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BlackOut. Out with the Old, In with the New…

As per PixiJasmine tradition, My blog will be going on hiatus as I will be revamping my blog. Again. 

This will be my last post for awhile and there are a few reasons for this…

I do not see myself in my design anymore.

This one is so important for me. I stripped down everything in my blog and I spend double the time and effort writing in both English and Swedish. I do not use translation sites for this and it has drained all the fun out of blogging for me. I understand that I live in Sweden and I have Swedish followers but we are in the year 2018 – English is a universal language and a language I feel comfortable speaking in.

I feel outdated. I want something new.

I find comfort in guidelines, structure and familiar surroundings. My online representation has been so constant since I started blogging back in the day. I want to rebrand. To change my appearance and show you all who I am.

I also feel that I am not getting that much traction as I use to. Also understandable since the beauty blogger branch has exploded which means that everything I am and have been doing is not unique anymore.

What & When can you expect the new blog up?

When you can expect the blog up — Soon? I have my work cut out fo me…

I have new ideas and new things I want to do instead. I will keep a bit of the old but with a new way of presenting it. I may / may not change my name – Im still toying with the idea… But I will be sure to announce it on my SocMed so if you havent yet, please do follow me. I would really appreciate your support! Links on my front page and/or under contact– I have pretty much the same name (for now) everywhere! “PixiJasmine”.

Thats it from me for awhile. Have a great summer, & see you soon!

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