BlackOut. Out with the Old, In with the New…

As per PixiJasmine tradition, My blog will be going on hiatus as I will be revamping my blog. Again. 

This will be my last post for awhile and there are a few reasons for this…

I do not see myself in my design anymore.

This one is so important for me. I stripped down everything in my blog and I spend double the time and effort writing in both English and Swedish. I do not use translation sites for this and it has drained all the fun out of blogging for me. I understand that I live in Sweden and I have Swedish followers but we are in the year 2018 – English is a universal language and a language I feel comfortable speaking in.

I feel outdated. I want something new.

I find comfort in guidelines, structure and familiar surroundings. My online representation has been so constant since I started blogging back in the day. I want to rebrand. To change my appearance and show you all who I am.

I also feel that I am not getting that much traction as I use to. Also understandable since the beauty blogger branch has exploded which means that everything I am and have been doing is not unique anymore.

What & When can you expect the new blog up?

When you can expect the blog up — Soon? I have my work cut out fo me…

I have new ideas and new things I want to do instead. I will keep a bit of the old but with a new way of presenting it. I may / may not change my name – Im still toying with the idea… But I will be sure to announce it on my SocMed so if you havent yet, please do follow me. I would really appreciate your support! Links on my front page and/or under contact– I have pretty much the same name (for now) everywhere! “PixiJasmine”.

Thats it from me for awhile. Have a great summer, & see you soon!

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Getting more Home Deco from Rituals

Just recently Rituals had a Friends & Family sale so of course I had to go in and check it out. I ended up picking up a few new items to decorate my home with.

/Jag nyligen handlade på Rituals under deras “Friends & Family” rea. Jag valde ut några saker till hemmet.

Whenever I move into a new space, or just need to get it to feel more home, I gravitate towards candles. They are warm, they are calming and they make me happy. At the Friends & Family sale, Rituals was giving out goodiebags with a surprise in it and also a random body scrub from any of their series.

/När jag flyttar in i ett nytt utrymme, eller bara behöver få det att känna mer som hemma, graviterar jag mot doftljus. De är varma, de lugnar sig och de gör mig lycklig. Under rean så gav Rituals ut goodiebags och en valfri kroppskrubb från någon av sina serier.

My Candles

I picked up two new candles from the Private Collection. These have been on my list for awhile but I never really had a reason to pick them up as I still have a bit of a collection to work through… But. I just had to have them! Both candles are created with Natural Sunflower Wax and are 360g which means approximately 60 hour burning time each. I love the lux packaging of the fragrances and the wax seal is just elegant.
/Jag köpte två nya doftljus från Private Collection. Dessa har varit på min lista ett tag men jag har aldrig riktigt haft en anledning att köpa dem eftersom jag fortfarande har lite av en samling hemma…Men. Jag ville ha dem! Båda ljus är skapade med naturligt solrosvax och är 360g vilket innebär ca 60 timmar brinntid. Jag älskar lyx-förpackningen av dofterna och vaxtätningen är elegant.

Wild Fig (315kr) is described as “an enticing combination of juicy ripe Italian fig mingled with Chinese orris and a fresh spicy clove accord. Perfectly rounded off with creamy cocoa and indian sandalwood nuances.” It is a light, fresh but still rounded scent in my opinion.
/Wild Fig (315kr) beskrivs som “en lockande kombination av saftigt italienskt fikon blandat med kinesisk orris och kryddig clove. Perfekt avrundad med krämig kakao och indisk sandelträ.” Det är en lätt, frisk men fortfarande avrundad doft.

Savage Garden (315kr) on the other hand is described as “a crisp and lively fragrance inspired by the green notes of vetiver and zesty lemon infused with herbaceous and reassuring clary sage.” Basically a spring-summer time pick-me-up!
/Savage Garden (315kr) å andra sidan beskrivs som “en skarp och livlig doft inspirerad av gröna sedlar vetiver och zesty citron med örtartade och lugnande clary salvia.” I grund och botten är denna en vår-sommartid pick-me-up!

…& a new Body Cream

Also, I picked up a new Body Cream as my Anahata Body Cream is now almost empty and wanted something a bit more upbeat.
/Jag också köpte en ny kroppskärm då min Anahata är snart slut.

My Gifts

As a gift, I picked up Happy Buddha Scrub (195kr) as it is just a light, zesty fragrance with a great combo of sugar and oils to moisture.
/Som gåva fått jag välja en skrubb och jag valde Happy Buddha då en är super nice under sommaren!

Also, in my goodiebag I received the Ayurveda hand duo (Hand Wash, Hand Balm, 210kr together) I am super happy with the duo as at the moment I have the Ritual of Banyo duo in my kitchen so I would love to have this duo in the bathroom.
/I min goodiebag fått jag Ayurveda Hand Duo som jag blev glad för då jag har Ritual of Banyo i mitt kök så denna duo passar bra i duschrummet!

Have you bought anything new for your home lately?
/Har du köpt någonting till hemmet de senaste?

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Whats the worth of Truth?

You should get some tea or snacks because this one is going to be a long one…. (Without the 5 ads)

I have had quite a few battles to keep my online channels alive and I will try to voice them as properly as I can in this post. It is time for me to speak out about my perspective on it all.

I have been in the YouTube community for ca 6 years….the Beauty Blogging world for over 12 years. I have worked within the Beauty Industry, freelanced and now working at a retailer that is influential, trendy and also still quite exclusive as there are not many stores in Sweden as of yet.

Why I left the YouTube Community

I have seen the start of the beauty boom and birth of the Influenser. I have seen Beauty change to Fashion and/or Lifestyle. I have seen beauty editors start becoming affiliates, then start using adlinks, then creating trademarks and then companies. There is nothing wrong with choosing to make their content their way of living. Props to them for putting all that time and energy into what they love. But with that, I already knew quite early that the content I was making was finite.

Screenshot from one of my first ever “hauls”…and when I wore heels…

You see… I started my YouTube channel as a means to teach. A means to meet people and to not feel alone. I moved to Sweden at a time where I was not accepted even as a Swedish citizen (which I am by the way!). I could not speak the language and even when I learnt Swedish, I was bullied and teased by pretty much anyone I spoke to. It was a negative thing to be Swede but not speak Swedish. It was a negative thing to be different, look different, talk different…. YouTube was a way to speak English, to be understood and to inspire others to do something out of the box…at least it was back then.

Image from a comparison post I did back in forever ago…

At the time, I was not a professional makeup artist but found comfort in being able to learn with others in the community. I did tutorials in a cramped rented apartment with a old camera I purchased years before that was running on its last leg. Everything I bought I saved for, with my student loans piling up…but it was worth it. It was worth it for the friends I made. They were not in Sweden but they were there. It was because of my YouTube Channel that I was the first blogger invited to Sephoras Opening in Sweden… It opened doors that I never knew were there.

Post about Sephora opening in Täby – Private atm…

I left YouTube because it started to be about revenue. How many ads can you put into your video to get enough cash in Google Adsense. How to push this or that promo code. I was not falling for it. I lost the joy in it. Everything I put online was not to make money. I loved doing YouTube and the whole process but the pressure of getting sponsors, keeping up with demands… it just drained all the fun out of it.

My channels have ALWAYS been Adfree. This means that I have never accepted payment to say or show any products. I did at a time accept putting ads in my YouTube videos in order to pay for equipment but that was the furthest I have gone to accepting payment for all the work that goes into editing my content. It took me years to become partner… Nowadays anyone can be one.

Not Fitting In…

When I started my YouTube Channel and when I started beauty blogging, my intention and purpose has never changed. I have always said that I want to Learn, I want to Teach and most of all I want to Inspire.

Being part of PR lists is a way for me to do what I did and feel part of the Swedish Beauty community. By being invited to Sephoras opening lead to receiving items from brands which in turn led me to Daisy Beauty and so on and so forth. For the first time. I was accepted into the Swedish Beauty community…. Well. At arms length.

I never felt that I fit into that Swedish beauty blogger mold and to be honest, I didnt feel I needed to. The whole point for me is and always have been my readers. When you asked, I integrated Swedish. I tried a number of ways to make it work especially since Swedish is not a language I feel comfortable speaking (even now after X nr of years). Integrating Swedish meant double the work but I do it for my readers. Anyway, unfortunately I started noticing cliques form and the “I tag you, if you tag me” (which is only natural when groups happen) but I just was not fitting in to join any of the groups so once again I have been left out. Again, it was about revenue and who is trendy and popular.

Thats fine. I follow my own pace and my own way of communicating what I love and have loved. But sometimes you need to wonder what all the hard work is going to. I have been lucky enough to meet a handful of very talented women and men and I would take the handful over the many.

Two sides of the Coin… But none are lucky.

After a few years, I saved to go to school and become a professional makeup artist. This led to me working in beauty retail and this added another layer of issues when it comes to my YouTube & Blogging “careers.”

You see…Department Store sellers are seen as just that…. Sellers…So the YouTube community was seen as a group of relatable women who could help you navigate. Basically, you are getting advice from a friend rather than someone who wants to just sell. I can also throw in here that even the traditional Magazines were seen as marketing propaganda and not fully trusted either.

Screenshot from a February Top Favorites YouTube Video… ca. 2014?

This also meant that over time, PR firms, advertisers and companies recognized the potential of the YouTubers and bloggers…You started hearing more “holy grail”, “favorites”, “absolutely obsessed” and the Beauty “Guru” was created. Affiliate links started appearing, ad-links then the promotional codes. Tada! Influensers were born.

I had both shoes on. I am a beauty blogger but I am also a professional makeup artist working in the industry. Unfortunately my unique position seems to not attract companies. I am work affiliated with my full-time job at a very known retailer. I figured that this shouldnt be a problem especially when I disclose this whenever I mention products that I bought or received after a training. But even the PR firm that takes care of the company I work for does not even invite me to our own events! I figure that there are 2 reasons. 1) I am not a lifestyle influenser and allow my content to speak for itself rather than sharing my statistics and 2) they believe that I get the information from my workplace so I do not need to attend. They dont answer my emails so I can only come to my own conclusions here but this is a clear example on how being an “influenser” but also working in the industry can become a problem.

The duality of being on both ends and the misunderstanding is frustrating – I am a professional in the industry as well as a content maker however, I have always seen my content online and my full-time job, though overlapping, are two separate units.

On the one hand, I wish that companies would invite industry workers to events first before influensers as it is we who are standing in the front line. I cannot count the number of times a customer would know about a product before we did. I cannot count the number of times that my explanations and advice are turned down because a 13 year old wants to buy the product a 30 year old influenser has talked about on their channel. These encounters make me feel unprofessional and I dont think it is ok. It is not ok that a 13 year old wants to destroy their face with AHA acids when they have porcelain skin just because their favorite Influenser has it as their holy grail.

We have a responsibility to take care of the powerful voice we are given as Influensers, as beauty bloggers or as print.

On the other hand, I wish that companies would understand the worth of phenomenal niched writers. I can understand that the industry has boomed and there are so many more of us than there were when I started out. Note. I wrote “companies” not PR-firms – because here I think there is a difference. I will touch on this in just a moment.

Quite early on I started working together with The Body Shop that got reached out to me with no strings attached. They started sending me PR with the hope that I would write about them and it turned out that I loved their products and they were always included in someway each month just because I loved their values, the company and the collections they were creating. Unfortunately, just recently, after around 6-7 years of being part of their list, the company abruptly stopped sending me information. They stopped sending me PR and they stopped answering my emails. To be honest, it felt like a break-up without being able to have any closure.

PR-firms have clients and they too have a responsibility to their clients just as much as connecting them to the right people. I understand that sometimes companies, PR-firms and those in charge need to pick and choose the strategy that fits and that is all good and well. Most recently, I have been more and more excluded from events, from presskits and from receiving the information I am needing to provide for you my readers. I am not at all complaining about not being invited nor not receiving PR- It is the lack of information and the lying that is off putting. There is no need for dishonesty. I am not blind to the fact there are events I am not invited to (in which the said company said did not exist and I find out about after the fact). I am not oblivious to the fact that maybe my content is not what fits their strategy.

I must put in something positive in this post because not all PR-firms nor all companies have this issue. There are so many brands out there that are professional. Kind. and available 27/8… They answer every email. Every call. They send products that broke/lost in transport or send a pdf with information of what is happening often.

I believe that my content has held a high standard of quality and has always been true to my readers as well as Swedish Marketing Laws as well as PR Ethics (Which is also stated clearly in PR Policy). I am transparent and always speak my truth. I work a full-time job but still put in countless hours on my content FOR FREE just as many others do because I love this industry. I love beauty so much that I live and breathe it. It is my hobby, it is my full-time job, it is what I wake up to and dream of and it is what I know best.

My Hope

For the future, I hope that all sides can work together to spread a better understanding of the Beauty Industry and the products that come with it. I wish that retail/industry workers have the same respect that Beauty Editors/Influensers have with companies. I wish that PR-firms and companies would see that the traditional Beauty Editors (Beauty Bloggers, print included) and Influensers should be able to co-exist rather than be canceled out of the equation.

I see it as Retail/Industry people and the traditional media is where you can find your facts, research and reporting whereas the Bloggers, Influensers are your opinion-ators and having them together is just a good thing as all consumers are different and consume content differently.

I have always said that I am open to working with companies but I would never compromise the trust and confidence that my readers have for what I share with them. If a company does not want to work with me, that is fine but Be open. Be honest. Be communicative. Let me know what I can do to make it work or let me know why it wont work rather than swiping me under the rug.

Kicki at Daisy Beauty and Malin at have similar posts which I can highly recommend. I am thankful. To my readers and to the unsung hero PR/companies that trust me with their brands in my content.


Detta inlägg är super lång så hämta nåt att äta eller dricka…

Jag har haft en hel del strider för att hålla mina kanaler levande och jag kommer att försöka förklara varför jag kände det var dags att skriva detta inlägg. Jag har ännu en kamp att kämpa. Men den här gången är jag inte ensam.

Jag har varit på YouTube i ca 6 år och har skrivit på min blogg i över 12 år. Jag har arbetat inom Skönhetsindustrin, frilansat och jobbar nu hos en återförsäljare som är populär, trendig och även ganska exklusiv eftersom det inte finns så många butiker i Sverige än så länge…

Varför jag lämnade YouTube

Jag har sett början på skönhetsboomen och när Influensers började träda fram. Jag har sett skönhetsinriktningar flytta till mode och / eller livsstil. Jag har sett skönhetsredaktörer bli affiliates, använda adlinks, och även sedan skapa varumärken och även företag. Det är inget fel att välja att göra sitt content till sitt sätt att leva och kan även säga att jag blir inspirerad av dem som lägger all den tiden och energi i vad de älskar. Men jag visste redan ganska tidigt att mitt innehållet var begränsat.

Jag började min YouTube-kanal som ett sätt att undervisa. Ett sätt att träffa människor och att inte känna mig ensam. Jag flyttade till Sverige i en tid där jag hade problem med att bli accepterad i samhället då jag kunde inte prata svenska och det var ett negativt grej till folk. Jag var mobbad oh retade väldigt mycket på grund av mitt språk. YouTube var ett sätt att prata engelska, för att få folk att lära känna vem jag är och att inspirera andra att göra något speciellt … åtminstone var det unik då.

Vid den tiden var jag inte en professionell makeup artist men fann tröst i att kunna lära mig med andra. Jag gjorde tutorials i en liten hyra lägenhet med en gammal kamera som jag köpte många år tidigare och det körde på sitt allra sista… Allt jag köpte var jag tvungen att sparade för även när jag hade studentlån… men det var värt det. Det var värt det för de vänner jag fått. De var inte i Sverige men de förstod mig. Det var på grund av min YouTube-kanal att jag var den första bloggaren bjuden till Sephoras öppning i Sverige … Det öppnade dörrar som jag aldrig visste var där.

Jag lämnade YouTube eftersom allt började handla om intäkter. Hur många annonser kan du lägga in i din video för att få tillräckligt med pengar i Google Adsense. Hur man trycker på den här eller den promokod. Jag föll inte för det. Jag förlorade glädjen i det. Allt jag gjorde på YouTube och bloggen var inte för att tjäna pengar. Jag älskade att göra YouTube videos och hela processen men stressen på att få sponsorer, hålla upp med alla krav som var helt omöjliga … det dränerade bara allt roligt ut ur det.

Mina kanaler har alltid varit Adfree. Det betyder att jag aldrig har accepterat betalning för att säga eller visa produkter. Jag accepterade att sätta annonser i mina YouTube-videor för att betala för utrustning men det var allt jag har gjort…Det tog mig sååå många år att bli partner … Idag kan vem som helst vara en.

Not Fitting In…

När jag började min YouTube-kanal och när jag började skönhetsbloggen var tanken att lära mig och mest av allt jag vill inspirera.

Att vara en del av PR-listor var ett sätt för mig att göra vad jag gjorde och känna mig som en del av Sveriges Beauty Community. Genom att bli inbjuden till Sephoras öppning ledde till att komma i kontakt med The Body Shop som i sin tur ledde mig till Daisy Beauty och så vidare och så vidare. För första gången kände jag accepterade av den Svenska Beauty Community …. Men på armlängds avstånd iaf.

Jag kände inte att jag passade in i den svenska skönhetsvärlden och för att vara ärlig tyckte jag inte att jag behövde det. Hela poängen för mig är och har alltid varit mina läsare. När du frågade så integrerade jag svenska språket. Jag försökte ett antal sätt att få det att fungera, särskilt eftersom svenska inte är ett språk jag känner mig bekväm med (även nu efter X antal år). Det som folk inte förstår är att när jag Integrerande svenska så blev det dubbelt arbete men jag gör det för mina läsare. Hur som helst, jag började tyvärr se cliques och den “I will tag you if you tag me” som är naturligt i grupper men jag var inte en del av det så jag blev lite utestående från det hela.

Det är okej. Jag följer mitt eget, mitt sätt att kommunicera, vad jag älskar och på mitt sätt. Men ibland måste jag undra vad allt det här hårda arbetet kommer fram till. Jag har haft turen att träffa fantastiska begåvade kvinnor och män och jag är tacksam att fått lära känna dem.

Två sidor av myntet …

Efter några år tog jag beslutet att bli en professionell makeup artist. Detta ledde till att jag började jobba i branschen som då gav mig ännu mer problem när det gäller mina YouTube & Blogg “karriär”.

Varuhusförsäljare ses som bara det …. Säljare … Så YouTube “influensers” ses som en grupp av kvinnor som kan hjälpa dig att navigera utan att vara så…sälj-ig. I grund och botten får du råd från en vän snarare än någon som bara vill sälja. Jag kan också tycka att även de traditionella tidskrifterna ses som marknadsföringspropaganda och inte heller helt tillförlitliga.

Detta innebar också att med tiden, PR-företag, annonsörer och företag såg att YouTubers och bloggare har potential. Du började höra mer “Holy Grail”, “Favorites”, “Absolutely obsessed” och Beauty “Guru”. Affiliate-länkar började visas, ad-länkar och sen även kampanjkoderna. Tada! Influensers föddes.

Jag har båda skor på. Jag är en skönhetsbloggare, men jag är också en professionell sminkartist som arbetar i branschen. Tyvärr verkar min unika position attrahera företag. Jag är “ansluten” till mitt heltidsjobb hos en mycket känd återförsäljare. Jag tänkte att detta inte skulle vara ett problem, särskilt när jag nämnar detta när jag pratar om produkter som jag köpt eller fått efter en träning. Men även PR-företaget som tar hand om företaget jag jobbar för, bjuder inte ens mig till våra egna events! Jag tror med att det finns 2 skäl. 1) Jag är inte en livsstilsinfluenser och tillåter mitt innehåll att tala för sig snarare än att dela min statistik och 2) De tror att jag får informationen från min arbetsplats så att jag inte behöver delta. De svarar inte på mina e-post så jag kan bara komma till mina egna slutsatser här men det här är ett tydligt exempel på hur att vara en “influenser” men också att arbeta i branschen kan bli ett problem.

Dualiteten av att vara i båda delar och missförståndet är frustrerande. Jag är en professionell i branschen och en “content maker”, men jag har alltid sett mitt innehåll online och mitt heltidsjobb som överlappande men är två separata enheter.

Å ena sidan önskar jag att företagen skulle bjuda industrins arbetare på events först före Influensers då vi är de kunder möter först. Jag kan inte räkna hur många gånger en kund skulle veta om en produkt innan vi gjorde det. Jag kan inte räkna hur många gånger mina förklaringar och råd faller på döva öron eftersom en 13-årig vill köpa produkten en 30-årig influenser har pratat om på deras kanal. Dessa möten får mig att känna mig oprofessigt och jag tycker inte att det är ok. Det är inte okej att en 13-årig vill förstöra sitt ansikte med AHA-syror när de har porslin-hud bara för att deras favoritinfluenser har den som sin Holy Grail.

Vi har ett ansvar att ta hand om den kraftfulla röst som vi får som Influensers, som skönhetsbloggare eller som tryck.

Å andra sidan önskar jag att företag skulle förstå värdet av fenomenala nichad författare. Jag kan förstå att branschen har exploderat och det finns så många fler av oss än det var när jag började. Note. Jag skrev “företag” inte PR – för här tycker jag att det finns en skillnad. Jag kommer tillbaka till detta strax.

Alldeles tidigt i min blogg”kärriär” började jag arbeta tillsammans med The Body Shop som hörde av sig till mig “with no strings attached”. De började skicka PR med hoppet på att jag skulle skriva om dem och det visade sig att jag älskade sina produkter och de var alltid med i någon månad varje månad bara för att jag älskade deras värderingar, företaget och de kollektioner de skapade. Tyvärr, efter cirka 6-7 år av att vara en del av deras PR-lista, slutade företaget plötsligt att skicka mig information väldigt nyligen. De slutade skicka PR och de slutade svara på mina e-postmeddelanden. För att vara ärlig, kändes det som ett break-up.

PR-företag har kunder och de har också ett ansvar för sina kunder lika mycket som att ansluta dem till rätt personer. Jag förstår att ibland företag, PR-företag och ansvariga måste välja den strategi som passar deras produkt. Senaste tiden har jag blivit alltmer utesluten från events, från presskits och från att ta emot den information som jag behöver ge er – mina läsare. Jag klagar inte alls på att jag inte är inbjuden eller inte får PR. Det som stör mig är bristen på information och lögner som är jobbigt. Det finns inget behov att vara oärlig. Jag är inte blind att det finns events som jag inte är inbjuden till (där företag sa att det inte fanns och jag får reda på efteråt). Jag är inte dumb heller – jag förstår att kanske mitt innehåll passar inte deras strategi.

Jag måste lägga in något positivt i det här inlägget eftersom inte alla PR-företag eller företag har denna problem. Det finns så många märken där ute som är professionella. Snälla. och tillgängliga 27/8… De svarar på alla e-post. Tar varje samtal. De skickar produkter som har gått sönder / försvunnit i transport eller skickar en pdf med information om vad som händer så ofta det behövs.

Jag tror att mitt innehåll håller en hög kvalitetsstandard och har alltid varit true to my readers samt svenska marknadsföringslagar samt PR-etik (vilket också klart framgår i min PR Policy). Jag är transparent och talar alltid min sanning. Jag jobbar ett heltidsjobb men lägger fortfarande oändliga antal timmar på mitt innehåll GRATIS, precis som många andra gör…för att jag älskar den här branschen. Jag älskar skönhet så mycket att jag live and breathe it. Det är min hobby, det är mitt heltidsjobb, det är vad jag vaknar till och drömmer om och det är vad jag är bäst på.

Mitt hopp

För framtiden hoppas jag att alla sidor kan arbeta tillsammans för att sprida en bättre förståelse för skönhetsindustrin och de produkter som finns. Jag önskar att som jobbar i branschen har samma respekt som Skönhetsredaktörer / Influensers har med företag. Jag önskar att PR-företag och företag skulle se att de traditionella Skönhetsredaktörerna (Skönhetsbloggarna, utskrift ingår här) och Influensers ska kunna existera tillsammans istället för att vara separat.

Jag ser det som Retail/Industry-folk och det traditionella mediet är där du kan hitta fakta, forskning och rapportering medan bloggarna, Influensers är där du kan hitta åsikter och att ha dem tillsammans är bara bra eftersom alla konsumenter är olika och konsumerar innehåll annorlunda.

Jag har alltid sagt att jag är öppen för att arbeta med företag men jag skulle aldrig sabba det förtroende som mina läsare har för det jag delar med dem. Om ett företag inte vill arbeta med mig så är det ok… Men Var öppen. Var ärlig. Var kommunikativ. Låt mig veta vad jag kan göra för att få det att fungera eller låt mig veta varför det inte fungerar snarare än att ignorera.

Kicki at Daisy Beauty och Malin at  har inlägg som jag kan starkt rekommendera. Jag är tacksam. Till mina läsare och till de unsung heros inom branschen som litar på mig med sina varumärken.

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My New Purchases from Ritual Cosmetics

I thought I would show you a new favorite from Rituals Cosmetics… Their Candles! At the moment they have a gift with purchase – if you purchase for 450kr, you can get a mini kit too!
/Jag tänkte att jag skulle visa er en ny favorit från Rituals Cosmetics … Deras doftljus… För tillfället har de en gåva med köpet – om du köper för 450kr, kan du även få ett minipaket!

I have been looking everywhere for the Anahata Candle (395kr) and I found it in Täby Centrum so I decided to pick it up but then fell in love with the XL Candle from the Ritual of Dao (495kr)!
/Jag har letat överallt för Anahata Candle (395kr) och jag hittade den i Täby Centrum så jag bestämde mig för att plocka upp den men blev sedan förälskad i XL-ljuset från Ritual of Dao (495kr)!

The gift that I received with my purchase included: a La Vie en Rose Colour Gloss and a Ritual of Sakura hand lotion.
/Gåvan som jag fick med mitt köp inkluderade: En La Vie en Rose Color Gloss och en ritual av Sakura hand lotion.

What was your last purchase from Rituals Cosmetics? Do you like candles?
/Vad var ditt senaste köp från Rituals Cosmetics? Gillar du ljus?

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After 10 Years on YouTube…

I started my online beauty persona on YouTube. My subscribers urged me to start Blogging and I did both for awhile…I stopped YouTube due to personal reasons 2 years ago… And now, in February, my partnership status will disappear.

YouTube, just like every other platform are changing their focus onto larger revenue outlets which means those of us who have smaller platforms are being kicked off the partnership program.

I remember the day I finally got accepted as a YouTube partner. This was ca. 2008, 2 years after I started my channel and started uploading. It took 3 rejections and a number of emails back and forth to be even considered for the program. Back then it was HUGE. Not anyone could join. I also remember when they started giving everyone partnership who wanted it. That too was HUGE. Now this change…

I don’t know if it really matters after 2 years of not uploading a video on YouTube that my channel will be stripped of it’s partnership status…I am not really sure if I will ever got back to YouTube thought I have been toying with the idea of it…I don’t count on earning a living on YouTube and alot has changed since the days I use to upload.

What’s the point of this post…? To be honest.. I dont know!

I guess I just wanted to get this documented somewhere. To get some closure on loosing a part of my channel I invested a lot of time and effort in.

Anyway. End of post.

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My Year in Review 2017 🎊

I few years ago, I saw a tag about reflecting over the past year and new years resolutions.

The past 2 years I did a reflection post which was long and text-y… so…This year I thought I would do a new version as this year has been filled with transitions.

What have been your favorite posts this year to make?

I loved sharing some more personal posts this year and a few more personal thoughts like my Monday Matters on the Reset Button or when I have been transitioning jobs or getting engaged!

What has been your biggest success or opportunity this year?

Being able to transition so smoothly between jobs, I must say that my biggest opportunity this year was having fantastic co-workers who had made it a learning process that was easier to process. I guess my biggest success this year was just being able to breathe. To understand who I am better and to be able to ground myself more.

What has been your biggest set-back or challenge?

As mentioned already… This year has been just filled with transitions. I left a job, started a new job, then left that job to not know what I wanted to do… and so I ended up boomerang-ing back to Sephora for awhile. I had to take more than a few breaks from social media which was also super tough.

What’s been your biggest beauty or fashion change this year?

Well. Not much! I have had more of a health change this year – both mentally and physically. This question is quite connected to the previous one. But instead of wollowing in self-pity, I also decided on investing in a Personal Trainer and I lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of perspective instead.

What was your most expensive or most prized purchase this year?

I started shopping my stash more this year and took a step back from buying every single new collection that has come into stores. With that said, I did get myself the Saints & Sinners Palette from KvD!

Which events are most memorable this year?

  • DaisyExpo was such a highlight – to be able to work behind the scenes and help out with the exhibitors was amazing… and to of course meet my fellow bloggers.
  • Daisy Beauty Gala was also a pleasure to work with – just before Krizz went on maternity leave…literally. It was the first of its kind and we all were very proud of the work we put in.
  • Cosmoprof, Bologna with Kicki and the team was very memorable and I felt truly blessed to have been able to learn and love these amazing people who took me under their wing even though I am not of a journalistic background.
  • Daisy Beauty Cruise was filled with amazing brands and coworkers and it was bittersweet saying goodbye to being the Sales Executive at DaisyBeauty.
  • Real Techniques was soo much fun hanging out with other influensers that I havent seen for awhile. It was also cool to share with you all how I got my screen name PixiJasmine. I also got to know Frida at MakeupbyEkholm much better!
  • Hud & Kosmetik Mässa was fun to walk around and meet old and new friends. It was amazing to learn about new brands and also new products that are to be released/are already released.

Memorable Trips?


London was memorable since we travelled in January and I was also able to meet childhood friends which means the world to me.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was seriously a trip that I would remember for a lifetime. It was when I was able to truly find myself and who I want to be. To com to terms with dealing with loss and learning acceptance.

London…again. I booked a spontaneous weekend in London and he proposed. I said yes. I cried. I got a migraine and then we ate at Shake Shack. Read more on that here.

What have you been most thankful for this year?

Being able to accept that I am enough. I am thankful for the meetings I have been able to have with old and new friendships. To realize my worth and A. A has been with me through some tough transitions that I was unsure I would have been able to deal with on my own.

Thank you all for allowing me to share my journey with you and I hope you have a great 2018.

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And so… This Happened! | Our Engagement Story

On the 10th of November 2017, he proposed… and I said Yes!

I wanted to take a few days before writing this post though many of you may have seen a few posts on my Instagram and Facebook. I guess I would start at the beginning… or sort of.

Vill tillägga att detta inlägg kommer endast vara på engelska.
Engelska är språket jag känner mig trygg att skriva i och uttrycka mig i.
A & I at Akademien the week we met…

A & I met back in 2008-ish at the local student pub/bar through some mutual friends. (Photo above was around the same week we met!) I was working and he was, for once, out. I would say it was love at first sight on my part… It obviously took him a while to find me. We found common ground in being homebodys. Watching movies and intelligent conversation. We love travel and we love being in each others company. Perfect match if I may say so myself.

A & I in Grand Canyon, USA

Fast forward… A & I have been together for over 9 years now so it has been a long wait. I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with and have voiced this to him multiple times (okay, okay, many even in direct & blunt ways) that he should find a ring and just get it over with! No romantic gestures, no crazy proposal or audiences. Just a pretty sparkling ring to decorate my ring finger. But no matter how many hints I left, months and years past and the hope of the next step in our relationship was faint. I was happy to live with him and we have an amazing life together no matter if we were engaged or married so after 5 years, I gave up the notion of it.


London Weekend

I wanted to get away for a weekend and I found a good deal on a combo flight & hotel so I booked it! I had warmer climate, shopping and just good food planned. I like London since it isn’t too far of a flight and I feel a bit at home when everyone speaks English and actually understands me (which is hard to find in Sweden). Anyway. We decided to travel on Friday (10th Nov) Morning and just spend a long weekend together. A bit of Primark, a few pharmacies and fast food like Chipotle, Shake Shack and that…

Hyde Park – Kensington Gardens

Our hotel is located near Kensington Gardens and we walked through the park a number of times during our long weekend away. On the way back to the hotel on Friday, we were walking around Kensington Gardens just above the Italian Gardens. The sun was setting and a beautiful autumn day. A called me over to a little hill overlooking the Italian Gardens. I didn’t really get why he was trying so hard to get me to see what he was looking at.

Snapped this one right before he proposed

I was taking a few photos so I made my way to him and he started with ‘This is a long time coming…’ and happiness ran through my blood from head to toe. I believe I said Yes in multiple languages and the ring just made me speechless. Of course I cried and jumped into his arms and probably squeezed him harder than ever.

The Ring

Infinity Two-Toned Cathedral Engagement Ring

I am traditional but I always hated Swedish rings – a plain boring golden band. Nope! I secretly wanted something shiny, something artsy (art deco!) and a mix of metals. I always dreamt of a Sapphire ring but then again, the traditional side of me also wanted a diamond. A & I did try rings in Las Vegas so he knew my size and what I liked. It is just too perfect and A did a fantastic job hiding the ring from me since Las Vegas over the summer!

The Aftermath

It happened so quickly and it still hasn’t really sinked in. Hilariously enough, my head started throbbing and I got a major migraine just a few moments after. We went back to the hotel and I spent probably 2 hours or so tending to my head. A was so sweet and went out to get water and some migraine pills. When I was feeling better… We headed off to Shake Shack. Perfect end to the perfect day!

The Announcement

One of the things I was not looking forward to was the announcement of our engagement. It’s wonderful that so many have sent their congratulations however the follow up question of “Why did it take so long?” and the worse one “So…When’s the wedding?” or… “So when are you due?”…  It just puts such a damper on the engagement. Honestly, I find such questions quite disrespectful. Insulting almost?

So… for many reasons, we held our announcement till a few days later… who can blame us? We wanted to keep our engagement special and between us. Also, we wanted to make sure our families knew before announcing to everyone else.

That’s the story! Thank you all again for all the well wishes and I’m sure wedding and that would sooner or later pop up here from time to time. 

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Neck Pains & Prepping for Christmas…

Unfortunately I have been away from the blog due to health reasons…and work.

I thought I will get on here and let you all in on what has been happening with me since I have been quite quiet lately. I have recently been having neck issues that have been causing a lot of problems especially with my day to day and it has gotten worse the past week.

About 2 weeks ago I was working out with my personal trainer and my left neck muscle was stiffer than usual. I couldnt sleep and so I decided to see a Naprapat for the first time. I am not one for the sound of cracking nor am I comfortable being in pain…who is? Anyway, after my first visit, as you can imagine, I was still in quite a bit of pain. It got better then.. it got worse. So I went back for a second visit and I am still healing from it.

Many of you know I work in a store but not many of you know that I lift quite a bit behind the scenes and during this time of year, that means Christmas. Christmas boxes, Christmas packaging, heavy Christmas decorations for the store… This in combination with my neck problem has been both mentally and physically draining.

I am still not sleeping full nights and I am still in a tad bit of pain when moving or lifting things but I am feeling better and am even taking a weekend away so I hope that things will get back to normal soon. Thats the update. I have a number of posts I am behind on but I will try to write up once I am feeling better.

Ps. The photo was from a few weeks back… ;)
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