Blogger’s Block | Why I’ve been having problems posting lately.

This is tough. I would have loved to be able to say that I had something revolutionary or unique to share.

/Brighton Coastline is pretty isn’t it?

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote in my blog last. I have tried to write and inspire and connect…but I have been staring at a blank post screen for a few days…even a few weeks. I have noticed this has been a re-occurring issue the past few months. I can screenshot the 300+ posts that I have in my draft folder. It’s embarrassing…Half written posts that I have photos attached to… gorgeous photos! Great posts…but…no words. No words that are unique. No words that any other blogger has not said already.


/I love Liberty during the Christmas Season. so Festive.



Meh. I took a break. Had some breakfast and now I’m back scratching my head thinking of how to explain my loss of motivation…You see. I have been doing this a long time. Before the word “Influenser” was even a person. Before the word “guru” existed. Before everyone and their mother had a registered freelancing company as a pro MUA.

I love the beauty industry but it sure is just as ugly as it is beautiful.

I loved the industry for it’s innovation, for its community for its essence. I was able to share my love for brands, for products, for people, for knowledge. I am a trained, educated, professional, working as a makeup artist. I paid for the knowledge I have to be in this industry. That, nowadays, does not mean much anymore.

I loved doing YouTube but it turned into views and revenue and sponsors, collabs, affiliate links… and you name it… I continued blogging and the blog-o-sphere has also started to die out. There is not much community left in it. I do not want to make money by doing collaborations. I just want to share my perspective and love for things in this industry. I want to always be genuinely me in every sense of the word. If I truly love something, I would want to talk about it. If I don’t, I respectfully show my point of view.

But it seems that those posts are not what people want to read anymore. It’s not what companies want to invest in. I do not have X number of followers on my social media though I do have a very good organic group of PEOPLE (note: I despise the word followers) that I communicate with. I’m not diagnosed with anything and I am not out there nor am I your typical Swede.


/It was expected to rain the whole week we were in the UK… We got pretty lucky!



I took another break. Had some lunch. Read a bit…And I’m still racking my brain trying to scramble for words to describe how difficult it is to say something, to describe this writers block…For example, to describe the frustration of not getting any comments anymore. Was switching back to only english the problem? I can fix that! Is my content not working anymore? What do you want to read? Is it the lack of engagement that has created this writer’s block? I spent a week in the UK and did a Social Media Detox. No one noticed. No one cared. No one asked. Am I just not interesting anymore?…. Maybe I should shut my blog down after 12+ years and call it quits…

/Covent Garden and pretty blue skies…


Ah bleh. This post is turning into a negative spiral… but I wonder. Just had another break…This is pretty pathetic if you think about it. It shouldn’t be this hard to write about what I am feeling… I’m hoping someone reading this will understand and comment. Let me know that it’s all in my head. That this block is just temporary….I am just not sure how this old-schooler can keep up if I am being dropped by brands and not being seen by readers anymore….

Anyway. Let me know your thoughts.


And yes. I started this post on Monday. I’m just only posting this now on Thursday… Partly since Im not sure if this will be received properly…nor will it be seen at all. I just can’t get my sh*t together hah…. and ps. yes. I put in random photos of our recent trip to London. I didn’t really find anything else suitable so why not the trip I did not post on SocMed.

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