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My 2 (Expensive but well worth it) Fragrances from Officina Profumo S. Maria Novella

When visiting Italy in April, I wanted to visit Officina Profumo Santa Maria Novella – One of the oldest pharmacies in the world that was founded by Dominican Friars a bit after 1221!

I wanted EVERY SINGLE FRAGRANCE they had on offer, let alone their room fragrances, wardrobe pouches, candles… you name it! Everything had an authentic feel and scent to it –  Exactly how I like it! I decided on 2 fragrances (and a candle which I will get back to in another post) but it was a VERY.DIFFICULT.DECISION. I could say I must have spent a few hours deciding, going room to room then returning back to smell some more.

 Angeli di Firenze — “Angels of Florence”

This was the first of the two that both my Fiancé and I both loved. It had the essence of Florence (where we were at the time of purchase!) and it was launched at the 40th anniversary of the flood that destroyed much of Florence. In this fragrance you will find bergamot, jasmine, lilac, rose but also peaches, melon and cinnamon. There is a vanilla-musk base together with a bit of grey amber and sandalwood. That is just a taste of a few notes. I am sure I missed a few others but you get the gist.

It is a light hearted fragrance with a bit of romance. I would say that this fragrance reminds me very much of life in a bottle. It is happiness, joy and kindness. It brings a smile to my face.

Ginestra // “Broom”

The second of the fragrances I decided on was Ginestra. It is a very fresh, flower-y and green scent that is filled with broom, narcissus, orange blossom as well as oak moss and birch to round it off.

The scent reminds me of the shift between seasons. It is a warm scent on my skin and it is so unique that I can probably go out of my way and say that this is one of my absolute favorites in my fragrance wardrobe. ever. In contrast to Angeli di Firenze, I find that this fragrance envokes feelings of hope, rebirth and new beginnings. This fragrance too brings a smile to my face and gives me the feels every time I have it on.

Have you tried any of the Acqua Di Colonia fragrances from S.Maria Novella?

Comes in 100ml Eau de Cologne
Price: Ca. 1000 SEK / Bottle

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