Pore ​​T-Zone Strip från Caolion (60kr) är i en kartonglåda (som jag personligen tycker är helt onödig!) Och du får bara 1 mask. Jag köpte den här produkten så snart den kom in.

Packaging & Ingredients

According to the packaging, the product works on Pores, Blackheads and Oiliness. All of which I have been battling recently! The product contains Jasminum Flower, Bambusa Vugaris and even white extract… but the main product in this is PVP, water and Glycerin.
/Enligt förpackningen jobbar masken på Porer, poremaskar och oljig hud. Jag har kämpat mcyket med sånt nyligen! Produkten innehåller Jasminum Flower, Bambusa Vugaris och även vit extrakt … men huvudprodukten i detta är PVP, vatten och glycerin.

As the packaging shows, the strip looks like an upside-down eagle – it covers your T-zone and even the tip of your nose. There are “cuts” in the strip allowing it to form to your face.
/På förpackningen visar sig att produkter ser ut som en örn – den täcker din T-zon och även nästippen!. Det finns “skär” i masken så att det kan formas till ditt ansikte.


When you apply it on the face, you can see a bit of the product come out of the strip itself. It dries quite hard as well.
/När du applicerar så kan du se lite av produkten komma ut från masken. Den torkar väldigt hård också.

The Result

I can say that it was… quite painful to remove when you got to the cheek area and between the eyes. It did remove quite a bit of the black heads but not completely. It did however remove all my baby hairs! I prefer Caolions hot & cold pack over this strip!
/Jag kan säga att det var … ganska smärtsamt att ta bort när jag drog av det från kindområdet och mellan ögonen. Det tog bort ganska mycket av de svarta men inte helt. Det tog bort alla mina babyhår i alla fall! Jag föredrar Caolions varm och kall pack över denna mask!

Have you tried this product? What result did you get?
/Har du testat? Vilket resultat har du fått?

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A Quick Ombre Lip Tutorial using Sephora Cream Stains

I did a quick ombre lip tutorial for work and I thought I might as well share it here on the Blog too!

/Jag gjorde en tutorial för jobbet så tänkte jag visa er den här också. Jag använt mig av Sephora Cream Lip Stains i 3 olika nyanser.

  1. Apply the dark shade around the contour of your lips.
  2. Apply a lighter shade in the inner lip. Blend
  3. Apply the lightest shade in the inner part, pull down the lower lip for more plump.
  4. Use a brush/finger to blend everything together before it dries completely.
  5. Voila!

Colors Used:

Sephora Cream Lip Stains:

14 Blackberry Sorbet

38 Sweet Raspberry

13 Marvelous Mauve

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Look of the Day: Channeling my inner Kat Von D

We had a Kat Von D graphic liner & galaxy lip look at work so this is what I came up with.

I wanted to do something different with Kat Von Ds Stars so I did a mix of star frames, filled in stars and even star rhinestones.

/Vi hade en Kat Von D tema under helgen som var med grafisk eyeliner och galaxy läppar så jag gjorde en extra lite twist med Kat Von Ds stjärnor istället!

Kat Von D Lock it Foundation
Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette

Kat Von D Lock it Concealer (as a base)
Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette (on the lid)
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Trooper
Benefit – Bad Gal Bang Mascara

Stars – Star Stamp from Sephora, Star Rhinestones,
Tattoo Liner to fill in stars

Kat Von D – Studded Lipsticks – Piaf
Kat Von D – Alchemist Palette (mix of all shades)

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