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If Jasmine is in it, I want it: Ace Beauté Quintessential Palette

I found yet another beautiful palette that I have been using quite often lately and it is Ace Beauté’s Quintessential Palette.

The Quintessential Palette ($38,99) was released back in June of last year but being one to fall for 1) eyeshadows and 2) beautiful packaging… This one just had to be clicked home especially since the Paradise Collection was such a hit, I knew that the quality on this one must be just as great!


Anything with Mandalas and my name in it needs to be with me and this palette has them both. The packaging is slim with beautiful gold design and it comes with 16 gorgeous colors.

Also, I found that the palette is made in China but with no mineral oil nor parabens. The palette is a tad strange in size but nothing that really bothers me.

The palette itself is quite large but light. It does not include a mirror but the colors are absolutely beautiful.

The Eyeshadows / Swatches

There are 9 shimmers and 7 mattes in this palette and they are a beautiful combination of colors for many different looks. You do get a few neutral shades and a few clicks of color.

All my swatches are always done on clean skin, without a primer and in regular daylight. They are finger swatches and drawn between 1-2 times only.


As you can see from the swatches, the pigmentation is quite outstanding. The mattes are a tad flakey but easy to blend with a shadow brush. The shimmers are very strong in color pay off. Patchouli and Rosewood were the two shades that needed a bit more work but they blend flawlessly on the eyelid. The palette is as mentioned a tad larger than regular palettes make it a tad bit harder to store but nothing that bothers me. I would have rathered a mirror in the palette but the mandala is beautiful.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Would you invest in this one?

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