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Guerlain’s New Fragrances will make you wish for Spring!

Guerlain will be releasing not one, but four new fragrances. One in their Mon Guerlain series and 3 in the Aqua Allegoria series & I am excited!

February is here which means Spring is just around the corner…and so is Valentine’s Day… Maybe time to find a new signature fragrance for the upcoming season?

First off, Mon Guerlain Florale will be released this Spring and is a floral fragrance including peony, sambac jasmine and of course, lavender. It has a vanilla-wood notes in the base which makes the fragrance soft, feminine and just very beautiful.

Aqua Allegoria: Coconut Fizz is the fragrance I can bet any coconut, summer lover will melt for. It has of course coconut but a heart of watermelon so it screams summer in a bottle.

Aqua Allegoria: Ginger Piccante is probably the one I am most interested in for this Spring as it is a fresh scent that has a strong bergamott and ginger zing to it. It also has rose, cedar and white musk to calm the scent but it melted very nicely into my skin.

Aqua Allegoria: Flora Cherrysia is a springtime blossom as well as pear, violet and white musk. It reminds me of Insolence but modernized.

Are you looking forward to any Springtime fragrances? Which one of these are you interesting in scenting?

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