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Cover FX has made it to Sweden | Event with Derek Selby

Cover FX has made it to Sweden! Finally is my answer! I have been using Cover FX for YEARS and it’s been so difficult to get a hold of my products so I am super excited that the brand has finally entered the market.

presskontakterna cover fx event

Cover FX is a disruptive, innovative brand that works on complexion! What I love about Cover FX is that they work so closely with how the products are created and therefore allows them to improve and create products that work for every person.

I was invited in to listen to Darek Selby, the brand ambassador and beauty expert! I could have listened to him and his tips for DAAAYYSS. Love the fact that he was able to encompass everything that I saw Cover FX to be. One thing that he mentioned is that all their products are color coordinated which means that if you want to switch between powder to cream or cream to drops or drops to just a concealer… Everything is coded in a way that you will get the exact same color no matter what type of product you want!

The colors are divided into G (Golden) P (Pink) & N (Neutral). Pink is not very pink either so even if you have a pink undertone, you can still wear the P shades! I am actually a mixture of 3 shades: I have N20 in the coldest and darkest months of the year. Then I have N30 when I’m at my base color and lastly I have G30 for Swedish Summers.

presskontakterna cover fx event

There are heros/bestsellers of the brand that maybe many of you have already seen or heard of. The First are the Custom Drops (469kr). These work for ALL skintypes and ALL skintones. This is one of my hero products, especially when I travel. The small bottle, the drop format and the endless possibilities.

I must also just say, the Custom Enhancer Drops are to die for!  They come in 6 colors at the moment & are $42 (~375kr) . They were completely sold out when I was in the US during their release and now they will be releasing 3 more (that I did not get the name of wah!) but this is how they look like!

presskontakterna cover fx eventphoto from Presskontakterna

presskontakterna cover fx event

There are so many primers available as well! There is an eye primer (389kr) but also face primers (389kr) for different concerns: Anti-Age, Redness, Calming & even Illuminating. We also got a sneak peek into the latest illuminating product: An Illuminating Face Mist! It gave a very subtle shimmer to my hand. Love!

presskontakterna cover fx event

I can’t not mention the Mineral Foundation (399kr)! This was one of my first purchases from Cover FX and will not be my last. It is so pigmented so very little goes a long way!

Will you be buying anything new from Cover FX? What are your favorite base products?

presskontakterna cover fx eventphoto from Presskontakterna

Åh! äntligen är Cover FX i Sverige! Jag har älskat märket i många år men ganska skönt att kunna bara beställa hem direkt istället för att leta efter en familjmedlem att skicka från USA haha. Vi var bjuden att lyssna på Derek Selby, en fantastisk människa och artist som jobbar jätte nära med produkterna på Cover FX.

En sak som är så bra med Cover FX sortimentet är att den jobbar med en bra färg system där oavsett vilken produkt du väljer så kommer du ha samma färg i andra formatet. Så om du vill ha Custom Drops men för tillfället använder pudret så är det bara att välja samma nr! Utöver så är de uppdelat med bokstaver: G (golden) P (Pink) N (Neutral)

Vi fått kolla in på sortimentet så först fått vi se lite nyheter i smyg. Jag tog bilder på nya custom enhance drops i 3 nya färger men jag fått tyvärr inte namn på dem. Custom Drop foundationen är väldigt känd och är nåt jag själv har använt i många år. Tycker den är så lätt att resa med och det finns så mycket man kan göra med den. Det finns hur många primers som helst, en för ögonen och sen finns det för anti-age, calming, illuminating osv. Speaking of, han också visade en ny illuminating spray! koolt. Sist så finns det också mineral puder foundation som är super täckande!

Kommer du klicka hem några nyheter? Vad använder du för bas?

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Thankyou to Presskontakterna for this awesome opportunity to meet Derek
& play a bit more with the brand!

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