Wishlist: Sephora PRO Eyeshadow Palettes

3 beautiful palettes, created with Sephora PRO Artists and contains 28 shadows each palette!
/3 vackra paletter skapade med Sephora PRO Artists och innehåller 28 skuggor i varje palett!


I don’t know if I should laugh or cry! Sephora US has released a deluxe eyeshadow palette in three versions: Editorial, Warm & Cool with 28 eyeshadows in each. I had hoped that they would be released just before I left the US so I would have been able to swatch and play with them and decide if I should spend my pension savings on them or not but unfortunately they were released just 2 days after I left and personally I feel that the price is steep for a Sephora product ($68, ca. 575kr).
/Jag vet inte om jag ska skratta eller gråta! Sephora USA har släppt en deluxe ögonskuggspalett i tre versioner: Editorial, Warm & Cool med 28 ögonskuggor i varje. Jag hade hoppats att de skulle släppas strax innan jag lämnade USA så att jag kunna swatcha och leka med dem och bestämma om jag skulle spendera min pensionsbesparingar på dem eller inte, men tyvärr släpptes de bara 2 dagar efter att jag lämnade….och personligen känner jag mig att priset är liiitteee mycket för en Sephora produkt ($ 68, ca 575kr).

Have you seen these palettes? Are they something you’d pay $68 for? Which one would you buy?
/Har du sett paletterna? Är de något du skulle betala $ 68 för? Vilken skulle du köpa?

What: Limited Edition
Price: $68, ca. 575kr

3 thoughts on “Wishlist: Sephora PRO Eyeshadow Palettes

  1. These palettes are so pigmented, soft but it has some kickbacks/fallouts(powder). there is couple or 3,4 shades that are disappointing in these palettes but the rest are amazing.

  2. Have you got a hold of them? Which one and if so did you think it was worth the price?

  3. I have seen the warm and editorial one. I don’t buy big palettes cause I can’t go through it all. It’s nice big palette for the price tag: I mean 68 dollars for 28 shades which means 2.5 dollars per shade that’s a win situation if you don’t mind how powdery it is (there wan’t be a lot of fall outs on your face if you tap the excess from the brush, but when you swirl the brush in the palette definitely the powder of one shade do travel to other shades next to it). what I remember from the warm palette the bad shade was brown sugar no pigment at all and cocuntshell was little chunky and the neon palette Helen p and jeffree shade were not so pigmented but very blend-able, the running one was tila extremely pigmented neon pink.

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