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Using Calamansi in Skincare

When I was growing up, I suffered from quite tough acne. It cleared when I got older but I had deep seated scars and pigmentation. It was everywhere, painful and red.

What is Calamansi and what does it do for the skin?
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What I used back in the day…

I used a lot of products from the Philippines – one brand called Eskinol especially. It came in many different variations but I used the Calamansi (or you may know the fruit as Calamondin) as it prevented more breakouts and also had a natural whitening effect which was good for those acne scars. It had a strong alcohol scent (of course since it did have Alcohol Denat waaaayy up on its list!) but it was effective in removing deep set dirt and left my skin squeeky clean for the rest of my skincare routine.
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EyenLip Beauty

I was super happy to find Calamansi has made it’s way into accessible Korean Skincare and I was able to get a hold of a few items that had the fruit to keep my acne at bay. Mind you, whitening products are popular in Asian countries and Calamansi is promoted as a whitening agent but I personally do not find it as a whitening product but rather a balancing and brightening ingredient.
With that said, I would love to hear your thoughts on the promotion of “whitening” in skincare products in the comments!

Calamansi Vita Cleansing Oil

I have never been a fan of oils to remove my makeup especially since I already have oily skin as it is. With that said, I gave Calamansi Vita Cleansing Oil ($4.80) a try and I was quite impressed! According to their website, it has 7 patented anti-inflammatory extracts including green tea, liquorice, chamomile and rosemary in addiiton to flower extracts and vitamins so everything all combined giving a clean face without drying it out.
When applied on the skin, it breaks down makeup and then turns a bit milky. There apparently is a foam that you can also use afterwards to double cleanse but I just used it to cleanse the skin before using my toner and moisturizer.

Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask

This Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask ($1.14 for a single sheet) looks very similar to Dr. Jart’s in text and the way it is packaged but again, it has Vitamin Complex and White Balance Complex with calamansi. the mask is a fiber sheet mask and comes in single or in a pack of 5 pack.
 The mask is yellow in color, fits well on the skin and smells great. It felt moisturizing and I liked that my skin looked more even after use.

Calamansi Whitening Cream

Calamansi Whitening Cream ($4.43) is said to give vitamins to tired and dull skin as well as have niacinamide to work on the brightness aspect. I felt that this was a great cream if you want to even out your skintone and add a bit of brightness. I would not use it everyday and I have mainly tried it on the darker pigmentations rather than applying over the full face.

One ingredient I noticed in the ingredient list is peanut oil so if you have issues with nuts, I would probably not recommend trying this out – no matter if it is lower on the ingredients list. With that said, there is also camellia leaf extract, liquorice and even beeswax present in this cream which all have beneficial  brightening and evenness properties for the skin. 

Would you try anything with Calamansi in it? What are your thoughts on “whitening” products and the promotion of products with “whitening” ingredients? Let me know your thoughts!

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