My Year in Review 2018 ?

It is that time of year again that you turn to reflect on the year past. It has been a hard year, I believe for most but I can say that my 2018 has been a year of reflection and a year of development.

What have been your favorite posts this year to make?

What has been your biggest success or opportunity this year?

Because of the many set-backs I have had, I found myself falling into other hobbies that I lost many years ago. I have read books and finished them. I have found myself filling art journals, scrapbooking and playing with watercolor. I found my passion for art again. This also opened a whole new world of learning about myself. Why I care about people and how I can use it for good.

What has been your biggest set-back or challenge?

My motivation and mental state pretty much went down the drain. I worked long hours this year and felt that my passion and everything I had was drained by the people around me. I also called it quits for my blog for July and August and I decided to come back on the 1st of September. It still is hard to get back into the routine of things.

Another tough work month was December and one of the hardest of the year for me. It has been a struggle staying positive when everything around me has been falling apart. I have always been an empath and feel for everyone around me. I want to solve their problems and put everything and everyone before myself. To have people who are negative and back talking each other is hard in itself then having personal health issues, family issues and feeling as though I dont matter….It has been hard.

What’s been your biggest beauty or fashion change this year?

Focusing on the inner me rather than the outer me. I stopped buying the most newest of everything just to swatch it. I also noticed that brands had dropped me from their lists so that may also be the reason why my motivation has not been invested in my blog and SocMed as much as I don’t get the work material I use to.

What was your most expensive or most prized purchase this year?

I have only made one expensive purchase and the cost was shared between family as my Christmas Present. It was the Stila All Eyes on You Vault. My most prized however must be my notebooks. My many many notebooks…

Which events are most memorable this year?

  • DaisyBeauty Expo: My year started off with DaisyBeauty Expo, a highlight in one of the darkest months of the year. It is the perfect mixture of business and pleasure. I was able to meet brands, find out newness and see old and new faces… Unfortunately, it was also under the Expo that I realized how different I am from my fellow bloggers and how I am terrible at fitting in.
  • Ole Henriksen: I was so thankful to be invited to meet Ole Henriksen at a PressEvent in February for his latest products. I found a few new favorite skincare items including C-Rush and Cold Plunge!
  • DaisyBeautyAwards: I was a jury member for the Vegan Cosmetics Category at the Daisy Beauty Awards and it was awesome to see everyone yet again from the Expo. I got to sit next to one of my old coworkers and hang out with a group of fun people I had not met in a long while. It was a fantastic event and it was great to spend time with both Liselott & Jennifer.
  • Skin Regimen: I must also say that hanging out with Dr. Claudia Aguirre was a highlight. She has done TED talks and I was inspired especially since I had watched her talks about sleep deprivation and how it affects the mind and body.
  • Pür Cosmetics Event: where I again got to spend more time with great people. I loved the palettes from Pur and though the foundation stick I got to try was too dark, it was still a very good product and one I travel with!
  • Essie’s Event at Rosendals Trägård and spend more time with Emma. She is such a kind hearted person and it was great to get to know her better. The polishes were beautiful and i got to create my own head wreath!
  • Hud & Kosmetik was a fun day to look around and talk to different brands. I noticed that yet again, I walked around alone and things were just not the same as previous years. I did however get to spend a bit more time with Elin who hung out at the press lounge during the exhibition.
  • I also took a step and went on a Spa trip with IDUN MINERALS and am so thankful I did it with the group of people I did. I love Rebecka (By the way, she started a network for MUAS!, so proud of her!) and Louise (who unfortunately  had to move away from Stockholm, and me)… and they made it so much more comfortable than I actually was. I never do spas and it was nice to learn more about IDUNS latest and greatest!

Work Related:

  • Beauty Masters: It was at the start of June that I decided to give it my all at work and apply for the next step in my make up artist career, an internal competition called Beauty Masters. I went into round 2 of Beauty Masters. I was very happy with my look and it brought back memories of my high school years and working with asian inspired art and concepts. Then… the Finale of Beauty Masters. I put in blood, sweat & tears into the competition but I, again, fell short so I will not be applying further.
  • Sephora Convention was also something I attended in October. It is awesome to meet up with other “Captains” as we are called from other stores and share ideas and find out what will be happening on the Sephora Collection front. What I find disappointing is that the information I get from these conventions, I am not able to use as they send someone else from the team to the PR-Events. Makes no sense….

Memorable Trips?

  • For our 10 year anniversary, we decided to fly to Orlando, Florida and hang out at Universal as well as Disney. It was a wonderful trip and I felt more like myself again.

  • It was also in June A & I headed off to Austin, Texas and spent time eating well, travelling around and just being. We visited Luckenbach for some good ol’ sunday hang and also headed over to San Antonio, had some amazing Donuts from Voodoo Donuts and saw the bats fly from under Congress Bridge.

  • Last minute booking for our Anniversary trip – to London. Yes. Again. With motivation at 0, we both decided it was cheaper and somewhere we felt we could still spend time together. We still did new things so that was important to us. We of course did some shopping but we also went to see The Lion King Musical as well as headed to Brighton for a day.

What have you been most thankful for this year?

The people who have come in briefly no matter if it was just for a few moments. I cannot name everyone but here are a few people who have come into my life this year. I am thankful for Katarina who gave me a chance to show what I can do and trusts me in decisions. Rebecka who has such energy and love in her. She is gold in a world of coal. Louise with her wisdom and fun stories to share. Even through hardships, she puts on such confidence that rubs off anyone she meets.

I am thankful for Maria who listened to my concerns when no one else at work would. Also to Jocelyn who had guided me on a different life path. Kicki for giving me a chance to continue to learn & grow in this industry…and of course A who puts up with me daily. And lastly, those few who still read my blog and check up on me through SocMed. It means a lot. This year has been tough and I am sure I am not the only one who feels the same.

Have a merry something and happy everything. Whether you start with new resolutions or work on old ones, heres to you- Have a great start to 2019!

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  1. Åh hjärtat, SÅ tacksam för dig med <3 och saknar dig så mycket <3 lyssnar alltid när du än behöver<3

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