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This is my blog disclaimer, my ground rules, my policy. You may find this considerably unneeded, but to be honest, this is my personal blog, all that is written in this blog is my own opinion and mine alone.

First and foremost, this blog is written in a way to share my experiences, my thoughts, feelings and overall information on my interests. Everything I write at www.PixiJasmine.com is based on my own knowledge and experience, unless otherwise indicated. I am a professional Make Up Artist, educated at the International Make Up Center in Sweden. With that said, I reserve the right to give tips & advice to my best of knowledge but it should not replace a statement from others who are more knowledgeable in their fields. I am an open-minded person, i have the right to change my thoughts and opinions, as do all humans. With this, i am also open to ideas & suggestions. These can be either commented below or on any entry in the blog or better to be emailed: pixi.jasmine@gmail.com

I have the right to delete unnecessary, unwanted comments – mainly in reference with hatred and spam. Criticisms given in a constructive way is always welcome, and any personal conflicts can be resolved through contacting me.


Disclosures will be included in each specific post. Previously I wrote out a full text but now you will find them as small icons on the top of posts and will look as follows:


not sponsored

PixiJasmine.com is run by me, Jasmine, a person with great interest in anything beauty related. As I do work at Sephora and for you as the reader to trust what I write is based on my own opinions and are not influenced by any third party, I follow the Swedish Press Ethics & Marketing Act.


samples for consideration

It is possible that a PR firm, company, marketing affiliates and retailers would send products/services for consideration. This means that I am still the sole decision maker on when, how & if the product/service would be featured on PixiJasmine.com.

If you want to contact me regarding press materials, samples, & other issues, so please contact me via pixi.jasmine @ gmail.com.


affiliate links included

I may receive commission if you decide to purchase anything by clicking the link through to the provided website. It does not add any cost to you as the customer. Ordering through the link would help support me to continue blogging but does not bias my recommendations and opinions provided.


As I work in the Beauty Industry, I may write about work related products, services or news. My recommendations and writings are unbiased and honest and not affected by the company I work for. These posts do not give me extra commission nor add any cost to the reader.

Of course I try my very best to do giveaways – as much as my budget would allow! – Generally I like holding giveaways mainly via Rafflecopter. Prizes for giveaways have been purchased by myself (but am open for collaborations in the future with brands or PR). Giveaways are held for maximum one month from the post date and winners are emailed within 48 hours of the end of the giveaway. Winners are to contact me within 48 hours after receiving the winning mail however, if there is no response, a new winner will be chosen. The winners will always be announced via social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and in a blogpost.


The content displayed on www.PixiJasmine.com is protected by all copyright therefore any copying, selling, re-posting, publishing or repetition of the material presented on this website are prohibited. All material must be given permission to use otherwise you will be billed accordingly.

Quotes, links, pingbacks are however allowed, as long as is used in a respectful and correct manner and they must be correctly referenced. For further permission, please send your requests to:

 pixi.jasmine @ gmail.com.

Information and Images seen on this blog may have been taken from other websites and is stated so in the blog – These images are properly referred to their rightful owners and descriptive information such as that presented by a company is also referred properly to their rightful owners. If an image has been wrongly referred to or not referred to at all, feel free to contact me and i will correct this fault immediately. I respect ownership issues and take copyright infringement seriously. Other images which are of myself, and or taken by me are copyrighted and any use of my images is strictly forbidden.