Hud & Kosmetikmässan 2018

This year I attended the Hud & Kosmetikmässan here in Stockholm on the second day. I noticed it was much smaller and more focused on skincare than cosmetics.

The Trade Show

I knew that most of my blogg colleagues were there the day before so I wasnt sure I would bump into anyone but I did bump into a number of wonderful people both from the monters as well as others visiting. With that said, the beautiful and talented Elin was in the press lounge taking care of all of us!

(photo by & from Elin,

I must say that this year was less buzz than previous years – partly due to the fact that there was no Pharmacy portion which has moved to another month but also that there were less exhibitors. I also noticed that there were more school kids as well as non-branch people attending this year.

As I only was at the show the last day, there was the makeup competition in which Marielle, an inspiring, fun-loving boss woman of GlossGods was competing in so i sneaked a little photo in action. She totally kicked butt and did an amazing look.

A Few Favorites (with newness!)

I have had contact with a number of exhibitors and they were so warm and welcoming and I have to give them a shoutout!

Grevinnans Rum

I cannot say enough good things about Grevinnans Rum. I have been friends with the owners for a number of years and I want to present the latest soap…. BURLESQUE!

Burlesque I must say smells like the definition of me – the color, the scent the name… it is just encompasses everything I love! The fragrance is a sensual blend of Amber, English Rose and Sandlewood. In addition, the brand is handmade in Gränna, nearby where I spend a number of years studying at Uni!


I have used Palina Philosophy skincare awhile now and I am very impressed especially with the happy packaging and the effective results. I love their Fairy Scrub (395kr), the 24seven smoothie cream (465kr) and the Wake Me Up Eye Gel (695kr) and they have products for everyone!

Their latest is the Fresh Apple Cleanser (375kr) with Malic Acid (Great for removing makeup, even for the most sensitive skins!) and also a new Charcoal Detox (395kr). I am excited about the detox as it is said to have Charcoal Powder, Salvia Hispanica seed extract as well as acai berry fruit extract which is said to work against aging, give moisture and work on skin elasticity and the charcoal for detox and deep cleansing of the skin.


It has been awhile since I wrote about Murad but it has been skincare that has always worked on my skin. I have used the burgundy series and orange series in combination and always have my AHA/BHA Cleanser in my shower for breakouts. Nothing new for my type of skin but they did release the dark purple Technoceuticals and also a few products such as Outsmart Acne Treatment etc.


Another brand I love seeing is Acasia as they have made a mark in Swedish Skincare. I love their single masks and can recommend the Life Me Up Sheet Mask (125kr).

Maria Åkerberg

Heres a full look at all the newness coming from Maria Åkerberg this fall! I am excited for the Rich Body Cream, the new Brush Cleanser and who can say no to a new lipstick?


Two newness from Rosenserien is a Shampoo for hair & body but also a Body Scrub that smells and feels amazing!


KISS NY PRO was also present at the trade show which was cool to see! I had the pleasure of playing with the products for awhile now and am impressed that you get good quality for an affordable price.


I was at Skin Candys booth back in 2016 and they opened my eyes to the sugaring technique which I then found at New Clinic and wrote a post about it here.

A Few Newbies

I also found a few new brands that I have not tried before that I am interested in trying out!


I saw this set from Valeur Absolue (1539kr) and it is definitely on my wish list for my birthday/Christmas! The set has 7 fragrances and each bottle has beautiful stones in them.


As you may know, I have used Skin Regimen for awhile now and they are coming out with 3 new products including a Room Spray (675kr) in November! The Enzyme Powder (475kr) is a proxuct I cannot wait to try! It is said to have a detox effect and felt wonderful when I tried it at the show. The Tea Tree Booster (895kr) is perfect for those who are looking for a product to help imperfections.


Mesoestetic was a brand that I had a lot of issues getting any contact with but they were creative with the juice bottles and their stall. Just a shame that they were not as approachable as I would have liked…Even the servers were not very approachable so it was unfortunate.


I have and probably always will be a huge fan of Leighton Denny products and they have recently released the Intensive foot masque called Well Heeled (200kr). I bought me a bottle so I cannot wait to try it out.


I bumped into a fun duo at Revolt Beauty who is a distributor for brands such as GLAMCOR (the mirror I use at home!), Viseart (favorite palettes), Paris Berlin…among many other great brands.


A lifestyle favorite from the trade show was Dofta! From Halmstad, it was amazing to smell the different fragrances and I fell in love with so many candles and room scents and just everything.

What was your favorite brand/product from this post?
What are you excited to see more of here?


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