A Quick look at NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette

We have waited long enough for the new Spring Collection from NARS to fall into place and I was able to finally swatch and play with the products so I decided I would do a quick post showing you the palette from the collection!

/Vi har väntat länge för att den nya vårkollektionen från NARS och äntligen kunde jag göra swatches och leka med produkterna så jag bestämde mig för att jag skulle göra ett snabbt inlägg på paletten.

The Packaging

The NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette comes in simple packaging with a pixelized eye image and metallic text. You can hold it in one hand and it comes with a large mirror.

/Narsissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette kommer i en enkel förpackning med en pixeliserad ögonbild och metallisk text. Du kan hålla den i handen smidigt och den kommer med en stor spegel.

The Shades

The Wanted Eyeshadow Palette has 12 eyeshadows which metallic eyeshadows as well as some mattes and satins. The palette is described as a product that has pure pigment formula in which you can get “intense color payoff in one stroke” however, I personally did not really get that feeling and you will see why in the swatches.

/The Wanted Eyeshadow Palette har 12 ögonskuggor med metalliska ögonskuggor samt några mattes och satins. Paletten beskrivs som en produkt med en ren pigment formula där du kan få “intensive color payoff in one stroke” men jag fick inte den känslan och du kommer att se varför i swatches nedan.

My Thoughts

If you want this palette to work for you, I would recommend using a primer and your fingers and/or a brush that is more damp as they give a lot of fall out and unfortunately did not give that one-stroke payoff. With that said, it is a beautiful palette but just not a palette I personally would use and love often.

/Om du vill att denna palett ska funka bra, skulle jag rekommendera att använda en primer och fingrar och / eller en pensel som är mer fuktig eftersom de ger en hel del fallout… och tyvärr inte den one-stroke payoff. Med det sagt så är den en vacker palett men bara inte en palett som jag personligen skulle använda och älska ofta.

What are your thoughts on the NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette?
/Vad är dina tankar på NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette?




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I tried the Breast Mask from KocoStar….

Kocostar has come to Sephora Scandi and they released their Hydrogel Eye mask and Breast Mask in the Camouflage Series. Of course I had to try the Breast Mask so this is what I experienced…

And no. You can forget me posting before and after photos of my breasts but I can write a bit about the product and what I thought after I used the one time mask.

/Kocostar har kommit till Sephora Scandi och de släppte sin Hydrogel Eye mask och bröstmask i Camouflage serien. Naturligtvis var jag tvungen att testa bröstmasken och nej. Du kan glömma att jag kommer lägga ut före och efter bilder på mina bröst men jag kan skriva om produkten och min upplevelse.

The Brand Kocostar

I have seen Kocostar at Cocopanda and even at H&M so it was a surprise to see the camouflage series come to Sephora Scandi and only 2 products at the moment. Kocostar stands for “Korea Cosmetic Star” which is a korean brand that has masks for basically everything.
/Jag har sett Kocostar på Cocopanda och även på H&M så det var en överraskning att se kamouflageserien kommer till Sephora Scandi och bara 2 produkter för tillfället. Kocostar står för “Korea Cosmetic Star” som är ett koreanskt varumärke som har masker för i stort sett allting.


From what I gather online, the camouflage series has the HydroGel Eye patches and the Breast Mask which have come to Sephora Scandi but also a nose strip, face mask and even a Belly Mask.
/Från vad jag har läst online så har kamouflageserien olika produkter som HydroGel Eye-patcherna och bröstmasken som har kommit till Sephora Scandi, och även en nose strip, ansiktsmask och till och med en Belly Mask.

Breast Mask

The Kocostar Breast Mask (kr) is a mask that claims to effectively moisturize and firm breast skin. In the instructions, it is said to shower then apply a toner to the breasts THEN apply the mask. It should sit for 20-30 minutes then massaged.
/Kocostar Bröstmask är en mask som säger att det är effektivt med återfuktning och fast brösthud. Det står i instruktionerna att du ska duscha och applicera en toner på brösten, och sen applicerar masken. Det bör sitta i 20-30 minuter sedan masseras.


Pretty camouflage colors and they are a good size for my breasts but I can imagine if you are petite, they may not sit as well. They go around the nipple so i started under the breast then applied upwards, overlapping the top part. It stated 20-30 minutes but I kept them on for around 45 minutes. They sat well and did not move – I also had a shirt over and it was fine.
/Riktigt snygga camouflage färger och de är en bra storlek för mina bröst men jag kan tänka mig om du är i modell mindre så kanske de sitter inte lika bra. De går runt bröstvårtan så jag började under bröstet och applicerades uppåt och överlappade överdelen. Det står att det ska sitta i ca. 20-30 minuter men jag hade den kvar i ca. 45 minuter. De satt väl och rörde inte sig – jag hade också en tröja på och det gick bra.

My Thoughts

Removing the mask was easy and the skin felt cold, a tad bit moisturized but the firming bit…well. not so much. Its hard to review such a product since it is a one time use product. I would say that if you want to be just a little bit Extra…this is a product for you. But if you are looking for a firming product, I wouldnt say this is it.
/När jag tog av masken så huden var kall och det kändes bra men jag tror inte att det gjorde nåt med firming delen. Om du vill vara lite extra, denna är en produkt för dig!

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BeautyGlazed Pressed Glitter Bar Palettes * You asked, I tell…

I did a look just recently using one of the Presssed Glitter Bar palettes and I got so many PMs about it so I decided to talk about them after a few ifs and buts.

I bought the Beauty Glazed Palettes when I also bought the Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com palette. I got a lot of questions about the Jolie Beauty palette which was then released on Brallis.se just a week or so afterwards. I bought that palette on the Jolie Beauty website.

The Brand

Beauty Glazed is super difficult to find a lot of information on – They provide a website on the back of the palettes but the website never loads. I found their facebook page and there the adress leads to Pakistan…whereas the Distribution on the palette is Hong Kong and produced in China. Many question marks.

I already knew that the brand is a copy-cat brand as they do have dupes for the Jaclyn Hill palette, NYX Ultimates and even Huda Beautys Desert Dust Palette. I have found a number of positive videos on YouTube and blogposts so I am quite on the fence about this brand as there is no background to know who, what, where the product comes from.

The Packaging

I basically went on a full on glitter binge and bought a number of palettes and these two were quite unique. They are Slim smaller sized cardboard palettes with 6 large pans each. There is an internal magnet to hold the palette together which is great since it is a cream-based product.


Things to know about the ingredients that many may react to… Now I am OVER simplifying here but good to know…

Mineral oil – Most cosmetic products use safe mineral oils which can be good for your skin. Myth that mineral oil used in cosmetics is non/purified, industrial-grade. With that said, I cannot 100% guarantee where this mineral oil is from.
Polyisobutene – A Binding Agent, not dangerous in cosmetics.
Aluminum Powder – Restricted by FDA, especially for lip products.
BHA – anticipated to be a human carcinogen and can cause skin depigmentation. EU considers this unsafe in Fragrances.

With that said…not sure if I can trust the list to 100%. More on that under My Thoughts.


Mind you, this product is a cream with quite chunky glitter so I suggest best with fingertips which is also mentioned on the back of the palettes. I also dab the product where I want it so it gives off maximum effect. No primer under and they sit all day after application.

ES-01 Palette

ES-02 Palette

I also picked up their Original 15 Ultra Pigmented Glitter Shadows so if you want to see that palette in more detail, let me know in the comments or through PM!

My Thoughts

On the back you get the Ingredients, what they may contain, directions and also distribution information. The product is distributed in Hong Kong but made in China so take what you may from that information. Also there are the icons on the back including a Cruelty Free PETA bunny, as well as a 24m jar and a recycling icon. I did not find the brand on PETAs list. Also if you look closely, it says “crucityfree”…. I did not get any insert or information with my palettes but I saw a number of people who did so I screenshot that information below:

Photo from Allison Jacobs on YouTube

When I did a search on Seed Beauty… Well. They are based in California and is the parent company to ColourPop. Confusing right? I can keep going with this but I will leave it there.

Questionable company but as for the product, I really like these palettes since they are super affordable for glitters that you may not use on the daily. I work with theme makeup at work so it is nice to have other options than gluing rhinestones (which I also love by the way) and it is more quick and efficient. I love to color mixtures in all the pans. I was not very impressed with is that they all have different amounts in the pans so you are not getting the same amount of each product.

I really wished I did not like the palettes as much as I do as I would really have liked to feel more safe in regards to ingredients and to where my money is going to and contribute to a safer Beauty Community.

What do you think of Dupe Brands like Beauty Glazed?
What did you think of the palettes? Weigh in on the conversation below!

Where to Buy: Amazon (Search: Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter)
Price: Ca. 75 SEK ($9)

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Through the Galaxy * Look of the Day

Yet another Galaxy inspired look for work today so I whipped up this look quickly using a few of my newer palettes from Jolie Beauty, Beauty Glazed as well as Violet Voss.

Vi hade en till Galaxy inspirerad look på jobbet idag så jag skapade denna look ganska fort med några av mina nya paletter från Jolie Beauty,. Beauty Glazed och även Violet Voss.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer
Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighter
Kat Von D Contour Palette
Nudestix – Brow Styler
Violet Voss Holy Grail – Wine & Dine (in the brows)

NYX Eyeshadow primer
Make Up Forever Eyeshadow – ME232, I922
Suva Beauty – Hyda Liner – Fanny Pack
Isadora – Precision Mascara – Blue

Beauty Glazed Glitter Palette (Blue Stars with Purple, Magenta Dots)
Jolie Beauty – Bomb Dot Com Palette (Magenta Glitter)

Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Double Dare

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A Quick Ombre Lip Tutorial using Sephora Cream Stains

I did a quick ombre lip tutorial for work and I thought I might as well share it here on the Blog too!

/Jag gjorde en tutorial för jobbet så tänkte jag visa er den här också. Jag använt mig av Sephora Cream Lip Stains i 3 olika nyanser.

  1. Apply the dark shade around the contour of your lips.
  2. Apply a lighter shade in the inner lip. Blend
  3. Apply the lightest shade in the inner part, pull down the lower lip for more plump.
  4. Use a brush/finger to blend everything together before it dries completely.
  5. Voila!

Colors Used:

Sephora Cream Lip Stains:

14 Blackberry Sorbet

38 Sweet Raspberry

13 Marvelous Mauve

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Furthering my obsession with Eyeshadow Palettes * Wishlist Spring 2018

As you all know, I have an obsession with eyeshadow palettes and this Spring is no different. Many of you know that I also have a love for the burgundy, burnt oranges and autumn tones which has come out in a number of palettes. Here are a few on my Wishlist.

Som ni kanske redan vet så älsjar jag ögonskuggspaletter… Så nu under våren så finns det nya paletter som jag bara måste ha. Jag gillar burgundy, hallonfärgade nyanser…orange och bara höst-toner och många paletterna har exakt det jag gillar. Här finns några på min önskelista!

Violet Voss Hashtag Palette (493kr)
This one is on my must have list. Violet Voss is one of those brands that I have more recently fallen in love with. After the Holy Grail palette, this one is most definitely going to be a favorite.
/Den här är på min must-have lista. Violet Voss är ett av de märken som jag nyligen har blivit kär i. Efter Holy Grail paletten kommer den här definitivt att bli en favorit!

Viseart Petite PRO Palette 2 (ca. 247kr)
I love Viseart despite them being super expensive and quite difficult to get a hold of unless you want to chance without swatching the product. This mini palette would make a great travel companion!
/Jag älskar Viseart trots att dom är dyrt och ganska svårt att få tag på förutom om du vill chansa utan att swatcha produkten först. Denna mini-palett skulle göra en bra resepalett!

Naked Petite Heat (ca. 239kr)
Speaking of Travel, it has been YEARS since I purchased anything from Urban Decay and this one has caught my eye. Six beautiful shades in the warmer tones to work well with my eye color.
/På tal om resor så har det varit några år sedan jag köpte någonting från Urban Decay och den här har verkligen fångat min intresse. Sex vackra nyanser i varmare tonerna som passar bra med min ögonfärg.

Kat Von D I am Divine Palette (ca. 313kr)
I am such a hoarder when it comes to Kat Von D so when I heard about this palette release, it has been on my mind especially because I am drawn to that neon green!
/Jag är en hoarder när det gäller Kat Von D så när jag hörde om denna så självklart ville jag ha den särskilt när den har en neon grön nyans i!

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes (465kr)
Oh man, we got this one in at work and I have been oohhing and ahhing over it and everytime a customer purchases it I just get all happy for them! It truly smells of peaches and the pigmentation is great.
/Åhhh…vi fått in denna palett på jobbet och det är på riktigt hur fint som helst. Varje gång en kund köper den så blir jag glad för deras skull haha! Det verkligen doftar persikor och pigmenteringen är fin.

Are you lusting over any palettes this Spring? Which ones?
/Vilka paletter har du varit sugen på?

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Look of the Day | Color of the Year 2018: 18-3838 Ultra Violet

I got inspired by the color of the year – Ultra violet – just because the weather outside is just horrible!

Maybelline Eraser eye concealer
Kat Von D Contour Face Palette
Becca Cosmetics – Moonstone

NARS Smudgeproof Primer
Inglot Eyeshadow – 379 & 346
Violet Voss – Holy Grail Palette – R U Kitten Me & Thanks a Latte
Kat von D – Ink Liner – Nerdrum
Jolie Beauty – Bomb dot Com Light Purple Glitter
Isadora Precision Mascara – Blue

Sephora Lipstories – 03. Oui!

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Products I use when Styling my Hair

Todays post is going to be about the products I use in my hair at the moment.

I am no hair stylist and dont know much about hair care but I have recently colored my hair and have gone back to my natural curls. I hate mousse (I havent found one that has worked well in my hair!) and so I do have some help from my hair dryer & curling wand to keep my curls in tact but otherwise these are the products that help my hair look and feel great!
/Jag är ingen hårstylist och vet inte så mycket om hårvård men jag har nyligen färgat mitt hår och har gått tillbaka till mina naturliga lockar. Jag hatar mousse (jag har inte hittat en som har fungerat bra i mitt hår!) Och så har jag lite hjälp från min hårtork och locktång så håller jag de i takt. Jag ville visa er de andra produkter som hjälper till!

1.Antonio Axu Heat Protection Spray

I have never been faithful to my heat protection products. I have used Björn Axén & Lernberg Stafsing just to name a few but I have fallen in love with Antonio Axus spray (149 kr) since it distributes product perfectly, smells wonderful and protects the color in my hair from styling products that I put in afterwards.
/Jag har aldrig varit trogen mot mina värmeskyddsprodukter. Jag har använt Björn Axén & Lernberg Stafsing för att bara nämna några men jag har blivit kär i Antonio Axus spray (149 kr) eftersom den distribuerar produkt perfekt, luktar underbart och skyddar färgen i mitt hår från stylingprodukter som jag lägger in i håret efteråt.

2. Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo

I have spoken about the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo (279kr/205ml) in previous posts and it is still a favorite. It does not leave any white residue and keeps the oils at bay. I have bought the lighter version but I havent noticed a difference between the light and dark on red hair.
/Jag har skrivit om Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo (279kr/205ml) i tidigare inlägg och det är fortfarande en favorit. Den lämnar inget spår i håret och håller bort oljan i hårbotten. Jag har köpt den i light men jag har inte märkt någon skillnad mellan Light och Dark på rött hår.

3. SP Wella Luxe Oil

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Light Oil Spray (299kr). It is expensive but it smells AMAZING and I love the way my hair shines and feels after spraying it. Lyko has a 3 for 2 on this product so you can get it for 189kr so it is something I have in backups!
/Jag är HELT KÄR i denna Light Oil Spray (299kr). Det är dyrt men det doftar AMAZING och jag älskar hur mitt hår får lyster och hur den känns efteråt. Lyko har 3 till 2 på den här produkten så att du kan få den till 189kr just nu!

4. Maria Nila Finishing Spray

The Maria Nila Finishing Spray (189kr) has color protection, smells a bit sweet and doesnt leave my hair feeling crispy afterwards. I usually by the 100ml each time so I can travel with it and another plus is that it is 100% vegan.
/Maria Nila Finishing Spray (189kr) har färgskydd, luktar sött i doften och lämnar inte mitt hår krispig efteråt. Jag brukar köpa den 100 ml varje gång så jag kan resa med sprayen och ett annat plus är att det är 100% veganskt.

5. Shampoo & Mask from SP Wella Luxe Oil Series

Just for reference, I also use the SP Wella Luxe Shampoo (699kr/1litre) and the Keratin Restore Hair Mask (299kr) from the same series. I have also changed up my hair mask from Maria Nilas Head & Hair Repair Mask (299kr) as well as Keune Care Curl Control (279kr) which are both great masks as well!
/& så sist…Bara för referens… så använder jag också SP Wella Luxe Shampoo (699kr/1litre) och Keratin Restore Hair Mask (299kr) från samma serie. Jag har också bytt mellan Maria Nilas Head & Hair Repair Mask (299kr) samt Keune Care Curl Control (279kr). Både är också riktigt bra masker.

What do you use in your hair to style it this time of year?
/Vad använder du för styling produkter i ditt hår?

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