My Year in Review 2017 ?

I few years ago, I saw a tag about reflecting over the past year and new years resolutions.

The past 2 years I did a reflection post which was long and text-y… so…This year I thought I would do a new version as this year has been filled with transitions.

What have been your favorite posts this year to make?

I loved sharing some more personal posts this year and a few more personal thoughts like my Monday Matters on the Reset Button or when I have been transitioning jobs or getting engaged!

What has been your biggest success or opportunity this year?

Being able to transition so smoothly between jobs, I must say that my biggest opportunity this year was having fantastic co-workers who had made it a learning process that was easier to process. I guess my biggest success this year was just being able to breathe. To understand who I am better and to be able to ground myself more.

What has been your biggest set-back or challenge?

As mentioned already… This year has been just filled with transitions. I left a job, started a new job, then left that job to not know what I wanted to do… and so I ended up boomerang-ing back to Sephora for awhile. I had to take more than a few breaks from social media which was also super tough.

What’s been your biggest beauty or fashion change this year?

Well. Not much! I have had more of a health change this year – both mentally and physically. This question is quite connected to the previous one. But instead of wollowing in self-pity, I also decided on investing in a Personal Trainer and I lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of perspective instead.

What was your most expensive or most prized purchase this year?

I started shopping my stash more this year and took a step back from buying every single new collection that has come into stores. With that said, I did get myself the Saints & Sinners Palette from KvD!

Which events are most memorable this year?

  • DaisyExpo was such a highlight – to be able to work behind the scenes and help out with the exhibitors was amazing… and to of course meet my fellow bloggers.
  • Daisy Beauty Gala was also a pleasure to work with – just before Krizz went on maternity leave…literally. It was the first of its kind and we all were very proud of the work we put in.
  • Cosmoprof, Bologna with Kicki and the team was very memorable and I felt truly blessed to have been able to learn and love these amazing people who took me under their wing even though I am not of a journalistic background.
  • Daisy Beauty Cruise was filled with amazing brands and coworkers and it was bittersweet saying goodbye to being the Sales Executive at DaisyBeauty.
  • Real Techniques was soo much fun hanging out with other influensers that I havent seen for awhile. It was also cool to share with you all how I got my screen name PixiJasmine. I also got to know Frida at MakeupbyEkholm much better!
  • Hud & Kosmetik Mässa was fun to walk around and meet old and new friends. It was amazing to learn about new brands and also new products that are to be released/are already released.

Memorable Trips?


London was memorable since we travelled in January and I was also able to meet childhood friends which means the world to me.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was seriously a trip that I would remember for a lifetime. It was when I was able to truly find myself and who I want to be. To com to terms with dealing with loss and learning acceptance.

London…again. I booked a spontaneous weekend in London and he proposed. I said yes. I cried. I got a migraine and then we ate at Shake Shack. Read more on that here.

What have you been most thankful for this year?

Being able to accept that I am enough. I am thankful for the meetings I have been able to have with old and new friendships. To realize my worth and A. A has been with me through some tough transitions that I was unsure I would have been able to deal with on my own.

Thank you all for allowing me to share my journey with you and I hope you have a great 2018.

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