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The Morning Dawn | The New Missoni EdT

missoni edt

I loved the Missoni Edp (495kr) that I got for Christmas but just as Spring starts to come, the new Missoni EdT is released! I received a beautiful bottle that is citrusy but floral but also woody. My favorite combo! In this fragrance has many ingredients in which include blood orange, pink pepper,  Nashi pear and water flowers. You can also find freesia, peony, rose water and heliotrope but also something called the Givaudan molecule rosyfolia! And in the base, some musk, white cedar and then the woody is from Georgywood accord.

missoni edt

The bottle is similar to the EdP but this time with swirls of orange and yellow but it still has the golden band to represent the famous Missoni fabric. I love the way the bottle looks, it reminds me of a beautiful sunrise and the fragrance itself is much cleaner than I thought it would be. You get a light airy feel when you first spritz it and then comes the warmth, just like the sunrise I described earlier.

I just received the bottle so of course I will continue to use it throughout the Spring!
Have you scented the Missoni EdP? What are your favorite Spring fragrances?

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