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Win or Lose, Here’s what happened at Beauty Masters 2018

As you may know, I competed in an internal competition called Beauty Masters which is a development program within Sephora.

I applied to this years Beauty Masters since I have been a fan of Kat von D Beauty since the start of her brand – Despite all the controversy that has surrounded the founder Kat von D. I love the products, that they are cruelty free and vegan. All products have worked well with my skin and I know how to work with the products on my clients. This was the third time I have entered this competition and as it was in collaboration with a brand I care for, I made a promise that this would also be my last so I would give it my all and unfortunately, I did not win and so this book has been closed.

With that, I wanted to still show you what happened throughout the day. We arrived at Tivoli in Copenhagen which was shut down before Halloween which is so fun seeing all the autumn decorations going up.


The first stage of the day was a Masterclass with Brienne Burgess, the UK Kat Von D Makeup Artist. She showed us her tips and tricks on both a natural day time and a more editorial look.

Abstract Art

Then we were introduced to a Polish Artist, Magda, who works with a lot of realism and mixed media. As Kat Von D is also an artist, we all got to create an abstract piece together with Magda. Fun and creative.

(Photo by fellow contestant Camilla Brondsholm)

Round 1: Saint Vs. Sinner

Then off we were to the first round. The Challenge was to create a Saint or Sinner (or both look), bold but beautiful and within 1 Hour.

(Ps: This is my Beautiful Model Maiken. She works at Sephora HQ
and we spent all of the first round connecting on a musical level!)

My creation was a play of Saint vs. Sinner and how you cannot have one without the other. I wanted to create almost a limbo of the two in which everything is not just black or white, saint or sinner. My look was created with the use of negative space. So I started off with creating bold lines with curves (again, contrasts but also to integrate the Baroque design that is on the Saint & Sinner bottles).

I filled in with KVDs Tattoo & dagger liners to create the black and white contrasts. I wanted to also pull out the liners in a cat eye form to represent a bit of Kat and also a little bit of the Jasmine signum of Asian design in modern makeup. For the face, I wanted a cold ethereal look where she is coming from the darkness, into the light…

I cannot say I was super happy with the result of this look as my models lids were more oily than I would have wished so I had to keep retouching the line work which took up much of my time and made me even more nervous so my line work was just horrible.

Round 2: New Years with Fetish

The last challenge was to create a New Years Eve party look that incorporates the new Fetish Palette coming out this fall/winter. The judges were also looking for the perfect base.

(Ps: This is my Beautiful Model Sophia. She works at Sephora in Denmark
and has the most beautiful laugh!)

Everyone who has followed me knows that I love color. I love being able to mix and match shades that will enhance a person’s personality and confidence in their look. I started off with the eyes as I knew that as my model had oily skin, creating the perfect base means doing it last and making sure that I work in layers to make sure everything sat very well.

Anyway. The eyes are inspired by the classic winter colors of burgundy and forest greens. I wanted to integrate some shimmer which I popped into her inner eye as she had almond formed eyes so it created an awake look. I topped off the eyes with a double liner, a classic black to enhance her lashes and then a shimmery pink to contrast the red & gold and to ring in the new years!

Her skin was already flawless with a tad bit of pigmentation around her lips. I wanted to mattify her down a bit and enhance her cheekbones. On her lips I combined two colors to create my own shade and then popped on a bit of shadow to make sure that they were in place but also a bit more metallic to match her eyes.

Unfortunately the lighting was HORRID as I had a direct spotlight on my model throughout the whole process which meant more oil on her skin and also a washed out base. I made due by taking my model away from the lights and double checking that her base was on point throughout the process and I am overall super happy with the look. It is cat-formed like Kat von D, it is new year colorful as I would wear and her base was FLAWLESS.

Last Thoughts

I am truly thankful for the opportunity to have competed in this years competition. I had so many of you who had supported me and who also worked their butts off for me to succeed in this competition and I could not bring it home. I also am still unsure what the reasonings were behind the decisions made as they were not told to us but I cannot say that I am not disappointed in the outcome as I put my whole heart and soul into every single part from day 1 but the stars did not have this one mapped out for me.

As I have already mentioned, I do not think I will be competing in upcoming Beauty Masters as this one broke my spirits and I probably would not be able to bounce back from it as I would have the last two times. Three times is more than enough rejection to know that I am not what they are looking for.

It was an experience. I have gained more knowledge and new friends from it and I am so very blessed to have people around me that have such faith in me that I can never repay. My coworkers who put in so much love and work into helping me in store, my boss who took time from her vacation to come to the finale to cheer me on, my family who also came to catch a shattered me afterwards. And to my Fiancé. He has been with me through all the blood, sweat and tears I put into it. Picking me up at late hours from work or, driving the whole city to pick up and leave off decorations. My #1 fan. I am so grateful.

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