Rituals Christmas Event, The Ritual of Light, 2016

I was invited to view Rituals new Christmas Collection! Rituals will release the Ritual of Light winter collection which is Limited Edition. The fragrance combo is Oranges and Cinnamon; very.Christmas-y!

Rituals Rituals of Light Collection Event

Ah… Christmas. In October. I’m one of those HALLOWEEN-THANKSGIVING FIRST types but I do admit, it was super cozy with Rituals and their little cocktail mingle.

Rituals Rituals of Light Collection Event

Everything was just so warm and the aura was wonderful.

Rituals Rituals of Light Collection Event

#Shareyourlight is a fantastic initiative that Rituals have created in which refocusing our attention to personal contact rather than digital contact in the form of a light! You put it over the flashlight on your mobile which forces you to lay your phone with the screen down!

Rituals Rituals of Light Collection Event

This collection is one in my tastes, spicy but fruity but warm. They have so many different types of products in the collection including room fragrances and also room sticks which makes it even more luxurious!

Rituals Rituals of Light Collection Event

What are you looking forward to this Christmas? Would you be getting their advents calendar? I know I’m eyeing it hard!

Where to Buy: Rituals

(spoiler in this link!) Get a Rituals AdventsCalendar here!

Rituals har nu släppt deras jul kollektion som är Limited Edition i Ritual of Light som handlar om att dela med sig och att vara närvaro. De har en underbar sortiment av produkter från doftljus till rumspinnar till té! De även släpper en adventskalender som jag är super sugen på!

Thank you Presskontakterna & Rituals for allowing me to view this amazing collection!

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