Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic FANTASCENE

Marc Jacobs Coconut Fantasy Collection was sold out directly but I was super happy to have gotten my hands on the Eye-conic Fantascene eyeshadow palette!

The Eye-conic Eyeshadow palette in Fantascene (485kr) is a slim white palette within the Coconut Fantasy collection that also included the Omega! bronzer, A golden dew drops Highlighter and even a new coconut infused loose powder.

This palette gives me both summer but also wedding vibes / it houses 4 mattes, 2 shimmers and one strong bronzy shimmer.


Swatched in daylight with no primer – The pigmentation is fantastic and was very creamy to the touch. I cannot wait to do more looks with this one!

What are your thoughts on the Coconut trend? Would you be picking up anything from the Coconut Fantasy Collection from Marc Jacobs?

/Jag köpte Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Palett i Fantascene och tycker den ger sommar och bröllopsvibes! Jag tyckte att pigmentationen var väldigt krämig och jag längtar att leka med paletten mer!

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Sephora Pineapple Face Mask for Pore Perfecting & Smoothing

Sephora has updated their sheet masks and introduced a number of new concentrates including Grape, Aloe Vera and Pineapple which I will show more of in this post!

/Sephora har uppdaterats sina ansiktsmaskar och kommit in med ett antal nya som vindruvor, aloe vera och ananas.. Ananas kommer jag visa mer av i det här inlägget!

Sephora Pineapple Face Mask

The pineapple face mask (50kr) is plant-derived and works on pore perfecting and smoothing for the face. Each package is one fiber mask.
/Ananas ansiktsmask är växt-baserad och jobbar på porer och utjämning av ansiktet. Varje förpackning är en fibermask.

When you open the mask, you can see the product and this one was pinky in tone!
/När du öppnar förpackningen är produkten rosa i färg!

Another thing I noticed was how much serum was inside the package…
/En annan sak jag märkte var hur mycket serum som var inne i paketet-

The mask itself is a very thin fiber which you can see above. It also comes with a backing that needs to be taken off before applying to the skin.
/Masken i sig är en mycket tunn fiber som du kan se ovan. Det kommer också med en baksida som måste tas av innan den appliceras på huden.

The mask has an.. OKAY… fit.
/Den passade OK på huden…

Below you can see how much serum was left in the packaging after I took the mask out.
/Nedan så ser ni all extra serum som fanns kvar i förpackningen.

My Final Thoughts

The one thing to keep in mind is that this is a single dosed mask which means that you may experience a slight difference but more noticeable skin changes would only occur after continuous use.

I personally liked the Pineapple mask because it smelt great, felt calming on the skin and I did notice a difference in my skin. I would recommend this mask as a primer before applying makeup as it give a much smoother look.

/Den enda sak att tänka på är att det här är en engångsmask vilket innebär att du kan uppleva en liten skillnad men mer märkbara hudförändringar skulle bara hända efter kontinuerlig användning.

Jag gillade ananas masken eftersom det doftade bra, kände lugnande på huden och jag märkte en skillnad på mina porer och hud struktur. Jag rekommenderar denna mask som en primer innan smink eftersom det ger ett mycket jämnare känsla och utseende.

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I tried the Dr. Jart Shake & Shot Hydro Mask

The Dr. Jart Shake & Shot Masks have finally arrived to Sephora Scandi and I felt that I had to give one a try and this is what i experienced.

/Dr Jart Shake & Shot Masks har äntligen kommit till Sephora Scandi och jag kände att jag var tvungen att prova och detta var hur jag upplevde masken.


To be honest, I still think that the creepy baby face on the top is just… creepy. Apparently there should be a straw in the baby’s mouth but the versions we got does not have the straw extension on the spatula.
/För att vara ärlig tycker jag att ansiktet är super … obehagligt. Tydligen borde det finnas ett sugrör i munnen, men de versioner vi fått har inte det…

There are three Dr. Jart Shake & Shot masks (95kr) released at Sephora Scandi – Hydro (Blue), Soothing (Green) & Firming (Purple). The Dr. Jart Shake & Shot HYDRO mask is a mixture of Vitamin B5, Expert Moisture Complex and amino acids. The Dr. Jart Shake & Shot Soothing has Vitamin K3 with calming botanical complex which works on more sensitive and irritated skin and lastly the purple Dr. Jart Shake & Shot Firming which has Vitamin A as well as OxyForce™ Cellular Active that works on boosting collagen and elasticity.
/Det finns tre masker på Sephora Scandi – Hydro (Blå), Lugnande (Grön) & Firming (Lila). Hydro-masken är en blandning av vitamin B5, Expert Moisture Complex och aminosyror. Den lugnande har vitamin K3 med lugnande botaniskt komplex som fungerar på mer känslig och irriterad hud och slutligen den lila Firming skottet som har vitamin A samt OxyForce ™ Cellular Active som arbetar med att öka kollagen och elasticitet.

Anyway. When you look past the weird packaging, you do get a great experience mixing your own rubber mask with the Dr. Jart Shake & Shot. I liked the fact that it was just mix, shake and apply. It was simple to remove and my skin felt wonderful afterwards. With that said, it is more on the higher end price wise but still worth it for a treat from time to time!
/I alla fall. När du tittar inte på den konstiga förpackningen får du en bra upplevelse att blandar din egen gummimask. Jag gillade att det var enkel att göra, det var enkelt att ta bort och min hud kände mig underbar efteråt. Priset är lite högre än sheet masks men helt värt då och då!

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Garnier Respons Argan Richness Series

It was time to try a new hair series and I have been loving Garniers different series lately so the Argan Richness was right up my alley!
/Det var dags att prova en ny hårserie och jag har älskat Garniers olika serier så det var dags att testa Argan Richness!


Shampoo & Conditioner

I really like the packaging of these products, even with a leaf detail near the openings. There is a Shampoo & Conditioner and the shampoo has no silicones.
/Jag verkligen gillar förpackningen av produkterna, även med en bladdetalj på öppningarna. Det finns en Shampoo & balsam och shampoo har ingen silikon.

Leave in Cream

Just as the shampoo, there is a leave in cream that is also without silicones. I personally am not a fan of leave in creams as my hair gets super oily quickly. This one feels good and smells mild.
/Precis som schampot så finns det också en leave-in-cream som är utan silikon. Jag personligen gillar inte sånna produkter eftersom mitt hår blir super oljig men den här känns bra och är väldigt mild i doft.

Hair Mask

It took forever to get this product opened but with a knife and a bit of help I got it opened but right after I took the photo, it started leaking haha! I transfered it to another jar and do like the feel of this mask. It again, smells fantastic and makes my hair feel soft and detangled.
/Det tog forever för att få produkten men med en kniv och lite hjälp fick jag det öppet men strax efter att jag tog bilden började det läcka överallt haha! Jag flyttade det jag kunde rädda till en annan burk. Jag gillar känslan av denna mask, den luktar riktigt gott och gör mitt hår mjukt och lätt att borste genom.

The formula of all products in this range is for super dry and unruly hair and I am super glad I had the opportunity to try it as it has been very good to my very dry and colored hair.
/Formulan för alla produkter i detta sortiment är för super-torkat och orubbligt hår och jag är super glad att jag hade möjlighet att prova då alla produkterna i serien jobbade bra i mitt torra och färgade hår.

Have you tried this series? Which Garnier series do you like?
/Har du provat den här serien? Vilken Garnier-serie gillar du?

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I Tried the Caolion Pore T-zone Strip…

We received more products from Caolion at Sephora Scandi and I had to give the T-zone Strip a try since I felt it was perfect for my skin!

Vi fick fler produkter från Caolion på Sephora Scandi och jag var tvungen att ge T-Zone Strip ett försök eftersom jag tyckte att det var perfekt för min hud!


The Pore T-Zone Strip from Caolion (60kr) is housed in a cardboard box (which I personally find unnecessary!) and you get only 1 patch. I bought this product as soon as we got it in.
/Pore ​​T-Zone Strip från Caolion (60kr) är i en kartonglåda (som jag personligen tycker är helt onödig!) Och du får bara 1 mask. Jag köpte den här produkten så snart den kom in.

Packaging & Ingredients

According to the packaging, the product works on Pores, Blackheads and Oiliness. All of which I have been battling recently! The product contains Jasminum Flower, Bambusa Vugaris and even white extract… but the main product in this is PVP, water and Glycerin.
/Enligt förpackningen jobbar masken på Porer, poremaskar och oljig hud. Jag har kämpat mcyket med sånt nyligen! Produkten innehåller Jasminum Flower, Bambusa Vugaris och även vit extrakt … men huvudprodukten i detta är PVP, vatten och glycerin.

As the packaging shows, the strip looks like an upside-down eagle – it covers your T-zone and even the tip of your nose. There are “cuts” in the strip allowing it to form to your face.
/På förpackningen visar sig att produkter ser ut som en örn – den täcker din T-zon och även nästippen!. Det finns “skär” i masken så att det kan formas till ditt ansikte.


When you apply it on the face, you can see a bit of the product come out of the strip itself. It dries quite hard as well.
/När du applicerar så kan du se lite av produkten komma ut från masken. Den torkar väldigt hård också.

The Result

I can say that it was… quite painful to remove when you got to the cheek area and between the eyes. It did remove quite a bit of the black heads but not completely. It did however remove all my baby hairs! I prefer Caolions hot & cold pack over this strip!
/Jag kan säga att det var … ganska smärtsamt att ta bort när jag drog av det från kindområdet och mellan ögonen. Det tog bort ganska mycket av de svarta men inte helt. Det tog bort alla mina babyhår i alla fall! Jag föredrar Caolions varm och kall pack över denna mask!

Have you tried this product? What result did you get?
/Har du testat? Vilket resultat har du fått?

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Hydro Lift Injection Mask from Oozoo * My Thoughts and Applicaton

Oozoo has come into Sephora Scandi and of course, I had to buy it to see what the hype is all about! The Oozoo brand is part of the K-Beauty trend with interesting packaging and this one comes with a plastic syringe!

Oozoo har kommit in i SephoraScandi och självklart köpte jag den för att se vad hypen handlar om! Oozoo-märket är en del av K-Beauty-trenden med intressant förpackning och den här kommer med en plastspruta!

The Packaging

Cute but gimmicky – the Oozoo Hydro Lift Mask comes with a plastic syringe that you inject into the mask before application.

/Söt men gimmicky – Oozoo Hydro Lift Mask levereras med en plastspruta som du injicerar i masken före applicering.

The Mask

The mask is said to give hydration and work on lift and elasticity in the skin. I can say that you get ALOT of product in the ampule: 2,8ml and 27 ml in the mask.
/Masken sägs ge fukt och arbeta med lyft och elasticitet i huden. Jag kan säga att du får mycket av produkten i ampullen: 2,8 ml och 27 ml i masken.

How to Apply

Press the first part of the syringe. Then shake it. Open the cap of the mask then inject the ampule into the package then squeeze so everything is distributed evenly. Remove the mask and its film then apply. Leave on for ca. 20 mins then pat the essence into your skin.
/Tryck på den första delen av sprutan. Skaka sedan det. Öppna locket på masken och injicera sedan ampullen i förpackningen och pressa så att allt fördelas jämnt. Ta ut masken och filmen sen applicera på ren hud. Lämna på för ca 20 minuter sen dab i huden.

My Thoughts

I felt extremely hydrated throughout the time I had the mask on but one warning when doing this mask… You will get a lot of splatter everywhere when removing the cap of the ampule so be careful so you dont “waste” product. There was soooo much essence that I probably could have applied it all over my body twice over!

/Jag kände att jag fått mycket fukt hela tiden jag hade masken på men en varning när du öppnar den här masken … Du kommer att få mycket typ…överallt… när du tar bort ampullens lock så vara försiktig så att du inte “slösar” produkten. Det var så mycket att jag förmodligen kunde ha applicerat den över hela kroppen two times over!

I liked the gel feel of the mask and the size of the mask was comfortable. The eye area was a tad smaller than I had hoped but you do get moisture there too. You cant really talk with this mask though since the mouth area does move around a bit… I felt that I got good moisture from the mask long after wear but I noticed that the essence is a tad bit sticky for my taste.

/Jag tyckte om känslan i masken och maskens storlek var bekväm. Ögonområdet var lite mindre än jag hade hoppats men du får fukt på locket. Du kan inte prata med den här masken på eftersom munnen området rör sig lite. Jag gillade fukten men kände ändå att det kändes littttee kladdig!

Have you tried anything from Oozoo? Which sheet mask are you loving right now?
/Har du provat någonting från Oozoo? Vilken arkmask älskar du just nu?

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I tried the Breast Mask from KocoStar….

Kocostar has come to Sephora Scandi and they released their Hydrogel Eye mask and Breast Mask in the Camouflage Series. Of course I had to try the Breast Mask so this is what I experienced…

And no. You can forget me posting before and after photos of my breasts but I can write a bit about the product and what I thought after I used the one time mask.

/Kocostar har kommit till Sephora Scandi och de släppte sin Hydrogel Eye mask och bröstmask i Camouflage serien. Naturligtvis var jag tvungen att testa bröstmasken och nej. Du kan glömma att jag kommer lägga ut före och efter bilder på mina bröst men jag kan skriva om produkten och min upplevelse.

The Brand Kocostar

I have seen Kocostar at Cocopanda and even at H&M so it was a surprise to see the camouflage series come to Sephora Scandi and only 2 products at the moment. Kocostar stands for “Korea Cosmetic Star” which is a korean brand that has masks for basically everything.
/Jag har sett Kocostar på Cocopanda och även på H&M så det var en överraskning att se kamouflageserien kommer till Sephora Scandi och bara 2 produkter för tillfället. Kocostar står för “Korea Cosmetic Star” som är ett koreanskt varumärke som har masker för i stort sett allting.


From what I gather online, the camouflage series has the HydroGel Eye patches and the Breast Mask which have come to Sephora Scandi but also a nose strip, face mask and even a Belly Mask.
/Från vad jag har läst online så har kamouflageserien olika produkter som HydroGel Eye-patcherna och bröstmasken som har kommit till Sephora Scandi, och även en nose strip, ansiktsmask och till och med en Belly Mask.

Breast Mask

The Kocostar Breast Mask (kr) is a mask that claims to effectively moisturize and firm breast skin. In the instructions, it is said to shower then apply a toner to the breasts THEN apply the mask. It should sit for 20-30 minutes then massaged.
/Kocostar Bröstmask är en mask som säger att det är effektivt med återfuktning och fast brösthud. Det står i instruktionerna att du ska duscha och applicera en toner på brösten, och sen applicerar masken. Det bör sitta i 20-30 minuter sedan masseras.


Pretty camouflage colors and they are a good size for my breasts but I can imagine if you are petite, they may not sit as well. They go around the nipple so i started under the breast then applied upwards, overlapping the top part. It stated 20-30 minutes but I kept them on for around 45 minutes. They sat well and did not move – I also had a shirt over and it was fine.
/Riktigt snygga camouflage färger och de är en bra storlek för mina bröst men jag kan tänka mig om du är i modell mindre så kanske de sitter inte lika bra. De går runt bröstvårtan så jag började under bröstet och applicerades uppåt och överlappade överdelen. Det står att det ska sitta i ca. 20-30 minuter men jag hade den kvar i ca. 45 minuter. De satt väl och rörde inte sig – jag hade också en tröja på och det gick bra.

My Thoughts

Removing the mask was easy and the skin felt cold, a tad bit moisturized but the firming bit…well. not so much. Its hard to review such a product since it is a one time use product. I would say that if you want to be just a little bit Extra…this is a product for you. But if you are looking for a firming product, I wouldnt say this is it.
/När jag tog av masken så huden var kall och det kändes bra men jag tror inte att det gjorde nåt med firming delen. Om du vill vara lite extra, denna är en produkt för dig!

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BeautyGlazed Pressed Glitter Bar Palettes * You asked, I tell…

I did a look just recently using one of the Presssed Glitter Bar palettes and I got so many PMs about it so I decided to talk about them after a few ifs and buts.

I bought the Beauty Glazed Palettes when I also bought the Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com palette. I got a lot of questions about the Jolie Beauty palette which was then released on just a week or so afterwards. I bought that palette on the Jolie Beauty website.

The Brand

Beauty Glazed is super difficult to find a lot of information on – They provide a website on the back of the palettes but the website never loads. I found their facebook page and there the adress leads to Pakistan…whereas the Distribution on the palette is Hong Kong and produced in China. Many question marks.

I already knew that the brand is a copy-cat brand as they do have dupes for the Jaclyn Hill palette, NYX Ultimates and even Huda Beautys Desert Dust Palette. I have found a number of positive videos on YouTube and blogposts so I am quite on the fence about this brand as there is no background to know who, what, where the product comes from.

The Packaging

I basically went on a full on glitter binge and bought a number of palettes and these two were quite unique. They are Slim smaller sized cardboard palettes with 6 large pans each. There is an internal magnet to hold the palette together which is great since it is a cream-based product.


Things to know about the ingredients that many may react to… Now I am OVER simplifying here but good to know…

Mineral oil – Most cosmetic products use safe mineral oils which can be good for your skin. Myth that mineral oil used in cosmetics is non/purified, industrial-grade. With that said, I cannot 100% guarantee where this mineral oil is from.
Polyisobutene – A Binding Agent, not dangerous in cosmetics.
Aluminum Powder – Restricted by FDA, especially for lip products.
BHA – anticipated to be a human carcinogen and can cause skin depigmentation. EU considers this unsafe in Fragrances.

With that said…not sure if I can trust the list to 100%. More on that under My Thoughts.


Mind you, this product is a cream with quite chunky glitter so I suggest best with fingertips which is also mentioned on the back of the palettes. I also dab the product where I want it so it gives off maximum effect. No primer under and they sit all day after application.

ES-01 Palette

ES-02 Palette

I also picked up their Original 15 Ultra Pigmented Glitter Shadows so if you want to see that palette in more detail, let me know in the comments or through PM!

My Thoughts

On the back you get the Ingredients, what they may contain, directions and also distribution information. The product is distributed in Hong Kong but made in China so take what you may from that information. Also there are the icons on the back including a Cruelty Free PETA bunny, as well as a 24m jar and a recycling icon. I did not find the brand on PETAs list. Also if you look closely, it says “crucityfree”…. I did not get any insert or information with my palettes but I saw a number of people who did so I screenshot that information below:

Photo from Allison Jacobs on YouTube

When I did a search on Seed Beauty… Well. They are based in California and is the parent company to ColourPop. Confusing right? I can keep going with this but I will leave it there.

Questionable company but as for the product, I really like these palettes since they are super affordable for glitters that you may not use on the daily. I work with theme makeup at work so it is nice to have other options than gluing rhinestones (which I also love by the way) and it is more quick and efficient. I love to color mixtures in all the pans. I was not very impressed with is that they all have different amounts in the pans so you are not getting the same amount of each product.

I really wished I did not like the palettes as much as I do as I would really have liked to feel more safe in regards to ingredients and to where my money is going to and contribute to a safer Beauty Community.

What do you think of Dupe Brands like Beauty Glazed?
What did you think of the palettes? Weigh in on the conversation below!

Where to Buy: Amazon (Search: Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter)
Price: Ca. 75 SEK ($9)

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