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Ida Warg Repair HairCare

Ida Warg has come out with 5 different formulas of her new HairCare systems and I had the opportunity to try the Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Repair Mask.

As you know, I have colored hair, curly, thick and quite unruly at times. When buying haircare, I always have to take into account that my hair color does wash out with certain types of hair products so I am constantly on the look out for hair care that does not wash out my hair color.

Ida Warg HairCare

Ida Warg’s Repair – Restoring Formula is repairing, full and rich with algae extract for dry and damaged hair. It is said to restore deep into the hair and also protect the hair to keep it naturally strong. The formula is 100% vegan and smells quite floral but still mild.

The Other Formulas

There are, as mentioned, 5 formulas total with both Shampoo & Conditioner:

  1. Volume – Thickening formula (Yellow bottle)
  2. Repair – Restoring Formula* (Peach bottle)
  3. Moisture Hydrating Formula ** (Brown bottle)
  4. Everyday – Gentle Formula (Blue bottle)
  5. Silver – Color Correcting Formula*** (Grey bottle)

*Has a Hairmask
**Has a Hairserum
***Has a Hairmask


I am in love with the simple packaging and I can tell you that I would love to have all the bottles lined up on my shower shelf! In each bottle it is 250ml of product for 159kr so you get more than enough for longer hair.

The Results

Firstly, these do not wash out my hair color! Hallelujah! I used Ida Warg’s Repair shampoo & conditioner for a month straight and have been very happy with how my curls fall when I have my hair curly but also how the pair work when I style my hair after every wash. The hair does feel smoother and easy to tame in comparison to my previous routine so I am very happy with the duo!

I only had the chance of trying the hair mask once but I left it in for around 20 minutes and my hair felt instantly moisturized and soft.

Have you tried Ida Warg’s HairCare yet? Which one would suite your hair?

Where: Åhlens, H&M, Lyko
apoteket, apotek hjärtat, kronans apotek
When: Week 40-42

Shampoo 159kr/250ml
Conditioner 159kr/250ml
Mask 179kr/300ml
Hair serum 129kr/100ml
One time mask 59kr/25ml

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