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Kat Von Ds Matte Inkwell Liners have come to store and I love them!

I finally got my hands on 5 of the 6 inkwells that Kat Von D released but I will get the turquoise one too when I get the chance…I do like them already!

As you may know, colorful eyeliner is my jam and it has been a trend this past summer. After the Ink Liners disappeared (Boohoo..I loved them and will be bulking up on these!), Kat Von D has decided to release the Ink Well Long-Wear Matte Eyeliner (220kr) in 6 shades including a black, white, 2 reds, a blue and turquoise. The turquoise however will not be sold in Scandinavia (but wwwhhhyy?!)

It is said that these are 24-hour wear as well as transfer, smudge & waterproof so it has some heavy claims that i am loving! It is also quick drying so no over lid smudges for those of you who have hooded or oily lids.

The one thing I realized already from first application is that the applique itself is much harder than other dip-liners so you need to dip a few times if you want a thick bold line. Also since it is quick drying, you may need to go over a few times if you want that bold liner.

Have you tried the Inkwells yet? What are your thoughts?

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