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Ritual of Holi | The New Collection from Rituals

The Ritual of Holi just came into store and I could not resist getting a hold of a few of the products since they give me such energy and happiness!

Ritual of Holi

The Ritual of Holi from Rituals was created for Teens (apparently) but I love the combination of fragrances in the series. There are two versions: one with white lily and peach blossom and the other with flamingo flower and pink grapefruit. The one I gravitated most to was the first duo which has a color splash of pink, orange and yellow.

Flower Shower Foam

I picked up just a few of the items and of course I fell for the Flower Shower Foam.. I am a sucker for packaging but the scent is super pleasant and Rituals do have moisturizing products so I am looking forward to using it this month!

Holi Crackle body mousse

The Holi Crackle body mousse was a product I found interesting since not only does it crackle, it is also cooling to the skin so I fell in love with it instantly!

Confetti Body Scrub

Lastly, I picked up the Confetti Body Scrub which is like rubbing birthday cake sprinkles on the skin. Such a fun idea and I do love a good scrub!

In the Series: White Lily & Peach Blossom:

Shower Foam Flower (80kr)
Crackling Body Mousse (80kr)
Body Scrub (80kr)
Rubber Mask (90kr)
Bath Bomb Flower (55kr)

In the Series: Flamingo Flower & Pink Grapefruit

Holi Moley foaming Shower Gel (70kr)
Cream On Body Cream (70kr)
Shower Jelly (70kr)
Fizzing Bath Bomb (55kr)

Will you be picking up anything from Ritual’s new Ritual of Holi series?
If so, what product interests you?

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