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Hourglass has come to Sephora Scandi

From this week, you will be able to buy Hourglass products at Sephora Scandinavia!

It has been a long time coming and finally Hourglass is available to us in Scandinavia. I remember buying my first Ambient Palette from Hourglass a number of years back and loved the way they applied on my skin but since it was hard to get a hold of, I did not invest much into using and trying the products.

I was invited to a training with Hourglass in Copenhagen for work so I was able to learn a lot more about the brand and techniques involved. The most important to point out is that Hourglass is all about Science, Beauty & Luxury. The brand creates staple products instead for seasonal products so everything has a commitment to reinvention and innovation.

There are a number of bestsellers that you may/may not know about so I will talk about a few in this post!

1. Veil Mineral Primer

The Veil Mineral Primer (1075kr) is oil free and is said to smooth and conceal appearance of pores, lines, and also has SPF 15 for protection. It is somewhat mousse-like in consistency and is to be warmed first then patted into the skin.

2. Ambient Lighting Powders

When it comes to this product, you need to forget what you know about applying lighlighters and powders. According to Hourglass, all 6 shades can be used to all skin types as it is important to look at what type of light you would like rather than what skin tone you have. The Ambient Lighting Powder (560kr) recreates flattering light whether it be sunrise or candlelight!

3. Ambient Lighting Palette

This palette (665kr) is the optimal palette if you would like to play with the appearance of your complexion and/or try out different lighting powders before purchasing a full size. What is also very unique for Europe is that they have created new palettes specifically for Europe!

4. Ambient Lighting Blush

The Ambient Lighting Blush (410kr) is another product that many speak about as it has the beautiful marbling in each compact. What is interesting to know is that the Blushes (whether it is the strobe lighting or the ambient lighting), is created with 50% blush and 50% Ambient powder (or strobing powder) and each one is handmade making them unique to each compact! (The photo is of a older palette with blushes in it that I purchased a while back)

5. GIRL Lip Stylo

The GIRL Lip Stylo (345kr) looks like a crayon to give precision and also hydrates with shea butter, jojoba, mimosa and sunflower seed. It has a lustrous finish and has so many different shades.

What product are you looking most forward to trying from Hourglass? What other brands are you looking for to come into the Retailer?

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