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An Evening with Elixir Cosmeceuticals

Elixir Cosmeceutivals invited me and an intimate group of women to take a closer look at their products and also to try their latest 30% Glycolic Acid Peeling Treatment (which of course I had to get done!)

Elixir Cosmecuticals Event

They surved Panini Wraps in Ceasar Chicken and Salmon. Yums!

Elixir Cosmecuticals Event

As you may know I have used Elixir skincare the past month so this was the perfect opportunity to let you know the progress of the products. If you’d like to read that post, I’ll link it here.

Elixir Cosmecuticals Event
Our hosts for the evening, Kornelia & Sanna

Elixir Cosmecuticals Event

Elixir Cosmeceuticals is a brand from Norway and thhey are result based skincare that works on your skin’s condition and not type which is fantastic since you are able to work on the problems that are more suited for YOU and not everyone else’s problems. In addition, the skincare brand is not readily available in any store but rather in specific skincare clinics and stores in which a skin therapist would be able to analyze your skin properly so you have a chance to bring the correct products home. Love! Above you can see that they even have a machine that looks at pigmentation, sun damage and other skin issues you may have in order to recommend the products for you!
There are 150 salons now that carry the brand in Scandinavia in which 11 stores in Sweden and have been available for 2 years already.

Elixir Cosmecuticals Event
Sorry for the horrible moving photo above, here you can see Sanna applying the 30% Glycolic Acid Peeling Treatment on a beauty colleague of mine. It was my turn afterwards and if you follow me on snapchat, you would have seen that I turned into a tomato after she applied the treatment on my skin. It was warm, a bit itchy but still quite comfortable afterwards. After a few hours my face went back to normal and I applied some smoothing cream just to calm it down a bit more. When I woke up in the morning I was GLOOOWWINNGGG!

Have you tried Elixir cosmecuticals? What is your favorite product? I am really digging the Niactil 4% as well as the Elixir Pads 10%.

Jag var bjuden till en event med Elixir Cosmecuticals där vi fått höra om märket och även testa på deras 30% glykolsyra peeling treatment. Jag själv har kört märket i en månad nu och verkligen älskar hur min hud har blivit sen jag började med produkterna. Jag självklart testade peelingen och kan säga att jag såg ut som en tomat i några timmar men sen fått jag finaste glöd! Det jag gillar med märket är att de utgår från hud tillstånd och inte hudtyp som gör att man får produkter som är verkligen anpassat till DIN hud och inte till ALLAS hud. Utöver så Elixir är inte tillgänglig överallt då hudteraputer har möjlighet att kunna analysera verkligen huden för att då ge kunden bästa servicen. 

Har du testat Elixir? Vad gillar du mest? Jag älskar Niactil 4% och även Elixir Pads 10%.

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