Monday Matters: The Reset Button

Welcome to another Monday Matters! Today we’ll be discussing the Reset Button.

The what? Yes. The Reset Button. The exact button  I pressed last week! Much of our day to day is all about routines to follow, going to work, going to the gym (ok, I will sooner or later!), having breakfast, lunch, dinner… There’s quite a bit that comes in that routine such as mental and physical weights of well. stuff. I talk quite a bit from my own experience as for those who know me, I am intense. To the point that I find doing things as relaxing.  I work fulltime, I study fulltime, I blog fulltime and of course I’ve got renovations, my loss of job (so job searching), and so on and so forth. I multi-task like there is no tomorrow and even when I am suppose to be resting during, for example, a flu, I’m up and organizing, cleaning or just doing something.

What happens when allt this stuff: worry, stress, anxiety, what it now could be, gets backed up? We get unbalanced. We start taking it out on other people. We get tired. My answer. The Reset Button! Ok, I do wish I had one of those physical red buttons to press and voilà! but I’m talking more metaphorically. I noticed that I sometimes say out loud “I can’t do this anymore” or “I need to go away” and not really knowing what “this” is or where I needed to go away to. The reset button is so important for well-being because it is when I start saying these things that I realize I am just that much closer to an unnecessary meltdown.


Here are 3 super simple tips to help you press that mental Reset Button!

1. Weekly Intentions – Adjust your Goals

I’m a lister. I list everything and I love organization. But it gets to a point where you can just do so much and that is ok! If you are feeling that your to do list is longer than your can do list, cut it down. Prioritize! I divide my lists in 2. The stuff I must do, the stuff I’d love to get done. From there I choose 3 of each. 3 to accomplish daily and 3 within the week/month.

2. Quiet Time!

I’ve recently been taking 15 minutes of my day to just sit and clean out my thoughts. Meditation of some sort. By giving yourself the time, you can gain more energy to reset. This also helps with point 1 by the way. By cleaning out the extra stuff, you will be able to see what’s most important to you.

3. Make YOU happy & Say No.

I cannot for the life of me say no! It’s so hard especially when I know that I have the ability to do whatever it is but you need to put yourself first sometimes and that also includes saying no. If you can’t deal with whatever it is, don’t. Take a step back if you need to. I personally have gotten to a point where I remove myself from the situation completely and travel instead. Even if it’s just another city or a country all together. Getting away makes me happy and helps me recharge and reset but if you don’t have the opportunity to travel there are other ways too! Get energy from friends? Go see them! Feel happier going to the movies alone? Then do that instead! Do you get lost in books? Read one! Get lost in music? Listen to your favorite tracks.

Just get away from the “stuff” and back to that balanced YOU.

Do you feel that you wish you had a physical reset button? What do you do when you need to reset life?



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