LOTD: Thats More Like Me! A splash of Color

I love color and I wanted to do a look using a few of my favorite Kat Von D Eyeshadow palettes. 



Kat Von D Lock-It Hydrating Featherlight Primer
Kat von D Lock-It Foundation
Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette
BECCA Cosmetics – Shimmering Skin Perfector – Moonstone

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick – White Out
Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow – Electric Warrior

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette: Relic, Stigmata, Martyr, & Revelation

Kat Von D MiVidaLoca Eyeshadow Palette: Lyric, Rewind, Misfit

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Trooper
KISS False Lashes – Pampadour

Brows: Kat Von D – Signature Brow Pencil – Medium Brown
Kat Von D – Pomade – Dark Brown

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick – Lovecraft

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My Beauty Personality * LOTD

For the first part of Beauty Masters (An internal Development Competition), we were to create a look that represented our personality… 

I felt that the looks I love to create are usually colorful and messy but my personality is very detail-oriented and precise. I love to be able to create looks that may be out of the norm so having a red toned and a blue toned eye is just fun and different and then switching my masaras to increase the effect.

/För första delen av Beauty Masters som är en internt tävling på jobbet så hade vi uppgiften att visa en look som representerar vem jag är. Detta är hur looken blev!

Lock-it Hdyrating Primer
Lock-it Foundation – Light 45
Lock-it Concealer – Light 9, 11
Lock-it Setting Powder
High Voltage Eyeshadow Primer
Lock-it Setting Spray

Metal Matte Palette: Nebula, Velour
Watt, Moss, Velvet, Ribbon
Saints & Sinners Palette: Stigmata, Rosmary, Devil
Mi Vida Loca Palette: Destroyer, Misfit
Alchemist Palette: All shades
Metal Crush Palette: All shades
Lightening Liners: Gould, Amatheus, Bach
Ink Liner: Nerdrum

Everlasting Lipsticks:
Mother, Underage Red, Backstage Bambi

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A Competition, A FaceChart, A Recreation * Beauty Masters 2018

I was able to compete in an internal competition called Beauty Masters which is a development program for Sephora. I wanted to show you a little glimpse into the day and what my Face Chart look turned out to be.

Beauty Masters

Kat Von D Beauty sponsors Beauty Masters with Sephora this year and being an avid fan of the brand, what they stand for and of course Kat Von D herself, I could not pass up the idea of trying out. There are SOOO many talented artists this year so though my look was super simple, it was filled with details. Lines, dots and mess dots.

The second round (I will back-track to first round in a later post!) was all about educating in the brand and elements of Kat Von D and her 10 muses. Then we were to find inspiration on Instagram from specific accounts related to Kat Von D (EXTREMELY QUICK) then create a Face Chart from the Inspiration photos. Afterwards we had a little over an hour to recreate the Face Chart on our faces.


So. My inspiration photos are these ones that I found from a number of accounts including @thekatvond, @sstrazzere, @kelseyannaf, @ginaharrison, @adelemidred, and  @iamleah.

As you see, I get inspired by Asia, by color, by designs and by texture so I wanted to make sure to incorporate these elements but simply and delicately.

From: https://tsukuroi.exblog.jp/19093682/

Another inspiration when I see these photos from the Instagram accounts is 15th Century Japan in which they had an asethetic called “Wabi-Sabi” – the concept of seeing beauty in flaws as well as the art of “Kintsugi” – In which when pottery was broken, they repaired them with gold so it can continue on – and in my case I wanted to incorporate the color as my golden lining. There is beauty in all things imperfect and this simplicity is what I hoped my Face Chart and Face was able to show.

My Face Chart & Final Look

Unfortunately I did not take my professional camera with me but hopefully you got a good idea of how my look turned out! I could have definitely done more with my look but I am very happy with my look especially with the time limit we had and in connection to the inspiration I used. It is simple but it does say a lot about who I am and the love of seeing beauty in small details and love of simplicity but of course still with a splash of color for personality.

Oh and yes. I do have a wonderful farmers-tan from Florida as I wore t-shirts throughout the vacation… so dont mind the tanlines!

/Detta är min look för Beauty Masters som är i kollab med Kat Von D Beauty och Sephora. Jag är med och tävlar och ville visa min look till er! Den är inspirerad av Japansk 15th century konst och även några Kat Von D konton på Instagram.

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A Day in Copenhagen with Sephora Scandi

Yesterday I was in Copenhagen for work with Sephora Scandinavia and we got a sneak peek of the new Bath products and I wanted to show you a little snippet of what you will see soon in stores!

Sephora Bath products have been a staple at Sephora and when you enter a Sephora, you will usually see a variety of bath products in multiple colors and scents. There are shower gels, scrubs, hand soaps, hand creams and even travel size shower gels, oils and bath bombs.

/Sephora är känd för sin badprodukter men i Maj kommer de göra om alla produkter till 5 nya serier av produkter! 



Very soon you will see a new take on the bath assortment in stores… (ca. end of May 2018) New names, new packaging and new scents to awaken any experience. I am super excited to show you a small selection of the products.

Let’s Have Fun

This one is probably going to be a big hit. It is flirty and playful and in my opinion it has a bit of a powdery and violet type of scent. Floral but sweet.

Pillow Battle

Also probably going to be a popular scent as it is fresh and cozy in scent and has somewhat of a fresh but sweet feel to it.

Morning Zest

Morning Zest was one of my favorites  as it has a Citrus-Mandarine-energetic scent to it. It feels sporty but spring-like.

Beach Vibes

For all you Coconut lovers, Beach Vibes is for you! This light coconut scented series has a pina colada, summer feel to it!

Rolling in the Grass

Lastly, Rolling in the Grass is well. As it states.. a very grass-like scent! It smells quite shower fresh, zen…and calming.

The Products

From what I gathered the products in each series are:

  • Body Mist
  • Body Milk
  • Shower Gel
  • Shower Balm
  • Body Scrub
  • Hand Wash
  • Bath Bomb

I am seriously hoping that they will also take in candles in these scents and possibly hand creams too!

Are you excited for the new bath series? Which products would you want to try?
/Är du sugen på nyheterna i badet? Vilka produkter kommer du vilja testa först?

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Happy Easter! 🐣

Happy Easter Readers! Todays look is faux freckles and lots of color… a standard look for me especially at work ;)

Kat Von D – Lock – It Foundation – Light 45
Isadora blush & glow draping wheel nr. 55 – Peachy Rose Pop
Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette
MAC – Eyebrow pencil – Strut

NYX jumbo pencil – Milk
Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette – Gloom, Doom, Dope
Sephora Collection – Mono Shadows – 260, 356
NYX Cosmetics – Brights – Petal & Escape
Isadora Precision Mascara – Blue

Kat von D Everlasting Lipsticks – Lovesick, Lolita, Mother, Ayesha

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Products I use when Styling my Hair

Todays post is going to be about the products I use in my hair at the moment.

I am no hair stylist and dont know much about hair care but I have recently colored my hair and have gone back to my natural curls. I hate mousse (I havent found one that has worked well in my hair!) and so I do have some help from my hair dryer & curling wand to keep my curls in tact but otherwise these are the products that help my hair look and feel great!
/Jag är ingen hårstylist och vet inte så mycket om hårvård men jag har nyligen färgat mitt hår och har gått tillbaka till mina naturliga lockar. Jag hatar mousse (jag har inte hittat en som har fungerat bra i mitt hår!) Och så har jag lite hjälp från min hårtork och locktång så håller jag de i takt. Jag ville visa er de andra produkter som hjälper till!

1.Antonio Axu Heat Protection Spray

I have never been faithful to my heat protection products. I have used Björn Axén & Lernberg Stafsing just to name a few but I have fallen in love with Antonio Axus spray (149 kr) since it distributes product perfectly, smells wonderful and protects the color in my hair from styling products that I put in afterwards.
/Jag har aldrig varit trogen mot mina värmeskyddsprodukter. Jag har använt Björn Axén & Lernberg Stafsing för att bara nämna några men jag har blivit kär i Antonio Axus spray (149 kr) eftersom den distribuerar produkt perfekt, luktar underbart och skyddar färgen i mitt hår från stylingprodukter som jag lägger in i håret efteråt.

2. Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo

I have spoken about the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo (279kr/205ml) in previous posts and it is still a favorite. It does not leave any white residue and keeps the oils at bay. I have bought the lighter version but I havent noticed a difference between the light and dark on red hair.
/Jag har skrivit om Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo (279kr/205ml) i tidigare inlägg och det är fortfarande en favorit. Den lämnar inget spår i håret och håller bort oljan i hårbotten. Jag har köpt den i light men jag har inte märkt någon skillnad mellan Light och Dark på rött hår.

3. SP Wella Luxe Oil

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Light Oil Spray (299kr). It is expensive but it smells AMAZING and I love the way my hair shines and feels after spraying it. Lyko has a 3 for 2 on this product so you can get it for 189kr so it is something I have in backups!
/Jag är HELT KÄR i denna Light Oil Spray (299kr). Det är dyrt men det doftar AMAZING och jag älskar hur mitt hår får lyster och hur den känns efteråt. Lyko har 3 till 2 på den här produkten så att du kan få den till 189kr just nu!

4. Maria Nila Finishing Spray

The Maria Nila Finishing Spray (189kr) has color protection, smells a bit sweet and doesnt leave my hair feeling crispy afterwards. I usually by the 100ml each time so I can travel with it and another plus is that it is 100% vegan.
/Maria Nila Finishing Spray (189kr) har färgskydd, luktar sött i doften och lämnar inte mitt hår krispig efteråt. Jag brukar köpa den 100 ml varje gång så jag kan resa med sprayen och ett annat plus är att det är 100% veganskt.

5. Shampoo & Mask from SP Wella Luxe Oil Series

Just for reference, I also use the SP Wella Luxe Shampoo (699kr/1litre) and the Keratin Restore Hair Mask (299kr) from the same series. I have also changed up my hair mask from Maria Nilas Head & Hair Repair Mask (299kr) as well as Keune Care Curl Control (279kr) which are both great masks as well!
/& så sist…Bara för referens… så använder jag också SP Wella Luxe Shampoo (699kr/1litre) och Keratin Restore Hair Mask (299kr) från samma serie. Jag har också bytt mellan Maria Nilas Head & Hair Repair Mask (299kr) samt Keune Care Curl Control (279kr). Både är också riktigt bra masker.

What do you use in your hair to style it this time of year?
/Vad använder du för styling produkter i ditt hår?

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Galaxy Inspired – Benefits Bad Gal Bang Launch

Benefit launched their Bad Gal Bang Mascara and we all had a Galaxy themed look that was inspired by the packaging of the product!

I asked on Instagram if I should do a recreation as I wasnt able to get good photos on the day and many of you wanted to see it so here is the look!
/Jag frågade på Instagram om ni ville se denna look då jag kunde inte få en bra bild när vi hade temat på jobbet så här finns den!

Isadora Natural Matte Foundation
Lorac Pro Contour Palette
Kat Von D Shade Light Contour Palette
BECCA Cosmetics – Shimmering Skin Perfector – CPop

NYX Jumbo Pencil – Milk
Coastal Scents Joli Colibri Palette
(Matte Magenta Pink, Shimmery Dark Blue)
Coastal Scents Creative Me Palette
(Matte Dark Orange, Matte Neon Coral)
Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette
(Light Purple Glitter, Dark Purple Glitter, Deep Blue Glitter)
Kat Von D Ink eyeliner – Neruda
Random Rhinestones
Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Wiz – Auburn

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Backstage Bambi
Sephora Rouge lipstick – R35 Cougar (Discontinued)

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Make Up Look: BAMBOO (Inspired by Benefit)

We had a Benefit theme for work in which we were to be inspired by a product from Benefit. I chose their Bronzing & Contouring Brush!

The brush is formed like a golden bamboo stock and with a gradient of black and green bristles.

KISSNYPRO – Pro Touch Concealer
KISSNYPRO Cushion Foundation – Light Nude
Lorac Cosmetics – Contour Palette
Wet N Wild MegaGlo – Precious Petals
KISSNYPRO – Setting Spray

NYX Jumbo Pencil – Milk
KIKO Smart Palette – Turquoise Green & Black
Make Up Forever Aqua Matic – I-30 (Neon chartreuse)
Kat Von D Metallic Eyeliner – Gould
TIGI Luxe Mascara

Fenty – Mattemoiselle – Up 2 No Good

/Denna look är inspirerad av Benefits Bronzing & Contouring Brush som är formad som bamboo. 

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