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Wedding Series: Im Engaged…Now What?

We’re engaged… Now What? Now that we have had the time to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and 6 month engagement…Where to start with the wedding plans?

The Checklist

So. I had my life mapped out when I was younger – I dreamed of marrying the man of my dreams when I was 22, kids at 25 and all that… But 25 came and gone and my desire for kids is at 0. But people and plans change so there are soo many different articles and magazines and opinions of how to plan a wedding… But we decided to follow OUR way of planning instead. We start where we want to start.

My Wedding Planner

I am VERY organized and I love to have control over basically everything so my first stop was finding the perfect wedding planner and I decided on ordering one through Etsy.

The Budget

The next step was looking at our budget and just a few brainstorming ideas of how we want the wedding to look like. What is important to spend on? For us it is travel, it is photography/videography and well. of course… the dress!

The Venue

This was tough. We (and in this part I mean mainly I) wanted a destination wedding so that means that a bulk of the budget will go to travel, accommodation and making sure that everyone we want there can be there.

Who knows where the planning will take us! We want something intimate, and something that is US. If this is something you would want me to update about, let me know!

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