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Garnier Bio * A full EcoCert & Vegan Skincare Line

I was invited to a press breakfast with Garnier and the french brand has now released a new eco-certified and vegan line of products under the name Garnier BIO.

What is so interesting about this series is that all the ingredients are created together with FairTrade projects all around the world!

Lavandin Firming Facial Oil (119kr)

I have never been a huge fan of Lavender and Lavandin is part of the same family. It is said to be calming and this oil boosts cell renewal in order to give your skin moisture and feel revitalized. The oil does not leave your skin oily, it goes in quickly. You can use it day and night, just not around the eyes!

Argan Caring Mist (150ml, 89kr)

Of all the products from the line, I cannot resist a face mist and this one is created with argan oil to calm and re-energize the skin! One thing I noticed is that you need to push hard down on the “button” so you get an even spray flow otherwise it does spit out product.

Lemongrass Balancing Gel Wash (150ml, 89kr)

I personally prefer micellars and/or gel cleansers so this one suited me well. I liked that it has a very fresh scent to it and it does remove makeup well without drying my skin.

Argan Rescue Balm (50ml, 99kr)

This product looks quite interesting as it works for facd, body and hands which means it must be very moisturizing and has a mix of shea butter and Vitamin E.

A Few other Thoughts

Not all of the products have packaging. I would rather that they do not but on the packaging you can read about their Commitments to EcoCert, Vegan and the like.

Oh. And by the way. All the packaging is made of 100% recyclable plastic!

There are also a few other products available including a konjac sponge, day creams, perfecting lotion with Thyme… and of course other types of moisturizers such as one with lemongrass. I will be looking further into a few more of these products! Will you?

What do you think about this skincare series? Does EcoCert/Vegan or other factors help you decide what you use on your skin?

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