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You’re on Fleek | A look at the Glitter Palette from JolieBeauty

I got a lot of compliments whenever I use the JolieBeauty Bomb dot com palette and when I saw this one, it had even more beautiful glitter shades in it so I decided to pick it up too.

This palette houses 24 pressed glitters in warmer tones. The You’re On Fleek palette () also includes more neutral tones in comparison to the bomb dot com palette so it is very versatile. There are more golds, nudes, rose golds as well as browns. I usually use a glitter glue or just a setting spray to hold them in place but the swatches below are without anything under them and in daylight.

PS / After playing with the palette and swatching them, I realized that I probably should have swatched up to down in sections rather than in the quads I did below. The color scheme would have matched better… But you get the drift!

Upper Left Palette

Upper Right Palette:


Lower Left Palette:

Lower Right Palette:


All in all, this palette is pretty and it does have quite a few shades that are unique for me. I recommend to apply the glitters with your fingers or a stiff brush to get full pigmentation. You will probably see this palette being used a lot more in the upcoming months!

What are your thoughts on pressed glitters? How about glitter palettes? What do you think about this one?

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