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Protect your skin with Hyne Anti Age Facial Cream

I bumped into HynE, a Swedish brand at the DaisyExpo and I really wanted to try their products so they sent me their Anti-Age cream and this is what happened…

HynE Anti Age Cream (30ml/590kr) is a mosturizing cream that is created with Swedish Hyluronic Acid. What fascinated men about the cream is that it uses the skin’s own molecules together with the Hylaronic acid to hold in moisture in the skin and claims to then fill and smooth out the skin’s fine lines and wrinkles. Now, I am only 31 with minimal lines on my face… I would loose more collagen before I loose my elasticity but I was still very interested especially since all moisture is good moisture for me!

The Product

The product comes in a very simple white jar – I don’t mind the boring packaging, I guess it is modern and unisex which can be to the brand’s benefit. The cream itself is a mid-gel/cream consistency which goes into the skin easily but it does not absorb quickly so I noticed it left a bit of a barrier making it a bit difficult for me to apply makeup directly afterwards. However, in the evening, I don’t  mind this since it disappears by the morning.

My Thoughts

HynEs cream is a great moisturizing cream for those of you who may be more on the sensitive side and/or drier skin type. I personally did not notice much of a difference when it came to my moisture level since I, at the moment, have more combined skin. It left a bit of a barrier that was more that I would have wished to have. It has little to no fragrance so again, perfect for those of you who want a good moisturizing product. I cannot claim that the cream gave me more full/even skin but as I mentioned previously, moisture is always a good thing!

Have you tried Hyne? What are your thoughts? What type of skin do you have?

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