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Depend Releases a FRIENDS Pastel Collection this Spring

“But they don’t know that we know they know we know”- Pheobe

Ah Friends and Depend! A Perfect match! … But… Let me let you in on a secret. I got pretty sad that the series was ending that I never watched the last season. I get pretty attached to my shows, it took me 6 years after Gossip Girl ended to actually watch the season finale haha! Maybe time for me to rewatch friends from the start…

Anyway, this collection is perfectly matched with pastel shades and names that match the color and representations from the tv series. I found a few new favorites like “Rules of Monica”, “Miss Chandler” and “Tyrannosaurus Ross” (These names..seriously hilarious!)

There are 11 shades (29kr/polish) total, all are pastels and a good range of purples, neutrals, blues and even a green called “Oh.My.God” to represent Janice. EPIC!

Which color(s) are your favorite? Who was you favorite character from Friends?
Available: week 4


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