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A MAC Haul For my Brows

I went by MAC PRO Store in order to pick up a few new products for my brows. Being a “redhead”, finding brow products that match, is quite difficult.

One product that I have always repurchased is the Eye Brow Pencil in Strut. It is the perfect balance of a natural brow color but with a red undertone. They have now reformulated the pencil (sadface!), they were discounting out the older version so I picked up 4 of them for 85kr each.

I also decided to pick up 2 new shadows to use in my brows that are a bit more red-toned. I know I do have a number of shadows I can use for my brows in my endless collection of palettes but I wanted one to travel with.

I chose Swiss Chocolate (left) and Im into it (right).

Swiss Chocolate gives a brownish red whereas Im into It is more of a reddish brown.
Perfect combo for redheads… dont you think?

Do you have any suggestions for brow products for redheads?
What are your favorites?

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