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My New Zoeva Brushes

I love tools of the trade…knowledge and a new set of brushes! Here is a quick look at my new brushes from Zoeva.

Why new Brushes?

Im asking that myself actually! I found that I wanted to pick up brushes that I usually do not gravitate to and these are the ones I thought may make a good compliment to my brush collection.

134 Luxe Powder Fusion

The Luxe Powder Fusion (125kr) is a medium small brush that is perfect for applying highlighter and or dusting under the eye area. I love the softness of this brush and it is one that I do not have in my brush collection at the moment.

137 Petit Fan

I had a petit fan brush but I misplaced it so I picked up Zoevas 137 petite fan brush (115kr). It is the perfect type of brush if you like using glitters and want to get rid of fall out without ruining your base.

114 Luxe Face Focus

114 Luxe Face Focus (175kr) is a flatter type of brush, great for applying most base products – but I mainly use it to apply blush and/or highlighters. It again, is a soft and fluffy brush.

227 Luxe Soft Definer

I am always on the look out for a new blending brush and this 227 Luxe Soft Definer (115kr) is a great addition to any kit. It has soft bristles and picks up and distributes product very well on the eyelid.

What new tools have you invested in lately? What is your favorite product from Zoeva?

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