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Bears as Supplements * Tan / Hair

I am all for the Beauty Supplements and BeautyBear is a new Vegan Supplement that has launched in Sweden just recently.


These vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and lactose free bears come in 4 different types: Nails, Skin, Hair & Tan and I had Hair and Tan sent to me to try!


The Hair Bears (319kr) taste like blackcurrant and works on the quality of the hair. It contains biotin, acerola (Vit-C), and folate that works on the quality of the hair especially with volume and shine.


The Tan Bears (319kr) taste like peaches and preps the skin before heading into the sun! It protects your skin from getting burned and also works on sunburn. It is not a substitute for sunscreen but it has Vitamin C and β-Carotene.

After a Week

So far, so good. I am saving Tan Bears right before I head off on vacation in June but The Hair Bears have been keeping me company every morning. It states that you need to take 2 bears per day for 2 months (so that is 2 jars!) for best results. After a week, I cannot say if they work or do not but they do taste ok and are gummies so easy to swallow and taste A-Ok!

I’ll check in at a later date once Ive tried them for a longer period. What are your favorite Supplements? Do you take any supplements? What are your thoughts about Beauty Supplements?

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