A Day in Copenhagen with Sephora Scandi

Yesterday I was in Copenhagen for work with Sephora Scandinavia and we got a sneak peek of the new Bath products and I wanted to show you a little snippet of what you will see soon in stores!

Sephora Bath products have been a staple at Sephora and when you enter a Sephora, you will usually see a variety of bath products in multiple colors and scents. There are shower gels, scrubs, hand soaps, hand creams and even travel size shower gels, oils and bath bombs.

/Sephora är känd för sin badprodukter men i Maj kommer de göra om alla produkter till 5 nya serier av produkter! 



Very soon you will see a new take on the bath assortment in stores… (ca. end of May 2018) New names, new packaging and new scents to awaken any experience. I am super excited to show you a small selection of the products.

Let’s Have Fun

This one is probably going to be a big hit. It is flirty and playful and in my opinion it has a bit of a powdery and violet type of scent. Floral but sweet.

Pillow Battle

Also probably going to be a popular scent as it is fresh and cozy in scent and has somewhat of a fresh but sweet feel to it.

Morning Zest

Morning Zest was one of my favorites  as it has a Citrus-Mandarine-energetic scent to it. It feels sporty but spring-like.

Beach Vibes

For all you Coconut lovers, Beach Vibes is for you! This light coconut scented series has a pina colada, summer feel to it!

Rolling in the Grass

Lastly, Rolling in the Grass is well. As it states.. a very grass-like scent! It smells quite shower fresh, zen…and calming.

The Products

From what I gathered the products in each series are:

  • Body Mist
  • Body Milk
  • Shower Gel
  • Shower Balm
  • Body Scrub
  • Hand Wash
  • Bath Bomb

I am seriously hoping that they will also take in candles in these scents and possibly hand creams too!

Are you excited for the new bath series? Which products would you want to try?
/Är du sugen på nyheterna i badet? Vilka produkter kommer du vilja testa först?

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Getting Bold & Bad with MAC Cosmetics

Yes Yes Yes! MAC Cosmetics sent me their Bold & Bad Mascara that I have heard hyped up back during New York Fashion Week earlier this year.
/Ja! MAC Cosmetics skickade deras Bold & Bad Mascara som jag har hört mycket om under New York Fashion Week tidigare i år.

The Bold & Bad mascara is a duo chamber mascara meaning 2 different wands in one tube making application on both top and bottom lashes easier and fool proof.
/Den Bold & Bad Mascara är en duo-kammare mascara som då har 2 olika wands i en tub. Applikationen kan göras med separat borste som går inte att göra fel med.

The imagery for this product is eye catching with black words scribbled in a velvety uplifted feeling on the silver tube.
/Bildmaterialet för denna produkt är riktigt koolt med svarta ord som skriker i en sammet och är även upplyftad på silver tuben.

The first brush is thicker, allowing a volume top lash and then a thinner brush to allow good application on the bottom lashes.
/Den första borsten är tjockare, vilket ger volym till övre fransarna och sedan en tunnare borste för att använda på under fransarna.

MAC was not the first with duo brush mascara but this one has been on my radar awhile so I was excited to try. I personally do not like much volume but rather definition, length and separation. I don’t like the feel of heavy lashes nor them clumping.
/MAC var inte den första med 2 i 1 mascara men den här har varit på min radar ett tag så jag var super sugen på att testa. Jag gillar inte mycket volym utan snarare definition, längd och separation. Jag gillar inte känslan av tunga ögonfransar eller att de klumpar.

The Mascara promotes itself to be bold & bad, however I did not find the mascara to give me extreme volume which, again, I really like! If you want a thick volume lashes, this probably wouldn’t be my first pick. Otherwise, I love the duality and the separation of my lashes. It is not waterproof but it sat very well throughout the day.
/Mascara säger att vara bold & bad, men jag tyckte inte att den gav mig extrem volym som jag verkligen gillar! Om du vill ha en tjock volymfransar skulle detta förmodligen inte vara första valet. Annars älskar jag dualitet och separering jag får från fransarna. Det är inte vattentätt men det satt mycket bra under hela dagen.

Have you tried this mascara? What are you preferences in a mascara?
/Har du testat mascaran? Vad föredrar du i en mascara?

Price: 250kr
Where to buy: MAC Cosmetics, Åhlens
Availability: August 2017

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