Why I’m not doing a Christmas Calendar this year

I noticed a surge in visits on last year’s Christmas Calendar and wanted to explain why you will not be seeing a Christmas Calendar on my blog this year.

You see. I use to do these Christmas Day giveaways in many different formats and last year was pretty last minute and ALOT of work. Those of you who are my blog-coworkers know that it is ALOT of work. Communicating with sponsors and winners, going out and buying supplies, making sure that all photos, information and all SocMed accounts are synced. And all this during the most busiest retail time of the year.

I work in the retail industry. I work full time and I work a lot of long hours which means that my blog has taken a second seat (yet again) to my job. I miss blogging, I miss communicating with my readers and I do miss the process of researching, testing and writing about my experiences but there are just so many hours in the day but.alas. I am exhausted. I will start posting more when I can, and when I have something to say especially since I have had writer’s block for awhile now.

Also, I realized that in my previous Christmas Calendars that most who commented were not regular followers and had giveaway accounts which is not the point I want to get across with the Giveaways I do. I want to send my appreciation to those who follow me, who have commented and do read my posts…So.

Instead of overworking myself this season, I decided to NOT create a Christmas Calendar this year and instead, create maybe a larger giveaway in January when I have the time and possibility in putting in the time and maybe brainstorm yet another way to do it. Whether it may be splitting it in a few days in January or one huge giveaway to 1 or 2 lucky winners. We’ll have to see!

I hope you have a great December month & of course, check back in for some new posts soon!

3 thoughts on “Why I’m not doing a Christmas Calendar this year

  1. Din julkalender var så bra, men som sagt inte värt att stressa livet ur sig för!
    Hoppas du får en fin decembermånad! :)

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