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Sephora Sweden’s Webshop is now Open

Sephora Sweden has opened their digital doors at allowing those far from a physical store to purchase online!

After releasing information on their social media that the webshop was soon ready today, many have already seen the “soft” launch and have already started complaining about them not announcing that they are open. As someone who has worked for Sephora and in addition has worked with creating and opening webshop, I wanted to do a quick explanation of how it works.

As I worked at Sephora when the news broke a few years back that they would be creating a webshop, I understood it would take a few years. It was super difficult to stand in store and explain each time to those visiting from other cities that it would take some time but it will come. I personally have sent products to customers I spoke to over the phone because I know how it is to live far from a store that sells my favorite brands.

However, I also know first hand how difficult it is to launch a functional webshop as I have had the opportunity to work with team and launched a cosmetic webshop just this year. I understand and have worked with all the logistics behind a webshop including where the stockroom would be, who would take care of front-end, back-end, payment methods, returns, shipping…The list just continues!

I believe many do not understand that working back-end takes a lot of energy to make sure all the information is present from uploading high-def photos to pricing and product text. A soft launch allows the company to be able to regulate any problems that may come up with payment methods, shipping and even gives a bit of time to continue to upload information for each product to be sold in the digital store and in turn allows shoppers a good experience on the site.

So, long explanation short. Please be patient. Sephora is working out the kinks. Another thing to keep in mind is that Sephora Sweden is driven by Sephora Denmark who in turn is driven by Sephora France. Translations would be a bit google translate and I too reacted to the…interesting… wording chosen on the site but I am sure that in time, these too will be adjusted accordingly to the Swedish Market.

It is about time that Sephora could reach out to customers who are not near a physical store. I am excited that this project has finally launched!

Where do you live? What Sephora brand have you really been wanting to get?

/Sephora har smyg lanserat idag och några har redan börjat kommentera om sidan. Jag som har jobbat på Sephora och även har lanserat en webbshop med en annat företag har förståelse om just varför det har tagit tid och vill jätte gärna kunna förklara lite mina tankar kring lanseringen. Long story short, Jag skulle önska att ha lite tålamod och låt Sephora reda ut alla detaljer för att kunna erbjuda er bästa möjlig service. 

2 thoughts on “Sephora Sweden’s Webshop is now Open

  1. Well. Quite a few things unfortunately but now it’s up to them to work out the kinks! :)

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