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YAG Shadows, With & Without Primer | YAG Week

YAG Sweden I wanted to show you the power of the eyeprimer, especially YAG’s eyeprimer when applying the loose eyeshadows from YAG Sweden.

YAG Sweden First..The packaging. It comes in a small diamond bottom shaped jar with a little peppershaker sill which indicates a little goes a long way with these pigment shadows! The four shades I will show you today are these four. Seriously check these out! I did one swatch without primer, clean skin and daylight and the other with the YAG eyeprimer under!

Star White

YAG Sweden

Star White Without Primer, With Primer

Rose Gold

YAG Sweden

Rose Gold Without Primer, With Primer

Soft Pink

YAG Sweden

Soft Pink Without Primer, With Primer

Cyklamen Bronze

YAG Sweden

Cyklamen Bronze Without Primer, With Primer

I am seriously obsessed with this eyeprimer too since it works not only for these pigments but also other brand shadows too! The longevity is incredible and I soo little goes soo long! A fantastic product and these shadows are just beautiful too!

Will you be getting your hands on the primer or any of these pigments?
What did you think of the difference in pigmentation with and without primer?

   Idag visar jag er mina YAG lösskuggor med och utan deras eyeprimer. Det finns så otroligt skillnad i pigment att det var ett måste att visa! Jag älskar förpackningen av en pepparhållare och lite diamantform i plasten. så original! Färgerna jag valde var också super fina, vilken är din favorit? Vad tycker du om pigment skillnad mellan med och utan primern? Kommer du köpa några av de här?

Where to buy: YAG

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