Missed Me? Lets get back into it…

Hi Blog! It’s me. Jasmine. Yes, I am back and I have missed blogging! Let’s catch up shall we?

The Hottest Summer

My oh my – If you have not been living under a rock, you know it has been a hot hot summer! I have been updating my other social media sites (Mainly Instagram) so you know what I have been up to but most of the summer I have been working and I also took a summer vacation to Austin, Texas. I will be doing a post on my trip there very soon!

What Have I Been Up To?

As you know my blog went on a complete black out. The first of it’s kind since I started blogging back in 2008. I have been doing this a long time and with all the drama and changes and life ups and downs, I have had an epiphany that either I

1) continue blogging and completely loose interest or
2) change what I am doing and do something I love rather than something I must do soooo..

Since the black out I have been spending time with people I love and doing things I didn’t realize I missed so much like my art. Also trying to self care. I will touch more on that in later posts.

The Purge

I have been creating a more capsule makeup room – Sounds strange right? I have gotten rid of quite a huge chunk of my collection in which I have donated, thrown away and re-organized products that I have had piling up on me for awhile now.

The more that came in, the more I felt I was drowning. Being someone who not only blogs beauty on my free time, I work with beauty full-time so it got to a point that I was not able to feel comfortable in my own home so. I got rid of so much and it has gotten better already.

Work Life

I have spent a lot of time and energy at work. I am competing in an internal competition at work in collaboration with Kat Von D which has been exciting so there has been a lot of work…work and!

And yes. I am pretty sure I will get some slack for this update especially with all the happenings with Kat Von D online but I would rather address my stance in a separate post. I have also come to many realizations about my work life which I will, in time, write about in later posts too….

Blog Update & Changes

So it is pretty obvious that I changed my blog appearance and I am still working on the details but I decided to update in small steps rather than everything all at once. I missed blogging to much and I wanted to get back at it. The rest will come in good time.

I have decided to integrate more personal posts and as you can also see, everything will be back in English. My mother tongue. My expressions language. I can understand that this may cause some issues for my Swedish readers but my statistics show that most of you are english speakers so I just want to go back to the easy blogging rather than the double translations and blogging being work rather than a hobby.

I am still undecided if I want to change my blog name so if you think I should, suggestions are very much welcomed!

What is coming up

I have a few pending posts that I would really like to update here on my blog that I have had done under the summer so a few of the next posts will be throwbacks but hopefully you will like them all the same!

How was your summer? Is there any posts that you are looking forward to reading?
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