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Midsummer with Essie

I had one of the most fun, inspring days with Essie at Rosendals Trädgård – Essie invited us to an amazing lunch inspired by Midsummer! /Jag hade en rolig inspirerande dag med Essie på Rosendals Trägård! Essie will be releasing a new collection inspired by the Swedish Midsummer that is Limited Edition and unique for us… Read More Midsummer with Essie

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Event med PürCosmetics

I was invited to spend the morning with PürCosmetics and I am extremely excited to show you all the news that will be coming from the brand! /Jag var bjuden på ett event med PürCosmetics och jag vill gärna visa alla nyheter som kommer från varumärket! I have not really been in contact with PürCosmetics… Read More Event med PürCosmetics

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Event with Skin Regimen & Dr. Claudia Aguirre

Today I was invited to spend the afternoon with Skin Regimen and Dr. Claudia Aguirre who is a neuroscientist and mind-body expert. /Dr. Claudia Aguirre/ As mentioned, Dr. Claudia is a neuroscientist who has worked on the skincare series together with a group of other scientists including a stress physiologist, nutri-dermatologist and cariologist. You can find… Read More Event with Skin Regimen & Dr. Claudia Aguirre