Crushing on Kat Von Ds Metal Crush Palette

This palette came out a while ago but I just have NOW purchased it and am getting around to talking about it!

/Den här paletten kom i butik längesen men jag har bara köpt nyligen och har äntligen fått tid att skriva om den!

The Metal Crush Palette (405kr) is one of the later releases from Kat Von D this year and it is unique for the brand as it houses 3 glittery highlighters.
/Metal Crush Palette (405kr) är en av de senare från Kat Von D och är unik för varumärket eftersom det rymmer 3 glittrande highlighters.

Gammaray, Helix & Roseshock

I have been an avid fan of Kat Von D Cosmetics and own pretty much every product but this one I was on the fence about since I was not really sure how to use the shades. I loved the Metal Crush eyeshadows (that are now discontinued, boohoo!!) so I decided that this palette would be great as toppers.
/Jag har varit en fan av Kat Von D Cosmetics och äger ganska många produkter från märket men jag var inte helt säker på hur man skulle använda nyanserna. Jag älskade Metal Crush ögonskuggor (som nu utgått, boohoo!!) så jag bestämde mig för att denna palett skulle vara bra som toppers.

Gammaray is a beautiful rose-apricot, Helix is your shimmery golden and Roseshock is a duo-tone purple and baby pink shade.

Personally I would have preferred this palette to be smaller so easier for travel and storage as it would not be a palette you would grab for o the daily. They colors are blendable and can work on many skin tones and makeup looks.
/Personligen skulle jag ha föredragit att denna palett var mindre så det skulle vara lättare att resa med och även förvara då det är inte en palett som jag skulle ta varje dag. Färgerna är enkel att använda och fungerar på många hudtoner och looker.

What do you think about this palette? What are your thoughts on topper palettes?
/Vad tycker du om den här paletten? Vad är dina tankar om Toppers?

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BeautyGlazed Pressed Glitter Bar Palettes * You asked, I tell…

I did a look just recently using one of the Presssed Glitter Bar palettes and I got so many PMs about it so I decided to talk about them after a few ifs and buts.

I bought the Beauty Glazed Palettes when I also bought the Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com palette. I got a lot of questions about the Jolie Beauty palette which was then released on just a week or so afterwards. I bought that palette on the Jolie Beauty website.

The Brand

Beauty Glazed is super difficult to find a lot of information on – They provide a website on the back of the palettes but the website never loads. I found their facebook page and there the adress leads to Pakistan…whereas the Distribution on the palette is Hong Kong and produced in China. Many question marks.

I already knew that the brand is a copy-cat brand as they do have dupes for the Jaclyn Hill palette, NYX Ultimates and even Huda Beautys Desert Dust Palette. I have found a number of positive videos on YouTube and blogposts so I am quite on the fence about this brand as there is no background to know who, what, where the product comes from.

The Packaging

I basically went on a full on glitter binge and bought a number of palettes and these two were quite unique. They are Slim smaller sized cardboard palettes with 6 large pans each. There is an internal magnet to hold the palette together which is great since it is a cream-based product.


Things to know about the ingredients that many may react to… Now I am OVER simplifying here but good to know…

Mineral oil – Most cosmetic products use safe mineral oils which can be good for your skin. Myth that mineral oil used in cosmetics is non/purified, industrial-grade. With that said, I cannot 100% guarantee where this mineral oil is from.
Polyisobutene – A Binding Agent, not dangerous in cosmetics.
Aluminum Powder – Restricted by FDA, especially for lip products.
BHA – anticipated to be a human carcinogen and can cause skin depigmentation. EU considers this unsafe in Fragrances.

With that said…not sure if I can trust the list to 100%. More on that under My Thoughts.


Mind you, this product is a cream with quite chunky glitter so I suggest best with fingertips which is also mentioned on the back of the palettes. I also dab the product where I want it so it gives off maximum effect. No primer under and they sit all day after application.

ES-01 Palette

ES-02 Palette

I also picked up their Original 15 Ultra Pigmented Glitter Shadows so if you want to see that palette in more detail, let me know in the comments or through PM!

My Thoughts

On the back you get the Ingredients, what they may contain, directions and also distribution information. The product is distributed in Hong Kong but made in China so take what you may from that information. Also there are the icons on the back including a Cruelty Free PETA bunny, as well as a 24m jar and a recycling icon. I did not find the brand on PETAs list. Also if you look closely, it says “crucityfree”…. I did not get any insert or information with my palettes but I saw a number of people who did so I screenshot that information below:

Photo from Allison Jacobs on YouTube

When I did a search on Seed Beauty… Well. They are based in California and is the parent company to ColourPop. Confusing right? I can keep going with this but I will leave it there.

Questionable company but as for the product, I really like these palettes since they are super affordable for glitters that you may not use on the daily. I work with theme makeup at work so it is nice to have other options than gluing rhinestones (which I also love by the way) and it is more quick and efficient. I love to color mixtures in all the pans. I was not very impressed with is that they all have different amounts in the pans so you are not getting the same amount of each product.

I really wished I did not like the palettes as much as I do as I would really have liked to feel more safe in regards to ingredients and to where my money is going to and contribute to a safer Beauty Community.

What do you think of Dupe Brands like Beauty Glazed?
What did you think of the palettes? Weigh in on the conversation below!

Where to Buy: Amazon (Search: Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter)
Price: Ca. 75 SEK ($9)

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A Glitter Obsession: Jolie Bomb Dot Com Palette

Jolie Beauty is a cruelty free brand that has a very shiny palette that caught my eye!

I have recently been obsessing over Glitter and I stumbled upon this palette that I decided to click home from Jolie Beauty. At the time they also had a 25% off sale but the palette is still afforable without the discount.
/Jolie Beauty är cruelty-free och då jag har varit väldigt Glitter obsessed så hittade jag denna palett på bra pris så tänkte jag jag kan slå till när de hade deras 25% rea. 

The Bomb Dot Com palette holds 24 glitters in a creamy consistency and in a rose-gold palette. The palette is thin but quite large.
/Bomb Dot Com paletten håller 24 glitter färger i krämig konsistens och i en roséguld förpackning. Paletten är tunn men fortfarande lite större.

Just by touching the product, you get a lot of glitter! /Bara en liten touch räcker för att få färg!


Here is a closer look at the glitters from the palette. Glitters are quite difficult to photograph and especially difficult when there is no daylight to take photos with.
/Här kommer en närmare titt på alla glitters i paletten men jag märkte att glitter är super svår att fota särskilt när det finns ingen dagsljus att leka med.

Row 1 & 2, Left Side

Row 1 & 2, Right Side

Row 3 & 4, Left Side

Row 3 & 4, Right Side 

Which glitter was your favorite? Would you buy a full palette with glitter?
Vilken färg var din favorit? Skulle du köpa en palett med bara glitter i?

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LA Splash & Festival Face.. A Beauty Bay Haul

LA Splash was a brand I use to buy from many years back… But for some reason I just stopped… then… I found that they were discounting some of their glitters so… I got my hands on them… and some from Festival Face!

/LA Splash köpte jag när jag började YouTube för många år sedan… men jag vet inte varför jag slutade köpa från märket… Sen hittade jag några på BeautyBay där de reade ut några färger såååå.. jag köpte några…och även några från Festival Face!

LA Splash

There are 2 types of glitter I clicked home: The Crystallized Glitter pots (ca 98kr) and the Diamond Eyeliners (which I think may be discontinued!)
/Det finns 2 typer av glitter som jag köpte: Crystallized Glitter pots (ca 98kr) och Diamond Eyelinerssom jag tror kommer utgå…

I chose Rosette and Pina Colada. /Jag valde Rosette och Pina Colada

I love that the sill has LA in holes… I like taking these off though since I like to dip my brush into the glitter rather than through a sill.
/Jag gillar att de skrev LA hä jag brukar ta bort det så jag kan doppa min borste i produkten istället.

These are the Diamond Glitter Eyeliners in Crystal Ball & Merbae.
/De här är Diamond Glitter Eyeliners i Crystal Ball och Merbae.

I am not CRAZY about the very super duper long top but they are still really gorgeous product!
/Jag är inte super glad för den super lång handtag men själva produkten är super fin!

Festival Face

A new brand for me was Festival Face (47kr) and they had these 3 on sale so… of course I picked them up!
/Ett nytt märke för mig är Festival Face och de hade 3 färger på rea så jag tog hem dem!


And lastly I saw this brand called OPV Beauty. They have palettes and they also have these pressed glitters. I decided to “Decision” and it was the best Decision I could have made!
/Sist så hittade jag ett märke som heter OPV Beauty. De har paletter och även pressade glitter så jag bestämde mig för “Decision” som var ett fantastisk bra beslut för att den är en riktigt snygg färg!

they come individually wrapped and only in pan.
/De kommer bara i pan format.

They swatch like a dream on the finger and best packed on rather than blended. I cannot wait to try this on the lid!
/De är super lätt att swatcha och när jag drog den på handen så fått jag bra pigment men jag tror det kommer bli bäst att packa på glittret istället för att dra. Jag längtar att testa på locket!

What glitters do you gravitate towards? I am always on a look out for new ones to try!
/Vilken glitter gillar du mest? Jag letar alltid efter nya att testa!

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Acrylic Nails * Viva Las Vegas

I am not afraid of sparkling a little bit extra… Especially when it comes to my nails!
/Jag älskar lite sparkle, särskilt med mina naglar!

Before leaving to Las Vegas, I decided to get some acrylics and in much sparkle. I went with falling rain design with red chunky glitter and mermaid flecks as well as an accent nail with mermaid blue chunks.
/Innan jag åkte till Las Vegas bestämde jag mig att göra akrylnaglar på salong med lite glitter. Jag ville ha en regn design med rött och mermaid så detta är hur det blev!

What do you think of the glitter nail? Are you acrylic or gel?
/Vad tycks om glitternaglar? Gillar du akryl eller gele?

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