Post #DBExpo16 Blues

I’ve been organizing, prepping and taking photographs of brands and products I got the pleasure of speaking with yesterday at the DaisyBeauty Expo… and basically having post expo blues looking through all the photos!

Thought I’d put in a little collage before posting the picture heavy post :)
This is just a GLIMPSE — there are even more brands and photos to share!

Jag har jobbat med att organisera, ta bilder och kolla över allt ifrån igårs mässa och jag har haft lite post- DBExpo blues,, Jag tänkte jag kan lika väl dela en del av bilderna innan ett jätte tungt inlägg går upp… Detta är bara LITE av det jag har att dela med mig med…

160109 #dbexpo16 Daisybeauty Expo

Row 1: Fabby, OPI, Gilda, Max Factor
Row 2: Ghd, CCS, DaisyBeauty, Dior
Row 3: L’oréal, CCS, Akademikliniken, Maybelline
Row 4: Gold/Marc Inbane, MetteCosmetique, Kiss/Broadway Nails, Björn Axén

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A new Revision of Daisy Beauty Awards 2016…Årets Bästa Kroppsprodukt

dbawards new lineup

As I wrote just a few days back, I was chosen to take part in judging Daisy Beauty Awards again this year, this time within the Body Products category. Unfortunately one product/brand has been disqualified and replaced with another product.
Som jag nyligen skrev, jag blev vald att delta i Daisy Beauty Awards i kategorin årets bästa kroppsprodukt. Tyvärr har en produkt blivit borttagen och ersatt med en ny.. så de nya produkter är följande:

Therefore this year’s Nominees are now:

Årets bästa kroppsprodukt
Beauté Pacifique Stay Outside SPF 30  Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream All-Over Miracle Oil
St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion
La Roche-Posays Lipikar Baume AP+
The Body Shop Camellia Cream
Decléor Gommage 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator


The winner will be presented in Daisy Beauty March 2016.
Would you like to see the other categories & nominees? Click HERE.
Vinnaren presenteras i Daisy Beauty 03/2016. Vill du se alla kategorier och nomineringar? Klick vidare HÄR.

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Post Christmas Fashion Shopping – Hunkemöller & Skopunkten

While everyone is calling January the month of being broke, I had a giftcard from Christmas and money to spend on sales as I saved quite a bit the past few months!
När alla andra känner att Januari är månaden man är pank, jag har en presentkort från Hunkemöller att spendera och även lite sparade pengar från tidigare så jag gick och shoppade!

First from Hunkemöller – I got a giftcard from the Bf for Christmas, 1000kr to spend and of course, with the “Big Sexy Sales”; who can resist?!
Först, Hunkemöller hade jag 1000kr att spendera och med “Big Sexy Sales”… vem kan motstå!?

I got the following items:
Jag fått följande:

Post Christmas purchase hunkemöller
Everything was between 150-250kr! Score!
Allt var mellan 150-250kr! Vilken fynd!!

Also, I stopped by Skopunkten to pick up a new pair of winter boots since the ones I have been using are a size too small. I ended up buying 4 (omg, hoarder!) pairs!
Jag också gick till Skopunkten för att hitta ett par vinter stövlar då de jag har nu är ett storlek mindre… men jag köpte 4 par istället (sjukt!)

skopunkten shoes haul
My favorite pair of them all are these warm fuzzy boots with 7,5cm heels (499kr). It has gold hardware and also a line of fuzzy on the side. They are sooo comfortable to walk in and gorgeous! It’s been probably over 8 years since I’ve had a pair of these..
Min favorit är denna (499kr) som har guld detaljer och har värme i. Super lätt att gå i och har en klack på 7,5cm. Det var ett tag sen jag hade stövlar som går upp låren!

skopunkten shoes haul
I wanted a pair of comfortable boots so I chose these boots (499kr) from Gyllene Gripen. They are also warm fuzzy inside, imitation leather with silver hardware. I liked the fact that they are a bit rounder in the front and have a good grip for the snow and ice.
Jag ville ha ett par sköna stövlar så köpte jag de här från gyllene Gripen (499kr). De är värm i och har silver detaljer. Jag gillar att tån är lite rundare och undersidan är bra för snö & is.

skopunkten shoes haul
I also found a smiliar pair on sale (got mine for 149kr!!) from Gyllene Gripen. They are perfect for work, and do not have any warm insides. Comfortable to walk in and a rounder toe!
Jag hittade också ett par till på rea från Gyllene Gripen. De är perfekt till jobbet!

skopunkten shoes haul
Lastly, I could not resist a pair of ankle boots with a low heel (299kr). These are just simple, everyday autumn-winter boots for any day, any occassion. Made of leather imitation and has a simple zipper detailing on the side.
Sist kunde jag inte hjälpa än att köpa ett par till som är lätt att ta på sig när som helst under höst-vintern. Super fin med dragkedjan på sidan.

I also picked up a few things from Sephora & KIKO but I’ll do another post for those two!
Have you found anything in the sales? Let me know in the comments!Jag köpte lite ifrån Sephora och även KIKO men jag kommer göra ett annat inlägg för de!
Har du hittat nåt fint ifrån rean? Skriv gärna i kommenterna!

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Daisy Beauty Awards – Årets Bästa Kroppsprodukt (This year’s Best Body Products)

I’m so thankful that I was chosen to be part of the Daisy Beauty Awards again this year and I was given the category of body products.
Jag är så tacksam att jag fått ta del av Daisy Beauty Awards igen i år. Jag fått kategorin Kroppsprodukt.

This year’s Nominees are:
Dom nominerade är:

Årets bästa kroppsprodukt
Beauté Pacifique Stay Outside SPF 30
St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion
La Roche-Posays Lipikar Baume AP+
The Body Shop Camellia Cream
Decléor Gommage 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator

I’ve already tried a few of the products but can’t wait to try them against each other to see which product would be the ultimate winner of this award this year!
Jag har redan testat några av de här produkter men längtar att testa de mot varandra för att se vilken produkt tar hem segern!


The winner will be presented in Daisy Beauty March 2016.
Would you like to see the other categories & nominees? Click HERE.
Vinnaren presenteras i Daisy Beauty 03/2016. Vill du se alla kategorier och nomineringar? Klick vidare HÄR.

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What I got for Christmas 2015


Yet another year has gone and this year I got a few gifts I wanted to share!
Jag fått fina presenter i år och ville berätta!

  • I got a new infrared foot spa since my old one broke and since I’m always on my feet it was a great gift!
  • I also got the Kat Von D books in HARDBACK! whoohoo!
  • I also got a 1000kr giftcard to Hunkemöller – one of my favorite lingerie store!
  • I got a very large, very secure power bank to charge all my electronics…
  • The largest gift I got is a new Sony Alpha 5100. I am extremely blessed to have a bf that listened to me complain and complain about how my dslr wasn’t doing it for me.
  • I got a bit of extra cash from my bf’s parents to contribute to my new camera too!
  • And from Work, my co-worker gave me a pair of comfy booties!

Jag fått en fotbad, kat von d böcker i hårdförpackning, presentkort på hunkemöller, en ny kamera och även fått fina booties från en kollega!

What did you wish for for Christmas? What did you get?
Vad har du önskat dig i år? Vad fått du?

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BeautyBlog Refections & all else of 2015

My yearly Beauty Superlatives is being prepped but I thought I’d do a bit more of a reflections before hand. This year has been filled with highs, lows and a few mehs. This year, much of my YouTube channel stalled and quite a bit of my writing has also slowed…Mainly due to a number of hard hits I received this year.

In the Blogworld…
I kickstarted the blog with a collaboration with Technic which entered the Swedish market through grocery stores. It was a fun small collab and I was happy to get inspired by them to do some looks and reviews on their affordable products.

Also in January, not only was I blessed to have been invited to the first ever DaisyExpo but also take part in the DaisyBeauty Awards within the category Best Letter Combination.

Kat Von D was pre-launched in our stores with the contour palette and the duo brush.

I changed up my hair to a balayage and changed the length & style of my hair. Also got to try olaplex which was newly launched in salons around the country.

Then I changed my hair to be more firey….

Then I went all out with Red & Purple where I feel most comfortable!

I spent a week in Gothenburg prepping the new Sephora store and worked with an amazing team of people.

I had the opportunity to travel with DaisyBeauty to Palma and spend time with great companies including Depend, Essie, L’oreal, REN Skincare and of course DaisyBeauty! The trip opened up new collaborations that I am so thankful for.

I held a Kat Von D Presentation at work and ….

…through work I was able to collaborate with Scandinavian Cosmetics/ Max Factor on their Star Wars release.

I decided on being jessica rabbit for Halloween this year…and the day after realized that Halloween Costume goddess Heidi Klum had the same idea…

Skin & Cosmetics Exhibition was a fun exhibition to go to along with Acadermia that happened in November.

Also, Mall of Scandinavia opened it’s doors along with the first KIKO and Inglot stores.

So all in all, quite a bit of Travel, a lot of new contacts and amazing new launches this year!

As for the Personal…
As mentioned, there were quite a few changes that happened in 2015.

I celebrated 1 year with sephora….and I was moved from Makeup to Fragrance at work and had to go through intensive educations to make sure that I was able to do my job. It was both exciting but also difficult as I was unsure how/what this change would develop.

I travelled to both Barcelona (anniversary trip)… newyork
New York (summer vaca!)…lasvegasbaby
…& also to Las Vegas (for my birthday). All had their unique experiences and I also finally brought back my red hair which I felt was my main physical change this year. I also travelled for work and for the blog and these trips I am most thankful for and will remember 2015 for.

Lastly, we took a break in renovating the apartment but finally took a hold of getting our bedroom done which is so much more calming.

 So what did I learn in 2015?
* I did pull down on my youtube channel as well as my blog posts. The reasoning was not because I lacked entusiasm for what I was writing about but had lot to do with the fact that I do have a blog that has such a small niche and so collaborations & readers don’t come easily. I learnt that loosing inspiration and not getting much of a response does not mean I’m bad at doing what I love..just different in doing what I love. Yes, it may be difficult, but as long as I am true to myself, my writing and honest with those of you who are and have been around, I am ok with that.

*I found out that taking a step back and evaluating perspectives is how I attack situations and I have learnt to accept the way I do things. Patience is definitely a virtue in both professional and private situations & acceptance for one’s self is important in order to accept others.

*I really love Fragrance & I loveee skincare! I was worried in switching my focus at work but being the source of knowledge within both fragrance and skincare is such an honor and can’t wait to get my  hands on even more knowledge to learn and products to try.

Anything else?
I just want to thank each and every one of you, readers, collaborators, companies, work mates, friends and family for supporting me the past year. I am thankful for all you have done, said and contributed to 2015. I can’t wait to see what will happen in 2016 & hopefully you’re in for the journey too!

Much love, Jasmine

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