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Spa, Skin & Hair * News with IDUN Minerals

One thing you may not know about me is that I have never been a spa person. I  do not like sitting around in a bastu or getting treatments… Should someone touch me, I’d probably break their fingers!

But. IDUN Minerals invited a number of us out to Hagabergs Gård in Lidingö and I cannot resist a group of awesome people in a beautiful environment. We all were in awe of the place. Surrounded by beautiful water and nature, who could not be in love?

IDUN has a huge launch of products and we were all introduced to them while having some Afternoon Tea.

Hair  Series

First up are the new hair products. I love the sleek, simple packaging of these products. They are black so very much so unisex! They have a Leave-in Treatment for Scalp & Hair (169kr)  as well as two shampoo & conditioner series: Repair & Care and Volume & Care (159kr). Lastly, they have also released a Deep Moisture Hair Mask (179kr).


Starting off with the scrubs, there are two including a Gentle Face Peeling (149kr) that you can use for exfoliation as well as a hydrating mask! The Smoothing Face Scrub (129kr) is for those of you who are in need of deep cleansing.

IDUN also has a new oil serum (379kr) which I am very excited about. It is a hydration booster that has no fragrance and is created for those of you who have sensitive skin! I got to try this in a treatment and I really liked the feel of it!

Another product, I was able to try was the Moisturing Face Mask (199kr) for intense hydration. And of course the Lip Balm (129kr) which is with Sunflower oil, shea butter and olive oil just to name a few ingredients!

LEN Day Cream (329kr) was also released and this comes in a range of colors which is awesome for the darkest of skins to the lightest!

The Event

Again, I am not one for people touching me but I would try something at least once. The women at IDUN are amazing people and I trust them along with my fellow blog-coworkers so I tried the ice bath and I tried the massage and facial. And… It was great… Just not something I can get use to!

A huge thank you to these two who put me at ease: Louise and Rebecka. Amazing people, hilarious and so fun to be around! They deserve all the best in everything they do and I am very thankful to have them in my life, even if it is not often we meet!(Photo from Louise, Beautiful photo of us in the warmer outdoor pool)

Which products from the newness from IDUN are you most excited for?

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