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As you may or may not have noticed, this blog has been quiet. I have lost quite a lot of motivation to write about beauty and I have a few reasons why So I thought I would jot down a few thoughts and hope they may be coherent enough for you to understand…

The Beauty Industry has been too false for too long. We are seeing it falter on YouTube (Where I started out!) and it trickles down to every part of the industry no matter if it is in the US or here in Sweden. I started out before the word Influencer was created – we were known as ‘gurus’ at the time I started out, if even that! I may be old school and traditional in my writing but that doesn’t mean that I do not know what I am writing about nor that my readers are less important than so called ‘influencers’ of this day and age. 

Everything nowadays is edited and filtered. To the point where companies rather work with those who have followers and who have carefully curated SocMed… rather than those of us who don’t have those perfectly edited content and care more about the quality than quantity of information put out.

It is all about the money now… Did you know that I have never taken a paid sponsorship? I have always been AD-free because I wanted to be able to share things with you without being biased. My opinion has never been sold to anyone and it has and always would be that way for me because it is important that I have your trust. But since I cannot be bought, I have been dropped.

The past few months, companies have dropped me from their PR lists. With no notice, no explanation, no anything. I have asked for the bare minimum; just a press release when newness would come out – just the information. Not even the PR kits/products/invites to events… but I don’t get that information so I have been out of the loop for awhile. It is hard to write about newness or create reviews with that information taken away from you.

When I do get a response from companies, they give the BS response of “Yes, of course you are on our lists etc” and a few days later, I see my fellow bloggers receive PR and/or attend a PR event. It is disheartening and it is hard to keep respecting companies that cannot say it as it is. I may not be important enough and I may not be who they want to work with and that is fine… but they need to be open and honest. Respect goes both ways and I feel that I have been disrespected by more companies that I can count on two hands.

What makes it worse is when my fellow bloggers don’t stand together with others when these types of situations happen. When I opening have spoken about the issues I have come across, I have no support whatsoever. I get it, they themselves do not want to come into conflict with the said companies so they don’t say anything. However, when they have an issue, I am up there in their corner, screaming and shouting for them to be heard. That respect is just not there for me. I am not one of them. I never was. Disheartening. Disappointing and saddening.

These things and many more have been frustrating and I have personally battled with the consideration of shutting down after 13 years… or continue blogging on another path or just continuing on with the hope that maybe things would change. There is no solution I have come up with as of yet but I am just being honest here. I don’t know what to do.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write anything. And thank you for all the DMs/PMs I have received while I was gone on my other Social Platforms. I do miss writing my posts and inspiring you to feel confident and creative but it has been hard to keep a smile on your face when you feel that you are rejected from the industry that you love so much.

Hopefully things will change, I have always been one to hope – But this time, I am skeptical. I am unsure how long it would take me to bounce back; if at all.

Keep Kind  ❤ Jasmine

|Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

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