✨Beauty Superlatives 2016✨

It’s Works for me Wednesday and we’re going to go over all the products that I have loved the past year.

I call them Beauty Superlatives, the best of my best. Let me know if you have similar ones or
if you have some recommendations of your favorites below!


Beauty Superlatives 2016

Marina Miracle Amaranth Face Oil (ca.722kr/25ml)
A fantastic oil that moisturizes and smells fantastic.
Elixir Niactil 4% (890kr/100ml)
Seriously has saved my skin from breaking in this cold weather. Fantastic serum!
Lumene Valo Hydrating Vitamin C Mist (249kr/100ml)
I have one of these in every room!


Beauty Superlatives 2016

Deo Doc Daily Intimate Wash Honolulu Breeze (95kr/200ml)
A newer summery fragrance for the intimates.
M Picaut Happy Sparkling Body Wash  (229kr/200ml)
I don’t like sparkle but this one gives beautiful lustre.
Dermosil – Spa & Sauna Softening Foot Serum (69kr/75ml)
I am already into my 5th tube. I love this stuff. Makes my tired feet feel calm and moisturized.
Grevinnans Rum Shaving Soap – Nordic Star (289kr/200ml; 169kr/60ml)
Perfect for all shaving needs and lathers so well.


Beauty Superlatives 2016
Rituals Sun protection face cream 50 (150kr/50ml)
Goes into the skin so quickly so perfect under makeup.
–  – Marc Jacobs under(cover) perfecting coconut Primer (450kr)
Calming but also evening for my skin. Perfect under heavy foundations that I love to wear.

Lyx: Dior Diorskin Star Concealer (350kr)
Expensive but little goes a long way! Perfect for all concealing.
Midrange: Kat Von D Concealer (265kr)
The newer tube is perfect in combination with a lighter foundation.

FoundationKat Von D Lock it Tattoo Foundation (350kr/30ml)
Oldie but goodie. I have a backup of my backup! Works best together with a beauty blender
Powder – Dior Diorskin Nude Air (570kr)
Light and airy, Perfect together with heavier foundations in my opinion!
Blush/ContourLH Cosmetics Infinity Palette (399kr)
I love the versatility of this palette, you have everything in one place.

Powder: GlossGods – Pina Colada (199kr)
I LOVE how so little goes so long! Gorgeous light and natural glow.
Liquid: Isadora Storbing Fluid Highlighter (159kr)
Mixed into a daycream or on its own, just absolutely gorgeous!

EyebrowsThe Brow Gal The Convertible (ca.319kr)
After meeting Tonya Crooks who showed me how to work with this product, it has changed my brow game!
Eyebrow Tools – The Brow Gal Scissors (159kr)
Sharp and beautiful in design.
Depend Duo Brush (69kr)
The bristles are hard enough but soft enough to apply product evenly.


Beauty Superlatives 2016
Maria Åkerberg Cover Stick (195kr)
A two in one perfect for concealing but also highlighting under the browbone.
PrimerYAG Eyeprimer (199kr/2g)
SO LITTLE is needed for so much power!

Lyx: Kat Von D Metal Mattes Palette (450kr, Limited Edition)
In true KVD pigmentation, just a splurge to love and own.
Budget: NYX Ultimate Palette Warm Neutrals (199kr-209kr)
Affordable and pigmented and a huge range in such a small package.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Trooper (215kr/0.55ml)
Still number one and therefore could not knock it off the list despite my pick below.
SUVABeauty Hydraliners * Grease, RoseGold, Bank (99kr)
Comes in so many different colors and mixed with water, it can be used in so many ways!

MascaraIDUN Eir Curling Mascara (195kr/12ml)
My first IDUN product and I LOVE it! My lashes are defined, separated and curled. It also can be built!


Beauty Superlatives 2016
– N/A
LipbalmLipglossbitch BitchBalm (59kr)
A little biased maybe but I love love love this balm as it’s saved me this winter!
Liquid Lipstick – 
Lyx: Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick Exorcism (195kr)
I’ve been loving the mattes this year and this one is my go to “power” lip!
Budget: Milani Mettalic Liquid lipstick Pure Matteness (135kr)
After buying this one I got a lot of compliments. The Matte metallic seems to be my thing!


Beauty Superlatives 2016

Nailpolish –
Smith & Cult * 1972 (239kr/14ml)
I can’t get over the beautiful range, the gorgeous packaging and how fast it dries
Depend Matte Topcoat (29kr)
Just one coat is enough to make anything matte!

Nailpolish Remover
– Formula X Delete All (150kr/burk)
So simple and so quick! It really removes EVERYTHING.
Nail TreatmentLYX Nail Drops (99kr/8ml)
I love the scent of this product and it really helps my cuticles.
Nail Tool – Fabby Style Glass Nail File (159kr)
Perfect bag buddy!

*Honorable Mention –
Sephora Express Dry (ca. 100kr/75ml)
Amazing scent and smart!
LYX LaChrome * Silver (165kr)
I love the mirrored look with this Chrome powder from LYX! Sits well and looks fantastic!


Beauty Superlatives 2016

PreShampoo Mask – L’oréal Elvital Extraordinary clay (75kr/150ml)
Despite making my hands blue, really clarifying and does not dry out my hair.
Dry Shampoo L’oréal Elvital Extraordinary clay (75kr/150ml)
Same as above. Does not leave whiteness in my hair.
Shampoo & ConditionerR+Co Atlantis Mositurizing (249kr/241ml /st)
For colored hair, this duo has been magical. Moisturizing without removing color.
MaskGrazette of Sweden CRUSH Wonder Mask (170kr/150ml)
It only takes 1 minute and my hair is silky smooth.
Color – Maria Nila Vivid Violet Colour Refresh (249kr /300ml)
When having Burgundy Hair, this really saved me a lot of money and trips to the salon!
Honorable MentionYarok Dry Shampoo Styling Powder
Coolest product for on the go!


Beauty Superlatives 2016

Yves Rocher Secrets D’Essences Tendre Jasmin EdP (ca. 570kr)
I am a fragrance buff but for some reason, my nose stuck with this one. Soft, fresh and flowery. Works for all occassions.


Beauty Superlatives 2016

Poo La La – Toilet Spray (129kr)
Everyone goes to the toilet and it’s just nice to be able to leave a nice after scent ;P
Bioderma in PUMP (229kr/500ml)
An oldie but goodie just with an improved package!
Easy for taking of makeup and as a beauty blogger, swatches too!

What were your beauty favorites of 2016? Any products I missed that you found in your best of beauty products?

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