When Bad Things Happen: The Stockholm Attack & Earthquakes in Philippines…

This post will be in English as it is the best way for me to express what I want to say today.

I was not raised in Sweden but I am living in the Capital, Stockholm. I have lived most of my life abroad and since moving here, I have had my challenges with the people and culture of my own citizenship. I have always felt the disconnect and conservative behavior and especially being a Swede but not being considered one has always made it difficult for me to consider Sweden home…However. The behavior and feeling yesterday was completely different. The love and support of strangers taking in people and offering help or lending a hand is indescribable.

Just out of a meeting with two fantastic women, I planned on taking the metro home or to Åhléns since I was there yesterday and did an oxygen boost at Elizabeth Ardens new stand.  I wanted to try the detox but while standing in one of the trams I decided to just continue on home instead and do the boost next week instead. Just as I stepped out of the tram, my phone started exploding. Just short messages of panic: “Where are you?” “Are you at Åhléns?” “Are you ok?”… I learnt that the lorry rammed right into the beauty department at Åhléns City. Where I was just deciding not to go.

I have friends and loved ones that work at Åhléns and my first reaction was to try to get a hold of them. I know that phones are a no-no on the floor and Åhléns has good management that would take care of their people. Now it was the waiting game. How will those trapped in stores or nearby get home? By not jumping off the tram at that time, I missed those minutes. I was close by. Safe…but not safe. A feeling of not knowing but knowing that people were reaching out and helping in any way they could. I am thankful to the kindness of strangers, the police, medical teams and other moving parts that rushed to the scene when we all were trying to get as far away as possible.

And.. on the other side of the world, My parents experiencing the ground below them shaking with tremors from the Earthquakes in the Philippines. I recently learnt that there was a 5.2 magnitude hit South of Manila and the effects are still unknown. My parents are truly fantastic at coping through the crazy rainfalls and mother nature doing her thing..but being so far away from them and the uncertainty of if the Earthquakes would get worse or cause Tsunamis is worrisome.

The only point I want to get across in this post is that the world is just under so much pressure…Whether it is environmental, political, personal.. It is important to keep your close ones close and have perspective. Everyone reacts differently to situations so be considerate, be critical but have understanding and most importantly, support each other. We have enough hate in the world as it is.

❤️ Life is precious. Take care of each other. ❤️


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