?It’s My Birthday?

(photo from lovethispic.com)

Today I turn 29 and it’s just another day! I have education planned, some projects undergoing and also this huge blog update for this weekend to finish. I am also closing shop tonight so again… just another day.. just a day older.
Idag fyller jag 29 och det är bara en annan dag. Jag har lite utbildning på morgonen, jag har massa projekt som jag håller på med och även uppdatering av bloggen som ska ske nu i helgen. Utöver ska jag stänga butiken så det är bara en vanlig dag..bara att jag är ett år äldre.

How do you celebrate your birthday?
Hur firar du din födelsedag?

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Essie Fall Collection 2016 | Tokyo Inspired

kimono essie fall collection 2016
Essie has come out with their fall collection that is Tokyo inspired!

There is a reason why the fashion-savvy flock to the number one street style destination in the world: Tokyo. Japan’s electric capital boasts taste, flair and an uncanny aptitude for mixing fashion metaphors. essie’s fall 2016 collection captures the city’s wild street style, eclectic cuisine and riot of autumnal colors. The six shade palette of mesmerizing hues channels the changing fall foliage along with the modern and traditional sides of Tokyo’s bustling city.

Essie really color matched this collection well! I absolutely love the combination of muted neutrals with strong bold colors.


*Playing Koi

*maki me happy

*now and zen

*udon know me

*go go geisha


Which color would you be wearing this fall?

Price: 145kr
Where to Buy: Kicks, Åhléns

samples for consideration

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Swooning over Miss Voon & Essie’s Fall Collection 2016


160911 Essie Miss Voon Fall 2016
I was so excited that I was able to attend a super intimate dinner with wonderful beautybloggers and friends at Miss Voon, a modern twist to asian cuisine. Though I must say I am super excited to show you the new polishes from Essie, I just CAN’T NOT show you the fooood!

I’ll write a separate post with a closer look at the new polishes soon..but here’s a quick teaser!

160911 Essie Miss Voon Fall 2016


Read more from my Bloggfriends that attended below!

Kicki Makeupartist
Kashayas Beauty

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Highlights from Hud & Kosmetik Mässa 2016 * Skin & Cosmetics Exhibition 2016

not sponsored

Just a quick little update on the Exhibition I went to the other day! Unfortunately this year I was only able to be there one of the two days since I was to compete internally at work the next day with Make Up Forever!

I wanted to make some honorable mentions and talk a bit of trend for this years exhibition.

hud kosmetik mässa 2016
This year I was invited by DaisyBeauty to hang out at the Exhibition.hud kosmetik mässa 2016 They had a simple and comfy area for us to hang out, catch up and just talk beauty.
hud kosmetik mässa 2016
There were workshops & stages throughout and here you can see the nail art competition!

On to the more exciting stuff! I’ll start with the Skincare areas that caught my eye this year!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
The first mention is Marina Miracle from Norway! They had a beautiful set up but in the morning when we, the press, could walk around before the general public, they weren’t there so I checked in before leaving…and it was the BEST since I had Marina all to myself haha! :Dhud kosmetik mässa 2016
Marina is so beautiful both inside & out! As I was approaching the monter, she was so kind and her products were just very exciting to look at and to play with! I cant wait to share more once Ive used the samples I brought home!

hud kosmetik mässa 2016
From the Leighton Denny Stand was BCL SPA who came out with two new products: Coconut Bamboo scrub and my personal favorite Jasmine Coconut rice scrub!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
As you can see here, the rice scrub is more milky but very rough and the original is more creamy!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
From Finland comes Candying! This Skin Candy is a type of waxing that I just loved the style and packaging of!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
And yes…. I did give it a try! Iäll write more about it in a separate post!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
Palina. This was a brand that I havent had the chance to try and this year they showed their latest: SKINCARE!! Such beautiful packaging!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
A former colleague now works for Elixir Cosmeceuticals. This brand is created by Norwegian dermatologists and it works on skin conditions rather than skin types. Super interesting!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
A little bit of home was at the exhibition! Grevinnans Rum is from Gränna, a little town outside of Jönköping where I use to live & Study. hud kosmetik mässa 2016
They recently released some Shaving Creams both for men & women. Of course I had to put in an instant order and give extra hugs to the wonderful women from this brand!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
Jannike and I went to Solution by Victus where I did a skin scan and also picked up a good moisturizing mask called Face ON! hud kosmetik mässa 2016
Mind you, I did this scan with a full face of Kat Von D Lock It Foundation on so it was a bit off in results…hud kosmetik mässa 2016
Camilla of Sweden showed us their Body Oil in Vanilla and it actually is pretty cool….hud kosmetik mässa 2016
You can see here that the oil actually has a vanilla bean INSIDE the oil!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
Back to Leighton denny and CHROME!! This is something that I was waiting for!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
The fall collection is SO beautiful!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
This combo will be PERFECT for the autumn season!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
From Jane Iredale, they will be releasing 6 eyeshadow bases and these 3 are my top picks!hud kosmetik mässa 2016
I was so kindly received from Blinc and Blinc has been a mascara I have been using for YEARS… They sent me home with not only their amplifying mascara but also a eyeshadow primer!! I will get back to you once Ive tried them all!hud kosmetik mässa 2016 I cannot say more than WOW WOW WOW! this one is one to look out for! And they should contact me soon so I can try loads of their amazing products. YAG stands for You Are Gorgeous and they are based in Halmstad.

hud kosmetik mässa 2016
Another brand to look out for is Zao! This brand is soo cool and I just randomly ran into the brand before leaving the exhibition! This brand is created in Europe and is EcoCert, vegan and ecological!hud kosmetik mässa 2016And last but definitely not least… CoverFx made an appearance at this years exhibition! FINALLY the brand will be available at Skincity.se from the 15th of September, the day after my Birthday!

What did you find interesting from the brands I looked at from the exhibition? What would you like me to talk about further? Let me know in the comments!

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Been Waiting for These! | L’Oréal’s Infallible Matte Max

samples for consideration

loreal matte max lipsThese landed in my postbox and I did squeal just a little since we had a sneak peek of these during the DaisyBeauty Rome Trip a few months back. The Infallible Matte Max comes in 6 shades and are pigmented powders dispensed by a sponge applicator. It claims 8 hour wear and could build on color.

 wm_dsc00305 loreal matte max lips loreal matte max lips loreal matte max lips loreal matte max lips loreal matte max lips loreal matte max lips loreal matte max lips loreal matte max lips loreal matte max lips loreal matte max lips loreal matte max lips

They are super comfortable on the lips, it sits very well and the application is super easy. I love the fact that it doesn’t feel like you have anything on either so perfect for someone like me who does not like having sticky lips! Ps. If you’ve got dry lips, you’d see it with the more lighter shades, which you can see in the photos above!

Which color would you like to try?

Price: 99 SEK
Where to Buy:
Kicks, Eleven.se, ellos
Release Date: Week 34 2016

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A little Party never…. | The Roaring 20s with Leighton Denny

not sponsored

Of all nail brands out there, Leighton Denny has taken a piece of my heart and I am obsessed with the collections they release! This AW16 it is the Roaring 20s in the spotlight and the colors in this collection are seriously, to die for!


  • Tinseltown (effect glitter)
  • Speak Easy (red)
  • Let Your Hair Down (metallic copper)
  • Moonshine (light shimmer nude)
  • Crazy Times (turquoise-jade)
  • Prohibition (creamy slate grey)

What I love about this collection is that Leighton Denny himself explains the collection as about women finding freedom to express who they are and as we all know Chanel was a huge influenser back then with the little black dress!

Which ones are you looking forward to most? I am all for that copper!

Jag har blivit totalt förälskat i Leighton Denny som nagelmärke men den här kollektion är på riktigt så himla fin! 

Price: 145kr/st
Where to Buy: Nailsystems.se

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My New Palette * Kat Von D Serpentina

not sponsored

“The inspiration for this palette came more from a sentiment versus an actual muse. But if I had to choose a physical representation, I’d say it’s inspired by the essence of Egypt—Cleopatra to be specific. Although she’s portrayed as one of the most beautiful women in history, the truth is, her most powerful qualities were her intelligence and self-creation. She was the original pioneering woman.”—Kat Von D

160905 Kat Von D KVD Serpentina Palette
Oh my! The Serpentina Eyeshadow Palette from Kat Von D has come in the post and it is beautiful! The palette is longer than her other palettes and it does have a bit of weight to it.

160905 Kat Von D KVD Serpentina Palette
The palette has eight colors stuck in the palette and then the loose pigment.

160905 Kat Von D KVD Serpentina Palette
From Left: Bloodmilk, Medusa, Ankh, Queen, Hieroglyph, Nile, Scarab, Venom, Prophet (loose pigment)

160905 Kat Von D KVD Serpentina Palette 160905 Kat Von D KVD Serpentina Palette 160905 Kat Von D KVD Serpentina Palette 160905 Kat Von D KVD Serpentina Palette

Prophet the Loose Pigment…
160905 Kat Von D KVD Serpentina Palette 160905 Kat Von D KVD Serpentina Palette 160905 Kat Von D KVD Serpentina Palette 160905 Kat Von D KVD Serpentina Palette

Now that I have the palette in my hands, I can say I am a bit disappointed. The colors are beautiful and the pigment is a gorgeous color, however, the palette itself is bulky, strangely shaped and when taking out the pigment, it feels unfinished. The colors are not as pigmented in comparison to the metal crush shadows… But they are workable!

Price: $45
Where to Buy: Sephora.com

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A Sunset in the Desert

“And so the darkness shall be the light “

160903 mufe sunset blue

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation
Dior Air Powder
Make Up Forever Sculpting Kit Light
Gloss of Sweden Blush – Pina Colada
Sephora Eyebrow Pencil – 7
Anastasia Brow Pomade – Auburn

Make Up Forever Artist Shadow in ME202 Iceberg Blue, M100 Black
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Trooper
Make Up Forever Aqua XL M10 Matte Black
Benefit They’re Real Mascara – Black

160903 mufe sunset blue

Make Up Forever Full Cover concealer under
Make Up Forever Artist Rouge C604, C603, C506
and on the bottom lip a little Make Up Forever ME866 Artist Shadow
Blue & white Nail Rhinestones

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