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Softer, more moisturized hair with Charles Worthingtons Moisture Seal

I brutally take care of my hair. I bomb it with products to protect and re-moisture as I have bleached, colored hair that changes quite often. When I read about Charles Worthingtons Moisture Seal Collection, I had to try it.

My hair grows quickly and it still is quite healthy despite the bleaching and coloring. The products in this series states to have Argan Oil that could help dry hair to create soft and smooth hair with a glossy finish. In addition you can find Coconut, Camellia and even Macadamia so you can imagine the smell!

The packaging is simple, the smell is fantastic and does feel nourishing for my hair. It does not strip the hair from color and gives a bit of life back into my hair. I would describe the scent as summer; lime, mandarin and white flowers!

Products in this Series:

  1. Shampoo (99kr/250ml)
  2. Conditioner (119kr/200ml)
  3. Masque (129kr/160ml)
  4. Oil (169kr/50ml)

Have you tried Charles Worthington? What is your favorite products for you hair?

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