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Sustainable Skin in Mask Format | Masq+

I have used MASQ+ sheet masks for awhile, I love their After Sun version as they make very good travel companions during the summer season. They have now released a new mask that is both ecological and vegan.

The mask is single dosed (69kr) and is called Sustainable Skin that moisturizes and softens your skin as it is filled with ingredients such as aloe vera and witch hazel along with rosmary, blue berry and cranberry. There is 95% ecological ingredients in this mask and the sheet itself is made of ecological cotton.

After trying this mask, I noticed that the sheet itself is thicker than other sheet masks I have used. It feels good on the skin and the form of it is always dependant on the wearer. Most sheet masks work OK on me and this one feels comfortable. My skin feels moist and I did not have to apply anything afterwards which most times I would need to for sheet masks.

Have you tried any of MASQ+ masks? Which one is your favorite?

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