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A Walk around at Hud & Kosmetik 2019

Hud & Kosmetik happened this past week and it basically signals the Autumn season for the beauty industry! Here you can take a look at what’s new and upcoming from skin, hair, nails and makeup.



Yes yes yes! More Glitter for all! I am seriously in love with Ztirl and I believe it is because the brand is backed by such a passionate and inspirational person, Isabel!

During the Exhibition, she released their latest Bio Glitters which are Biodegradable and best of all, they are all named after known songs! This is Champagne and it is goooorrrgeeoouuusss!


I love how innovative Palina is and during the exhibition, the brand has now released a new PROWDER, which contains a new material made of magnesium carbonate. Apparently it was actually something found by mistake by Professor Maria Strømme. There is only one shade and costs 449kr for 10g.


Say hi to Bounce & Blur from BareMinerals! This formula is somewhere in between a cream and powder which makes them super easy to use with your fingers. Beautiful shades and there are even eyeshadow palettes with the same formula. These will be released in October!



Byko is a new Swedish skincare brand and Hud & Kosmetik was their launch day! The brand come from Kårby Organics and the series includes probiotics which is interesting!

I liked the simple packaging and this Bioferment Renewal Mask sounded like something to try. From what I understood, they would be launching very soon so hopefully I would be able to try something in the near future.


I have had an eye on Elemis for years and I have tried their super food series which I do love but I fell in love with some new masks…

The Plumping Pillow Facial is a moisturizing sleeping mask that has ylang ylang as well as orange which just makes it smell heavenly!

The Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Eye creams also caught my eye – They are a pair that work on dark circles and smoother skin around the eyes. Again, they smelled fantastic and just applying on my hand, it felt very soft and smooth so I can only imagine it would work very well around the eyes!

Eco by Sonya

I went by my friends at Eco by Sonya and they were showing off a few of their best sellers.

One product I have not tried was the hand & nail cream but it smelled great and felt quite thick in consistency which is perfect for the upcoming winter season.


Inika will be releasing a full range of skincare but they yelled EMBARGO a few times so all I can say is that they will be releasing a full range and soon.

Otherwise, I fell in love with their Christmas kits.

Can we please speak about The Weekender?! It is a full set with all you would need for a weekend away… or just whenever! And the bag! Like coommmeeonnn!

Maria Åkerberg

Maria Åkerberg has updated their Fresheners as well as released a few new goodies.

The fresheners now have probiotics in them.

And the eyeshadows now have transparent lids which means that it is going to be sooo much easier to find which color is which in your drawers.

Also, they will be releasing 2 new shadows and Joyful lipstick is also included in this mini release.

Rhea Skincare

I am excited about Rhea skincare. They are an Italian brand that allows you to combine your personally made skincare.



Scratch is celebrating their 30 years and had this beautiful limited edition bottle of their Nail Food.

Beauty by Le / SNS Sweden

Dip nails has been growing in popularity and I went by Beauty By Le SNS Sweden and they had a range of powders to create easy, beautiful gel nails without the hassle.



Amelie Soie has always had the most beautiful, romantic set up and this set up was just phenomenal.

I am loving the softness of the shades and how they are able to show off their products so well.

The head bands will now come in more autumn shades.

And my favorite thing was their little ornament goodies that will hold 2 luxurious silk scrunchies.

Grevinnans Rum

I cannot jump over Grevinnans Rum from Gränna. They have created new soap holders which you can see one below.

They have also now come out with Saltvattentvål (Salt water soaps) which is perfect for all types of water. Perfect for travel and smells like a vacation in a soap!

Moyana Corigan

A brand that is not new to the industry but new to me is Moyana Corigan. They had these bright, BRIGHT packaging of products that I could not stop smelling.

They also have a number of hair and body products too and they were also just as beautiful in packaging and scent and feel.


Other brands that I will touch on at a later date:

  • MASQ Powerlite will be coming out with mens face sheet masks and even some eye patches for all. The men sheet mask is a 2 part mask which is great for those who have beards.
  • M Picaut has 2 skin creams in Rose Quartz Supreme Probiotic Rich Cream and Amethyst Obsession Probiotic Balancing Cream.
  • Dr Belter has a celebration cream for their 40th year but also came out with products for those with the most sensitive of skins.

Lastly, new for this year was SHR Skincare Professionals Award (SPA) where a number of brands took part. M Picaut and Esse took home some prizes. Thank you to SHR and Annica Joensuu for a great Hud & Kosmetik Mässa this year!

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